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Aubrey (Broly) Empty Aubrey (Broly)

Post by Broly on 6/11/2012, 11:42 pm

Name: Aubrey (Aubergine + Audrey)
Race: Hybrid Saiyan-Human
Appearance: Aubrey (Broly) 1jvvrk
Estimated Level: Henchman (No Level?)
Key Attributes: Strength/Balance
Signature Abilities: Ultra Punch, After Image
Personality: Aubrey is what's best described as a thrill seeker, intent on finding any form of excitement (including Combat). Though she has no formal training in Martial arts, she uses her wits and natural intelligence to take advantage in battle, preferring them over brute strength (which she has in abundance). She is, more or less, the opposite of Broly.
Biography: Born to a Saiyan from the Underworld (underground Saiyan encampment) and a captured Human, Aubrey was whisked away from the Underworld at a young age and left to live in the streets of West City. Being naturally intelligent, she quickly acquired a grasp for schooling (which was free/public) and managed to enter an orphanage. Post graduation, she attended Satan University, named such for the exploits of reigning world champion, Hercule Satan. She, via university resources, was able to deduce her other worldy heritage and use it to her advantage.

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