Canon Character - Son Goten

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Canon Character - Son Goten

Post by OldGoten1 on 6/6/2012, 3:22 pm

Character Name:Son Goten

Starting Location:Earth



What abilities will you start with?

How did you find this site?Top 25

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?No one

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Roleplay Sample (250 words):Goten was starving, "I'm Hungry!" He screamed out loud in the Giant Pot.

"Goten hush, that food's for the monster not you!" Videl Quietly told Goten in an angry way. Trunks was hungry to so he reached out and grabbed an onion and started eating himself away.

Goten then smiled and reached for one to. His prayers were answered, finally the food he's been waiting for, the medical cure to his poor old belly. "Goten! No!" Videl screamed. Goten left the top of the pot he was in open and started crying as loud as he could until, "GOTEN!" Videl screamed with all her might, then she gave up.

Videl reached for that shiny apple and handed it to Goten. "Now Shush!" Videl said as Goten, looking happier then ever, Chomped his life down on that apple when he felt the ground shaking.

"What's the noise?" Goten asked curiously. Trunks looked through the pot only to see it.

"AHHHH!" Trunks yelled, shocked only to see a weak monster. "Goten, lets take care of this" Trunks said with laughter as they both stepped out of the pot. Goten punched the monster's nose and it started to cry.

Then Trunks stepped on the monster's toe and it ran away. "Silly old dinosaur." Goten said as he took a bite from even more food.

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Re: Canon Character - Son Goten

Post by Goku on 6/6/2012, 7:35 pm



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