East City & South City Under Attack?

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East City & South City Under Attack?

Post by Goku on 5/16/2012, 12:19 pm

The camera panned over the smoking ruin of East City. Flames licked the sky from ashen mounds of stone and wood. Limbs of dead bodies poked out from beneath twisted metal girders and crumpled cinder-blocks.

"An unknown terrorist organization has attacked East City today. As you can see, there is little more than a smoldering wasteland left. The King of Earth and the military are still investigating the situation, but it is grim. Casualties are estimated in the millions."

The screen changed to that of a crowded marketplace. A giant metal disc rolled through the heart of it, shredding tents and crushing displays of vegetables and handmade goods. People screamed in fear. The camera changed again, this time showing a street filled with rubble and a jet of fire erupting from the front of a bank.

"We do not know their motivations, or their purpose, but one thing is very clear. Chaos is ensuing. What city is next on their hit list? Security has been beefed up in Satan City, North City, and West City."


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