Custom Character - JD

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Custom Character - JD

Post by JD on 5/22/2012, 11:37 pm

Character Name: JD

Age 21

Gender: Male

Race: Hybrid

Primary Race: Construct

Secondary: Earthling

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Earth

Biography (150 words:) JD was born into a home that was like any other, the only difference being his father being much of a fighter. He only had a sister, and his Mother being as normal as all other. Looking at what he had, JD quickly wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and be a powerful fighter just as JD saw him in his eyes. At first his Father didn't see it as a great idea and wanted him to be educated and normal, but after years of pestering and self training, he gave in and began to teach JD.

From the age of nine, JD and his father trained together. JD wanted to learn everything he possibly could from his father. He had never seen him fight, but as training went on, he quickly learned of his skills. JD's dad was known for speed and stamina, so that's what JD was to learn. The training consisted of mile runs, quick sprints, and even dodging practice to learn dexterity. Most days ended with exhaustion and soreness, but as months and years went by, JD began to grow in his power.

At the age of Thirteen, JD was immensely curious of where his father sharpened his own skills. Upon nights he would note hos Father's leavings that only made the curiosity grow even larger and stronger. One night, JD just had to know and trailed his father.

A large trek across town lead him to a large warehouse. As JD spied in, he quickly realized it was a fight club, but not one that was necessarily normal. As matches went on, JD saw the true power of the men. Their attacks that fire from them like lasers, and smalls suns of death. It amazed JD as he saw his own father pull off the attacks. Of course, it wasn't long until he was found out and punished by his father...but of course it lead to the forced teachings of the attacks to JD.

As a few years went by, one day he thought he was finally ready to go into battle with his Father...and so It happened...They were staring each other down on the battlefield...The match was short...the outcome was unexpected. As His father was closing in to end the small spar, something streaked in front of JD's face...It was hot and burned his hair as it went by him...He looked for the source, to only see a shadow fleeing the scene. He looked at his father to ask what had just happened, to only find him on the ground...a sizable hole in his chest....It was a strong blast of Ki...and It was to end his father. It did the job. He cowered in fear by this blast. He was shaken with fear, unsure of what was going to happen, but soon he found out. A blast, fairly close to the one that ended his father flew towards him. He tried to smash it away, but did little. The last thing he saw was the explosion, and a torrent of blood erupting from himself. A sharp pain went by in his arm and he saw nothing but darkness.

When he reopened his eyes, he was on a cold table, with the same pain in his arm. He stared around to see no one he actually knew. He stared at where his sharp pain was coming from, and stared at the contraption that replaced his wrist. It was just that, a replacement, an enhancer even. It was a miracle, from the news that was found out, he was dead. With the technology that seemed to be available to scientists of capsule corp, he had become a bit of a project. When he was found they thought he could still be saved, and went about the project of reconstructing him. It was a success, but his wrist had to be replaces from it being completely destroyed. So now, he lives as he is. He was built to be a fighting machine to help with any kind of terrorist activity or even a threat to earth itself. Not wanting to comply with such things, he quickly, and without trouble, got away from them.

Now with is new powerful Constructed body, he has his mind set on his old goals. To become the strongest fighter out there in the universe, part of the reason, to avenge his fathers occupation and to keep the fighting of his "Family" alive and known.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 100
Agility: 100
Ki: 100
Endurance: 100

(Balanced Stats are Balanced. :3)

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?

Hell's Flash

Attack - Double Wave
With little or no warning, you bring both hands forward, revealing secret cannons, and fire two large waves of energy. Because of its surprise nature, its hard to dodge. Because it is two beams, its hard to negate as well.
Attack Rating: 3
Actions: 1
FP gained: +38
Prerequisites: Must be a Construct.
Learning: 50 TP

How did you find this site? Shadow of DBZ:: Top Sites

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Roleplay Sample (250 words):

The Android known as Jorxio Denhoshi snapped back into reality. He sat atop the tallest building that he could find in Hercule City. The bustling city sounded off with car horns and screeching tires, mixed with shouting pedestrians and the sound of big business. The smell of the city food mixed with that of the cars seemed normal to him now. But one thing was quite different, the badge that he now carried in his pocket. He had joined the Police Force, he now was to battle all Evil, to challenge everything unholy, to help maintain the city, and make sure it remained a glowing pool of greatness....Right now he was just a rookie, but he would work his way up....Just right now he was on "Patrol" but he had let his mind wander a bit to much. He was sick of waiting for something to happen, and was about to call it a day...until his Walkie-Talkie spoke to him.

Calling Any Free Units, We got Gang Activity Down at Hercule Cafe...Units Respond.

Jorxio fumbled with the small Radio, pressing down the button.

This is Jorxio, I'm on my way there...

Please Wait for back-up..Other Units are on the way.

Jorxio was already on his way there before they were finished speaking, overjoyed that this would be his first job on the force. He quickly made his way down to the Hercule Cafe, nearly passing it in such a rush. From the front it all looked fine and dandy...How did they know anything was happening. The Android pushed open the front doors and entered...All was calm...Not a soul in sight...He quickly made his way past the counter and to the back of the Cafe...Still Nothing...But he quickly noticed someone outside the back door. Jorxio quickly rammed his shoulder into, sending someone flying to the ground...He quickly observed the scene.

A fellow officer, and what seemed to be the Cashier were tied up next to a garbage can, surrounded by many masked men.




..........SMOKE HIM!!!

One of the thugs quickly revealed a gun and fired it at Jorxio rapidly, each bullet ricocheting off his head and hitting the wall.

...uhh......ow..I Mean..Bring It on.

Jorxio scoffed as one of the men charged quickly with a knife. Jorxio quickly pulled the man close by his arm, and lashed forward with a punch at his jaw. The Man flew backwards, joining his friend on the ground. Three Left.

Two of the three quickly charged forward. Jorxio ducked under a swing and countered with a devastating chop at his leg. The men fell with a sick crack. The next man rushed at Jorxio powerfully, but the android quickly grabbed the mans head and chucked him at the wall of the building, defeating them. One Mo- HEY! He screamed as the last one fled the scene, Jorxio quickly giving chase to him, speaking on his Walkie-talkie as he did.

Hey, Wrap up at the Cafe, Four Hostile men have been put down, In Pursuit of the last. He yelled as he picked up his pace and hauled after the guy. The guy quickly dove traffic and ducked into a alleyway, As Jorxio lifted from the ground and flew after him. Jorxio flew into the alleyway to the the man scamper up a wall and quickly take to the fire escape of a building. STOP RUNNING! Jorxio quickly bounded to the top of the building, where he found the man standing near the ledge.


.....Alright...I'm not doing this bit.. He said as he held his palm up and blasted a bit of energy at the mans feet. The roof blew away under him and the fell straight into a small alleyway, and right into a dumpster. Jorxio jumped down and slapped the lid of the dumpster shut. ...."AND THE DAY IS SAVED, WOOHOO, MY FIRST TIME AND I RULED! ...Hm...Now how to make this look even cooler.......Oh.."

Jorxio spotted a can of green spray paint on the ground...It would be enough.

A Few Minutes Later, Policemen flocked the scene. Jorxio had called them over.

....I don't see anything. One said..

uhh...Sir... The other said, pointing at the pit of graffiti on the wall. A large arrow pointing to the Bin.....The Initials, J.D. over it. They glanced into the dumpster to find the final gang member, cuffed and gagged...The Initials J.D. On his chest.

.....Fucking Rookies...
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Re: Custom Character - JD

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