Power Flight

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Power Flight

Post by King on 1/20/2012, 8:17 pm

Powered Flight

Augments an action. You are surrounded by an aura of ki and focus it your to propel yourself faster. Increases your agility by 250 + 10% of base attribute for the action. Increases FP by +3 per action.


Rush Attack

Takes up an action. You charge at your opponent to make powerful strike. When hit by a Rush Attack, you are sent flying. Strength is increased by 250 +15% of base attribute when making a rush. Increases FP by +5 for each use. Rush attacks have an attack rating of 2.


Power Up

Takes up an action. Your body becomes surrounded with an aura of ki. Power up increases strength and ki attributes by 500 + 15% of base attribute. This can couple with other boosts. For example, you may power up on your first action then on your next action use a rush attack to get a 750 + 30% boost to strength. Powering up is a temporary increase, and only lasts 3 actions. Increases FP by +15 for each use.

Perhaps...Power Flight should only be an option of use during the time Power Up is in effect and / or when Rush Attack is being used?

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Re: Power Flight

Post by Goku on 1/21/2012, 12:40 am

Hmmm, I think the picture of the Rush Attack might be deceiving. I'll have to find another one I think. A Rush Attack is a powerful strike, like when they ram each other and send them flying in dbz.

I thought about the power up suggestion, but upon thinking about DBZ, they used Powered Flight even when they weren't powered up. It was more like putting the afterburners on, so to speak.


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