Custom Character- Benj

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Custom Character- Benj

Post by Benj on 5/14/2012, 5:05 pm

Character Name: Benj

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Human


A young man who never actually got to know either of his two biological parents, due to their having given him away as a type to their friends, Benj has never actually known if he looks like them, though he is aware that he looks nothing like the blonde haired and blue-eyed parents who raised him.

Standing at an unimpressive five feet and Four inches, or sixty-four inches, Benj is roughly four or so inches shorter than your average adult, North American male, which people tend to take notice of. Despite his small stature, Benj can usually be seen walking with what can only be called a regal air to him, that makes him seem ‘larger’. Benj’s small stature is decorated with a relatively unimposing physique, which tells the tale of a young man who cannot possibly weigh more than one hundred and nineteen pounds. To go into more detail, Benj has next to no noticeable musculature, however, at the exact same time, he has no excessive or noteworthy amount of fat anywhere on his body. To reduce the explanation to a single word, Benj is ‘Scrawny’.

Despite the fact that he has never been given the chance to check the validity of the statement, Benj has been told many times before that he looks much like his mother, which he has come to mean that he is, at least partially, not hideous. The only trait that Benj can be said to have inherited from his father are his brown eyes, which he has come to appreciate as normal and thus, unnoticeable. Unfortunately, it seems that Benj’s eyes can commonly be found with red or otherwise slightly discolored due to their sensitivity. Benj's most prominent trait is the shock of bright orange hair that grows from his head naturally. Despite the fact that numerous Physicians have examined him, no one really has a valid explanation for his strange hair, much to Benj’s chagrin.

A dresser who is equal parts casual and eccentric, Benj can always be seen wearing a tan, sleeveless tunic along with a pair of matching, tan trousers which have a pair of drawstrings rather than a series of belt slits. This allows Benj to blend in rather easily when out in the country or in other such places, but once he finds himself in the city, he tends to stick out quite a bit,

Starting Location: Earth

Benj was, like many other children, born to a pair of rather irresponsible teenagers who failed to utilize contraception during intercourse. Of course, having been unprepared both financially and emotionally for the task of taking care of a child, so they put him up for adoption, and he was swiftly taken by a much more appropriate, married couple.

For the next handful of years Benj would live what could only be considered a normal life. Until he began his schooling and things began to change. From the start, Benj was reluctant to agree with his classmates when his instructor offered up a hypothetical situation in which they were to take the 'Morally Acceptable' path. This, eventually, led to his instructor making an appointment so that he could discuss Benj's attitude when it came to being taught about morals and the like. Though his parents' could offer no reason for the child's opinion on the matter, they were not very concerned; he never really seemed to act on his opinions and as such, was no true threat to anyone. Eventually, the instructors in Benj's educational hub were willing to ignore him and his less than 'appropriate' opinions so long as he did not disrupt class, which he did his best not to do.

Though they were unaware of it, Benj's instructors and his parents' lack of support in his thoughts regarding right and wrong were what inspired him to host these thoughts, however; he didn't see anything wrong with questioning what he was being taught, and as such, he thought that the adults were wrong though they were considered right. Benj's dislike of this system is what led many of those around him to consider him some sort of deviant, and thus, worth bullying. When it first began, Benj was slow to react; he was willing to take the childish name-calling and slight pushing when gathering in front of school doors or the like. However, when the bullying had advanced to being pushed around in the halls, Benj decided to retaliate in a fashion that he deemed more than acceptable; violence. When the instructor in charge of Benj and his bullies' arrived at the location of the incident, he was surprised to see Benj was the last child standing, though he was looking worse for wear.

Though they were reluctant to accept Benj's explanation of the events leading to the incident, they preferred to imagine that Benj was the one responsible for it due to his unpredictability, they eventually believed him due to another student siding with him. It was the adult's reluctance to believe him that hurt Benj the most and gave him his reasoning for choosing to simply stay quiet when he disagreed with authority. This allowed Benj to once more integrate into the education system that his homeland sportedonce the hubbub surrounding the event passed. However, the Education System of Benj's homeland was reluctant to allow an individual with as much martial potential as Benj go without further investigation into his skills. So, within two weeks of the fighting incident, Benj found that he had been invited to an academy for young, potential 'Swordmages'. Of course, Benj's parents were excited for their son and it was this excitement that allowed them to convince him to give the academy a try.

