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Character Name: Tenshinhan

Starting Location: Earth


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 100
Agility: 75
Ki: 100
Endurance: 150*

*Note: The +25 endurance from being a human is factored in

-Ki Control
-Ki Sense

Referrer: Future Trunks, the Top 25

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile: Link

Roleplay Sample:

Note: This is taken from another site, and it has nothing to do with Dragon Ball. The context is... unusual to say the least, and I could explain more if anyone wants. However, I think it stands as one of the better example of my abilities as a role player.

There was a brief moment of silence. Galactus' eyes shifted away from Primus and his intense expression subsided. They did not speak for just a moment and the vast quietness of space settled over them. That was when a resounding cry of "WHAT?!" was picked up by Primus's sensors.

It was not a physical sound, but a thought, and a very loud one at that. He recognized it immediately as Unicron, responding to his earlier statement. Fear began to consume him; pure, unbridled fear. It was a mistake to have told Unicron that he had to wait, a terrible, terrible mistake. Most of his blunders tended to result in harsh consequences. He remembered, briefly, a previous attempt to trap his brother by surrounding his Spark with a young sun... and how horribly that had backfired. He pushed the thought out of his processor.

He was beginning to feel that even if he could manipulate Galactus to fight for him, what chance would they both have against Unicron? Galactus' arrogance would serve only to get between him and his goals. The other planet eater was right -- he shouldn't stay in this universe any longer. To do so would only result in his being consumed, and this time, there was more than one entity that wished to do so.

He could still "hear", off in the distance, Unicron's rambling rage. He was demanding information from some... other creature he was communicating with. Primus would need to wrap up his conversation quickly, lest he continue incurring his sibling's wrath.

The Light God sensed a small pulse of energy emanating from Galactus, then quickly fading as it was absorbed by him. After not even a nano-klik of thought, he presumed that this was the same thing Galactus attempted to do earlier to him. He was not like Unicron who consumed matter -- rather, he ate energy, the essence of life found on planets, like he had attempted to do earlier to Primus.

Already, that drained energy was returning to him. Though his stamina wasn't technically infinite, it constantly restored itself. Galactus was attempting to do something similar by recycling his energy, but in the end, he would have to eat. Fortunately for Primus, the longer he waited, the weaker his adversary became... Or was that unfortunately? After all, he was planning on turning Galactus against Unicron if things did not play in his favor. His immediate goal, he realized, should be to find a way out of this void.

Barely seconds had passed now since Unicron had spoken, and now, Galactus too was speaking in turn. "I know you may not value my life," he started. "But if you value your own and the expendable ones you protect -- then you will begin providing me with some much needed information. It would save us undue strife."

"All life is precious -- even yours." Even if he had gotten the upper hand in their previous conflict, he doubted he would have killed Galactus. Unicron too he did not entirely wish to kill, though he was well aware that completely destroying him was impossible. They both needed to continue existing if their multiverse on the whole was to in turn. He pulled himself back to the conversation at hand. "But I will speak if you so desire."

"The ones you are hiding," Galactus' tone became increasingly more demanding, but Primus allowed him to pressing... for now, at least. "Their presence could be a benefit. Release them."

"Very well," Primus replied. He had no intention of fighting this command, as he knew Galactus was correct in his judgment. He could sense their presence quite faintly, in the outer reaches of his gravitational pull. As he was no longer distracted by his transformation, bringing them back would prove to be a fairly simple task.

He held out one servo, palm facing up, his fingers uncurled. In his mind's eye, he pictured Loki and the other two beings. He concentrated on their image, attempting to pull them from one the depths of space to the relative safety of his hand. In an instant, the threesome was whisked away, teleported back to him.

The atmosphere around his hand was thin enough that it could easily be seen through both ways. He beamed down at the tiny beings with a warm smile. For the first time, he was able to get a clear look at them with his own optics, and he zoomed in on their figures. He had barely noticed it before, but a much smaller creature accompanied the animal-like one, though he could barely see it.

"I do not believe we are acquainted," he said to the two of them. He had switched back to telepathy again. It would hopefully make him feel less... intimidating. Either way, he would much rather Loki and Galactus did not hear what he was saying now.

Galactus seemed less than amused with the situation, and continued on speaking. It seemed that he would have to wait for a moment to talk. "These are trying circumstances. However, we do not have the luxury of waxing poetic feeling melancholy. Efforts must be focused on finding an approach to return us to our familiar. What is your suggested plan?"

Primus had indeed been thinking of a course of action for quite some time now, but the problem lay in exactly how to execute it. He knew the being that had approached him earlier was responsible for bringing him, and presumably, these others here. But he also knew there would be difficulty trying to approach him, as he did not normally reside in this plane of existence. If Primus had not already manifested there, there was no way that he could reach him, though perhaps someone else could... He thought for a moment that it would be another bad move to reveal any further information, but Galactus would keep in pressing him if he gave a poor answer. Though he did not think of Primus very highly, he did acknowledge him as intelligent to some degree.

"Whether or not you are aware of it, we are being used as puppets." Again, he thought it wise to use telepathy, and only speak to Galactus. It was not information he wanted the others knowing, at least, not for now, and especially not his "puppet master." He had an inkling that Unicron would probably pick up on it, though...

"There is a being that has been guiding our actions since our arrival, though in your case, I'd surmise he was not the one that brought you here. You more than likely came on your own accord, seeking me out as Unicron also has. He plans to use our energy to revitalize this dead universe, and offered me a position in a proposed pantheon of his after this is all done. Though it against my better judgment to leave this place barren, I cannot allow him to rule.

"It would be impossible for me to attack him directly -- he lives in a place between dimensions that I cannot access, and it's possible he may be able to bar others from entering it. I do not have a good grasp of his capabilities. Playing his game for the time being may be the best way to get him to reveal himself, though I'd assume you'd favor a much more direct approach..."

His voice trailed off. Galactus was proving to be much more than a thorn in his side. If he were to simply attack directly, it would be analogous to a soldier ignoring his commander and going head on -- alone -- into an army that he has no prior knowledge of. It was a shot in the dark, and a stupid move at best. It would be better to glean information for the time being and lure the opponent out into the open before striking.


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