Do Pta'nan Dream of New Jobs?

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Do Pta'nan Dream of New Jobs?

Post by Eilee on 6/16/2012, 8:52 pm


It wasn't a grumble, it was a thought. If she had actually said "ugh", a full pint of Bio-Gen would have entered her mouth, as she was completely submerged in the greenish fluid. She refused a strange tube that was supposed to provide oxygen (or whatever other gas someone might breathe; they had plenty of options) to the person in the tank like they were an alien scuba diver in a sea of medicine. She didn't need to breathe.

It was a rather bothersome predicament, as she couldn't see the outside world. She could only hear and sense it, and since half of the staff around here seemed to be robotic anyway, she could really only hear what was going on. Even then, it's not like she could hear much, considering she was submerged in several dozen gallons of Bio-Gen. The outside world was like another dimension right now and on top of that, she had no way of judging just how long she'd been in the Rejuvenation Tank. Could be hours, could be a day. Maybe longer. She couldn't even remember whether or not she'd been asleep.

Then there was some sort of beeping sound. It was drawn out because of the fluid, but she assumed it meant she was done, as she could feel the fluid beginning to drain from the Tank. As soon as it reached her face, she wiped it off of her mouth, only to smear it all over herself.


When the fluid was completely out of the pod, the front slid back, letting her out. She took a precarious step and shook herself to get rid of Bio-Gen, then stretched with a yawn. Her fin flexed and she moved her fingers back and forth a few times before looking down at her legs. The medicine had worked like a charm -- there wasn't a scratch on them. She turned around, looking for her clothes, but they had apparently vanished. If a maintenance worker had taken them, she was going to fu--

"<Good afternoon miss Cherri!>"

She was startled by an unusually polite voice with a metallic ring behind it. Frantically, she scrambled to cover up her chest with her arms and spun around to see a metal orb with some sort of bionic eye attached to it. Underneath of it were three stubby pegs, likely to keep the thing balanced should it land. The red lens focused on her, zooming in and out to adjust itself.

"<If you are searching for your garments, I must inform you that they have been taken and sent for disintegration,>" the orb said. "<Your new uniform is on the table by the door.>"

She glanced over to see it, a set of armor on top of what appeared to be black spandex. A set of matching gloves and boots rested at the side of it. She slowly walked over, continuing to cover her front, despite the fact the robot was behind her. She finally dropped her guard as she pushed aside the armor and grabbed the set of pants. It looked comfortable enough, so she decided to slip it on. As she got the first leg though, she turned her head part way around and said, "You're not looking, are you?" at the robot.

"<Of course I am Miss Cherri. It is my job to monitor you,>" the machine replied.

"Well that's lovely," she said slipping her other leg in. She move on to the shirt now, and continued her conversation with the drone. "And why is that?" she asked.

"<I am a model RT "Recruit Trainer", designation RT-227. It is my purpose to monitor new recruits such as yourself and give commands from higher authorities. I will be aiding you for your first few months in the Planet Trade Organization.>"

"Sounds great Arty," Y'lerl replied. She pulled down the shirt and stretched it out a bit, making sure it was the proper size. "But I don't think you need to watch a woman getting dressed."

"<Technically, I am not required to constantly watch you visually. However, I must remain in constant contact with you and monitor you through some means. I will mostly be observing you and recording your actions through your scouter.>"

"Oh, a stalker," she said picking up the breastplate.

"<I am not a stalker Miss Cherri, I am merely here to aid you.>"

"By stalking me."

"<I will not merely be watching you. As I mentioned, I will be providing you with orders from your superiors once you have begun your position here at the Planet Trade Organization. It is likely they will have a job for you within a week. You must be patient. As mentioned, I will contact you via your Scouter."

"Until then I hang out here, get free swag and medical treatment?" she asked hopefully.

"<No. As your wounds have been treated, you will be free to go. Our bases must maintain an air of secrecy,>" RT-227 replied. "<The door in the back serves as an exit. You may leave through there once your uniform is on.>"

By this point, Y'lerl was pulling on her last glove. She clenched her fingers and liked how the fabric felt. It was flexible, durable, and didn't look entirely ridiculous. The armor came with a symbol emblazoned on the right side of her chest, a badge she had earned from her previous day's "entrance exam". She snapped the Scouter onto her face and turned it on. Immediately, she began to see a layout for everything in the room: technical information, diagrams, and 3D models. This would take a while to get the hang of.

"Call me?" she said almost flirtatiously at the robot.

"<We will be in contact.>"

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