~Alberdyne Cormyr~

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~Alberdyne Cormyr~

Post by Alberdyne on 1/21/2012, 5:03 am

Character Name: Alberdyne Cormyr

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Xeno (Specifically) Kroniths (From a deep region of outer space, or more specifically, from an alternate dimension)

Appearance: Alberdyne is an average Pure Kronith. As a Psionic, he has various tribal markings upon his body. These markings are symbols of the clan Cormyr. Dyne stands at a height of 5'10" and weighs approximately 200 lbs. with a slender physique. Though well toned due to constant training, he is still working on his body's toning. Dyne has black hair that is worn as long dreadlocks. Also, his eyes are dark green. He has a symbol across his forehead that is actually the physical manifestation of the Kronith Third Eye Chakra. (Thus enabling Psychic powers) The symbol on the forehead quite literally is the Kronith Third Eye.

Al has slightly tanned skin. He has no facial hair and his eyebrows are thin, well maintained. His cheeks are well chiseled but his chin is somewhat angular as is his jaw. Al's hair is waist length. Al wears tribal clothing that is somewhat strange to most mortal races. He wears a simple light armour jacket, and it is black. It is made of some Kronith material quite similar to hide or leather. It is as long as a trench coat or duster. There are no sleeves, but Al does wear combat braces made of a simple material. Al also wears baggy pants fit for combat that are dyed red. His boots are equally simple in nature. However, the markings on his clothing also are Kronith in nature.

Al wears gloves as well.

Starting Location: Kanassa

Attributes: 50 base points + 200 Distribution Points.

Strength: 50+150=200

Agility: 50+25 (Racial Benefit)=75

Ki: 50+25=75

Endurance: 50+25=75


Ki Control (25 Points TP)

Psychic Powers (25 Points TP)

Racial Benefit: Cosmopolitan - XP and zeni gains are increased by 5% from roleplaying.

Referrer: Brian

History: Hailing from a distant region of space, Kroniths are an advanced race of Psionic warriors. The most advanced of these warriors (Clan Cormyr) have learned to tap into a special and dangerous power simply called The Omniverse. An alternate realm of devastating energies, the casters draw power to both attack and defend from The Omniverse. Advanced Kroniths are especially gifted in these arts. Omniverse are powers that are beyond dangerous. However, these powers are also earned through many trials and hardships.

Alberdyne Cormyr is the son of a prestigious Kronith warrior named Michael Cormyr. Hailing from the land of Ayenee, the Cormyr Kroniths work to advanced the secret art of The Omniverse. At the start of the story, Alberdyne is a simple warrior with simple ambitions. His Father has already reached the prestigious title of a legendary Kronith. Having fought in many wars against the enemies of Kronith society, Al's Father was a well known Hero. Al grew up in a world of political intrigue and constant danger. The Kronith home world was a secret location in the realm of Ayenee. Many races sought to usurp the power of Kroniths but had failed up to that point thanks to Heroes like Michael Cormyr.

RP Sample:

Legend of the Dark Hero 2

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Re: ~Alberdyne Cormyr~

Post by King on 1/21/2012, 12:13 pm

If you can...which, I dunno. Brian is the one who referred you, so he may have you not even bother with it...Try to find a picture for the site to use of you. It just sorta plays well with the wiki and all. That's Brian's call, however.

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