Supreme Kai training for Full Empowerment

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Supreme Kai training for Full Empowerment

Post by Yamcha the banned on 6/26/2012, 2:04 am

Yamcha awoke from a deep slumber, he was dreaming of Bulma and himself relaxing on the warm beach on Roshi’s island in lawn chairs, sipping lemonade. The turtle hermit was in this dream too, sitting on a lawn chair with an umbrella up; keeping himself cool in the shade.

The human warrior felt bad awakening underneath a tree in the sacred planet of the kais. He had died to Cell earlier…

***A day earlier***

As Yamcha died, his spiritual essence was restored as he stood in a line in a very familiar place; King Yemma’s Check-in Station. He looked around. “Great, I’m back here again.” An orge in a Dress T-shirt and pants looked at Yamcha and smiled as he walked towards him shouting, “YAMCHA! You’re a legend here! The fight against Cell was watched by EVERYONE! King Kai is proud as is heaven and the rest of the kais and recipients in heaven. Especially since you died trying to protect a Shin.”

A voice bellowed. “Wolfbrother Yamcha!” The orge then waved. “Gotta go, gotta lot of work to do and King Yemma is calling you.” The orge then left and Yamcha in his King Kai Gi walked up to the big desk which a big red skinned, black bearded orge named Yemma sat behind judging souls.

“Alright.” Yemma said in a strong voice. “You have died in a battle where you fought a killer and stood up to him. Your attacks were powerful, but power isn’t enough and King Kai has recommended you for special training on the Sacred Planet of the Kais, where Fox came from under orders to control the demons as demon king. There is talk of you being chosen to be the champion of the Kais, a weapon called the Z-sword is the symbol of the Champion of the Kais. Search for it and prepare for the testing of your life. You may now transcend heaven to where the Shin reside.” Yemma then hit the grovel and Yamcha was teleported to the Sacred Planet of the Kais.

As he arrived on the sacred planet of the kais, he arrived in a central city where all pure hearted visitors meet. Yamcha smirked. And looked around. The temple he was sent into had statues of the supreme northern kaioshin. Yamcha found that the room he was in had a symbol of holiness marked in the middle of the floor which he appeared in the middle of.

Suddenly a voice boomed in his mind, ”Yamcha, you have been chosen for special training. First, I want you to go into the room to your right. Your first training session starts there.” Yamcha then saw one of the torches above the door burn with green fire. Interested in this session, Yamcha walked into the room to his right. As he walked in, he noticed that the room was completely green. Deciding to suppress his power, the human warrior used ki control to repress his powers to fifty percent. Upon doing this, a warm light overtook the room and Yamcha felt like he was shifting through a dimension.

As the light died down, the human warrior looked around and began to feel energy out. Hrm, warrior energy, and the plane I’m in feels ravaged and worn out, Woah! It’s a kaioshin, but it’s refined dark energy…and there’s another dark power…I gotta follow the powers I’m feeling Now having a feel for his location, Yamcha walked around the dimension, following the powers he sensed until he came into a ravaged mountain area where he then spotted a Shin with demonic energy fighting a changling.

"Give up! your on my list, your suppose to die now come with me so i can take your soul or else i'll beat it out of you," The demonic Yamcha sat back and watched the beat down of the two fighters, the changling fired a Volley of Energy Blasts and the Supreme Crane Shin used a spiked shield to block it, he then used his champion longsword and by using a custom ability, turned the blade into a whip and wrapped it around the changling and electrified him until he fell to the ground. Suddenly the energy of the changling was drained through the whip into the demonic kaioshin, the changling’s soul vanishing from existence as well as the dark shin’s energy increasing from the draining of power.

"Another soul reaped..." Yamcha looked in shock, A Supreme Crane Shin , how the fuck am i going to survive this... The Supreme Crane Shin then looked at Yamcha and grinned as he turned into his greater Supreme Crane Shin form. He then spoke to Yamcha. “I am the one who has trained you minion Fox. I am your first session. I am stronger then you. I drain the evil souls of evil, and use a power to turn their darkness into light. The only kai that understands me is the Supreme Kai of the North. I’m called Yami, the Punisher Kai. Now, I see you have two swords, this should be interesting.”