Logically enough, Benj was placed in what the school called the 'Under Class' a specialized class designed to familiarize those who were unfamiliar with blades with the weapon they would be studying with for the next few years. Benj, like many of his classmates, had come from the 'Social Sector' of society. This meant that he had been taught next to nothing regarding the military service of his planet and as such was more than a little bit underdeveloped when compared to his more advanced classmates. However, within a month's time it became clear that Benj was not a person meant to be placed within the 'Under Class' but instead within an even lower class. Benj, for all the effort he put into practicing with the blade found that he was simply not at all talented, in fact, he was so poor with a blade in his hand that in that regard, he could be called remarkable. His only saving grace and the only thing that kept him in the academy were his strangely high 'Magic' (Truly just Ki) results, in fact, he was among the top 3 of the Academy's six hundred students.

Benj's marks continued to be remarkably lopsided until he learned that there would be a final test and that all those with any results below a certain line would be cut from the Academy. Though, at first, Benj had been less than ecstatic about having joined the academy he now found that he enjoyed his time here and was more than reluctant to leave. As such, Benj did the only thing that he thought made any sense; he asked the best swordsmanship student in the academy to tutor him in the ways of the blade in exchange for lessons in Ki and Magic. For the next two or so months, the two learned from one another, both doing whatever it took to make sure that the other understood what they were being taught. This eventually led to both of them developing a type of rivalry as they found that the other, by the time of the test, was so skilled in their respective specialty that they were the closest to them in prowess.

This rivalry fueled the two boys with enough passion to become the two best students in the academy, with the two of them switching positions every time a test regarding their specialty came around. When it came around for the final test of their careers as students within the academy Benj found that he and his classmates were being asked to find one other student in the school and take part in a public sparring session for all the parents of the students to see. Pleased with such a perfect chance to find out who the better of the two of them were, Benj and his rival were among the first students to have picked their partners for the public sparring session. For the next two weeks, they had been given two weeks to properly prepare for the final test, Benj practiced with his blade until he was certain that he was the best he was going to be.

When the battle rolled around, Benj found himself almost an equal of his opponent, though he proved to be in better shape, physically, then Benj had predicted. However, Benj found that his opponent had predicted his trump card and as such, was more than capable of countering it and thus, won the battle. Though he was reluctant to do so, having hoped that their positions would be reversed, Benj offered his congratulations to his old rival and the two parted on friendly terms.

Benj would later be sent out of his nation, one of the few with closed borders, to learn more about the world and report back. Unfortunately for his country, Benj had always been a less than patriotic individual and has no plans on returning.


Strength: 70
Agility: 155
Ki: 75
Endurance: 125 (100 + 25)

TP Abilities
Ki Control

How did you find this site? A series of Affiliates

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? No

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Roleplay Sample: The wind picked up suddenly sending a single, lonesome plastic bag whirling down the alleyway in an erratic fashion. There was a slight bite to the wind, the kind that tore through whatever clothing an individual chose to wear regardless of how potent it would normally be. It was the kind of wind that fit a murky skyed, watery-sunned day like the one West City found itself facing. It was the perfect day for something unfortunate to happen and, funnily enough for a young lady who couldn't be further in age than her early twenties, that was exactly what was going occurring.

The two young men that had accosted her had been following her for only a fraction of the time that Benj had, but they had managed to predict her movements with almost pinpoint precision. The first one had approached her in an openly aggressive manner forcing her to retreat swiftly, giving her no time to take note that the alleyway she had fled into was in no way safe. It was a simple and effective plan, the kind of plan a pair of idiots who were, more than likely, jacked on some sort of narcotic would come up with. Nonetheless, considering the fact that the duo of drugged up sociopaths were now fondling the breasts of the young lady whilst she screamed into the cloth gag they had fitted her with, it seemed many times more effective than the one Benj had come up with; follow her until you worked up the nerve to even say 'hello'.

Standing at the lip of the roof, his shadow being cast down upon the trio Benj considered leaping down. He considered saving her in a fashion similar to that of a superhero, but then he considered the possibility that he might end up getting hurt by something and that possibility was chucked out the window. Instead, Benj turned on his heel and began to walk away, already searching for another attractive girl; perhaps one who was more adept at evading molesters/rapists.


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Re: Custom Character- Benj

Post by Goku on 5/15/2012, 1:25 am

I need your wetpaint wiki username, because you'll use it to update your character sheet on a weekly basis.


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