Future Trunks - joining

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Future Trunks - joining

Post by Future Trunks on 6/13/2012, 11:47 pm

Character Name: Future Trunks

Starting Location: Earth


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 100
Agility: 150
Ki: 100
Endurance: 50

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Big Bang Cannon

How did you find this site? searching online...

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? nope.

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile: http://infinitedbz.wetpaint.com/account/FTrunks

Roleplay Sample (250 words):


Thunder and lighting crashed all around the surface of planet Vegita. It had been this way for quiet some time now. No one could explain it, but some considered this to be bad karma for all the evil saiyan deeds that had been dealt. Trunks stood outside the saiyan palace, his body relaxed but his face serious. Rain began to hit his powerful chest, then drip down over his armor. It was going to be the same as every other night, rain. It was no matter though, Trunks had been prepared to hunt in this kind of conditions.

The prey in which the saiyan prince would be searching, was not an ordinary game. It was of human decent. His mission was to find his own kind, and exterminate. Once his father had taken over his rightful place as king, Trunks had inherited the duties of clean up duty. He would seek out and destroy anyone who opposed his father. This man was one of those people. He didn't know who he was, just that he was now his mark.

He would set out soon to began this mission, and he would not come back until it was complete. Trunks thought of how he would finish this creature, it made his anxious. A feeling he could not control. It was time.

Trunks clinched his fist, the moisture of the rain forced its way through his fingers.

"Prepare yourself, for death awaits you!"
Future Trunks

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Re: Future Trunks - joining

Post by Goku on 6/14/2012, 1:20 am

Welcome to IDBZ! You're accepted.


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