Kegeto The new hero of earth

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Kegeto The new hero of earth

Post by Kegeto on 1/20/2012, 4:23 am

Character Name:Kegeto

Age: 23



Appearance (Picture Recommended:) " alt="" />

Starting Location:Earth


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.


You start with 50 technique points (TP). Ki control and Ki sense

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Background Kegeto was born before Freiza saw the threat of the saiyan race. Kegeto father stared at his power level” Hmm my son power level is pretty strange it not reading but, yet he crying. What the hell is going on here?” his father said as he shook the feeling” That right I must report to the King and tell him how I was able to capture the planet Kyzo” He said running. King Vegeta Looks at him” Ah you have return. What the news?” The King asked. “ Sir, I have Successfully conquered the planet.” He smiles as he bows. “ Good you done well.” He said smile happily. “ Freiza will be please.” He said smiling.” My lord Can I ask you something?” He asked him” Okay shot what is it?” He looks at him” You sure we can trust him?” He asked him. The King growled and blasted him away. He sighs” Well looks like I’ll get the glory again.” He said as he walks away.

Years has gone by as the saiyans start their up rising against Freiza. Kegeto pod was sent to a distant planet called Alpha Centuries. Kegeto was sent there to fight and become a strong saiyan. The planet blew up and the pod was launch under the radar of both Frieza and cooler ship. When he landed he slept for years till he was old enough to leave the planet and wonder in space till he saw the planet Earth he smiles and landed not to fair from north city. He slowly smile and looks around” This planet looks real nice.” He smiles.(word count 270)

Roleplay Sample: The ship Hope was floating past the asteroid belt heading back to Vegeta” We done it Our lord will be proud of us. We finally rid of the those silly aliens” The soldier said as they were in there barracks of the ship drinking to there victory. Their Commander watched them and smile” We done a good job men”

He smiles happily as he drink with them. The Young saiyan was walking towards the observer deck to see what been going on his tail twirled in boredom as he watched the asteroid was going past them. “ Is something Troubling you Kegeto?” The young girl looks at him and walked next to him. “ You aren’t by the barracks with your father celebrating the victory?” She asked him.

While he was think he start to turn and looks at her.” Just that something not right Yoko. I don’t know what it is yet but, I can’t put my fingers on it.” He said now staring at her with his eye into her. Then the silence was interrupted by a blare of sirens. “ In coming attack! Repeat in coming attack! Evasion of action! This is not a drill! Repeat! This is not a drill!” They both started to run and see the soldiers were running to there post.

The crew was running to there station. While this going on the commander shouts” All Hands Get ready to return fire!” He shouts in the loud speaker. The medic were running towards the wounded were brought to the medical bay. Kegeto and Yoko were running towards the Cockpit as they saw his dad sighing” We should have check more often to this sector those clever jerks.” The commander said as he looks at her and than him” My son you’re the only one that I care about. I never been so proud.” What are you saying?” He asked him.
His father smile slowly shown and hugged him” Dad why you hugging me? This is embarrassing.” He said.

His father than Karate chop his neck which cause him to faint. He looks down and sighs and carries him to the escape pod and put him in. While laying there knock out. He looks at Yoko.” He must live to tell the other what happen.” He said to her as he closed the pod it was sent to course to planet Vegeta.

-Seventeen year later-

Kegeto was walking down the street homeless a waiting for some sort of sign. In hope of ray that one day that he can find his way back to the system where he lost is crew and father. As well as Yoko his closet friend.(word count 446)

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