Campaign: Plots of Light and Shadow (Invite Only)

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Post by Goku on 6/21/2012, 11:22 am

Grick, still lurking in the chamber deep below the Earth, made a motion to the crimson golem made of Arcadium. Two eyes lit up, turning a bright shimmering yellow. It's feet thudded on the platform as it walked closer to its master.

The Xeno sorcerer pressed his finger against the cold stone and ran his hand across the golem's pectorals, feeling the subtle groves from all the magical runes engraved across its surface. It was ancient magic, what those of modern science would call programming. The instructions for the golem's existence were written on it's form. Even parts of it were damaged or destroyed, it mattered not, for the moment the rune was placed, the magic seeped into the being forever.

“Red, I have a special treat for you,” Grick said, showing his yellow teeth in and insidious smile. “It should be arriving fairly soon. The power of the Aspect of Destruction, at your grasp? How does that sound?”

“Yes, master,” the Golem replied. Its voice was hollow and deep, much like someone speaking inside of a metal box.

Grick muttered an incantation and pressed his hand on an empty spot. White light shimmered there for a moment before fading. A new rune appeared, one with swirls and arches—it was quite beautiful, at least as far as Grick was concerned. The Xeno seldom cared about anything like beauty and art, but he could appreciate this particular rune for it's purpose.

It allowed the transference of spiritual energy from one vessel to another. Yes, the Xeno would have himself the power of a Super Saiyan at his disposal. Then the real battle would begin.


This will be my last post for this campaign thread. We can pick it up again after my vacation is over. Why don't you guys go ahead and make one more of your own and you can claim it this week.

For whomever does the RP Rewards, this thread will earn +25% normal group RP rewards.


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Campaign: Plots of Light and Shadow (Invite Only)  - Page 2 Empty Re: Campaign: Plots of Light and Shadow (Invite Only)

Post by Izon on 6/21/2012, 11:52 am

Ian saw the large Saiyan touch down. He had a purpose for sure. A reason to be there, but the boy wasn't with him. Ian watched as he approached, each step heavy. The man was certainly not graceful, or maybe it was his own fear that increased his senses. But what did he have to fear? Though he had a fortress in hell, he did not particularly enjoy being there. But he still had a few things to do there.

"Well, Demon. It appears we've met; but look on the bright side. This time, I require something of you. Something that few others can provide me with." He leaned forward, igniting a ball of energy while his right hand rested on Ian's desk. "So here I come, with the opportunity of a lifetime; you give me what I want, and I allow you my... services."

Ian just looked into the eyes of the beast, no emotion on his face. He stared for what seemed ages, before he grinned. "You're new at this aren't you? You're used to pummelling folks to get your way, and now you find yourself unable to do so. Quite intriguing." He folded his hands as he relaxed. His feet on his desk. The ball was in his court and he had his finger on a trigger. What trigger? He did not know. But in a way, he could get some of his revenge.

"Please, have a seat. Would you like some tea? Or maybe coffee? Yeah, I think you're a coffee drinker." He turned his head. "Cira, why don't we get this man a cup of coffee. How about the Penguin Village blend?" He looked back at Broly. "Price of that blend had sky rocketed. Apparently someone had nearly destroyed the place. Sad. Really sad." He feigned a tear.

"So, why don't you start by telling me, why you are in need of my help? Tell me, why, one with your power, needs an ant like me?" Ian spread his arms wide. "Do you need someone to negotiate for you?" His hands folded again. There was no fear, only anticipation of making this fool feel like a helpless worm. "And why would I want your services? Loyalty is a big thing for me. And the fact you are allies with that brat Ryouji, makes me think I should expect to be stabbed in the back eventually."

Ian stood and walked around, his hands behind his back. "Not to mention, you killed one of my allies the last time we met as well. So I am having a hard time trusting you, as you could quite imagine. You are a smart fellow after all."


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