Yami with his champion long sword drawn gathered a red aura about his body as he summoned the power of kaioken, the ruby red aura giving him more power then he had before and shot forward,

Yamcha, knowing that he won’t be able to suppress his power while fighting a Shin since they were ‘Godlike beings’ powered up to his maximum as he unsuppressed his powers while Yami used kaioken. As Yami shot forward, Yamcha transformed himself, a white gold aura coming about his body, his hair turning white gold and his body bulking up,his eyes looking like a wolves’ eyes and his fingers were claws.

Yamcha drew his two samurai swords and blocked the first slice with his roga zet sword wielded in his right hand and went for a slice to his leg with the sacred grey dragon fang in his left hand. The dark kaioshin shot backwards, dodging the slice from the sacred dragon fang, gathered energy in his left hand raised high; forming a red sphere of energy and with his right hand pushing it, launched the attack called crusher ball at his chest.

Yamcha sheathed his sacred grey dragon fang into the left cross sheath on his back and gathered his energy into the blade as he shot forward. As the blade began to glow with blue energy, he preformed a slash to the attack, the blade pushing the blast with the energy channeled within the roga zet blade and successfully deflecting the crusher ball away while moving forward. The human warrior then rushed forward not losing any speed gathering energy in his left hand. As he got close, he thrusted his left palm forward, launching a green energy wave at the Dark Kai.

the blast hit the Supreme Crane Shin flew up and stopped himself, Yamcha then flipped up and drew his holy sword and attempted to slice and dice the Supreme Crane Shin , who was evading the swordplay with ease, The Supreme Crane Shin then thrusted his right palm forward and a invisible wave of ki hit Yamcha in the chest, pushing him back.

Yamcha was caught by surprise and stopped himself from flying by gathering his energy after being pushed back by four feet. The Dark Kai, with his right finger above his head, began to charge energy into his right pointer finger. Soon a red ball of energy formed atop his finger. Yamcha looked at the dark kai. “So, it’s his energy you have. But will that hit me is the question… The mask is undone…Yami Kai of Crane” The dark kai who looked like a dark shadow of a former god, suddenly looked like a shin who wore the Crane School Grandmaster Gi. He then smirked. “You have no idea what hard training your in for boy. This is the hardest temple, since there are more heros in the northern quadrant then in others. Evil comes from other quadrants.” The red ball of energy atop The Crane Kai’s Finger got even bigger.

“The goal here is to beat the first two resident evils found on earth. Which is The Supreme Crane Shin and Supreme Demon King Shin, then afterwards you’ll be tested by the Shin called Jackie Chun and he’ll train you for awhile. Afterwards you’ll have to fight the saiyan and Planet World Trade Gods which are in a deeper level of this temple. This place is a shrine to the supreme kai of the north”

The now revealed Supreme Crane Shin then pointed his right finger with the basketball sized red energy sphere floating atop and yelled. “Super Dodon Ray!” The hot red beam of energy, now discharged ripped through the sky towards Yamcha.

The human warrior saw the attack and braced his chest, keeping his muscles tight as the super dodon pa hit, causing smoke and dust to kick up from the impact of the energy based explosion.

Yamcha began to cough up blood, he then looked at his body and was somewhat hurt, but not to the extent of death. He was feeling it from blocking the super crane ray technique. As the smoke began to disapate, he Supreme Crane Shin laughed, "That's not bad eh? I bet I can do one better" Yamcha roars, sheathing his roga zet sword into his right cross sheath; “You don’t think I can beat you?” This was just a mear warmup!”His braces himself, adopting a position to begin powering up. As he places his focus on raising his strength, Yamcha would begin to glow slightly light pinkish, his already powerful Jin begins to get a powerful boost as the steam that came from placing more power into his muscles would flow off his skin. His skin would now glow with a bright pinkish hue as his power would rise, using a form of Jin Manipulation.

Yamcha then used enhanced movements to boost his speed but not get too tired and shot forward towards his supreme godly opponent with his technique: The wolf fang fist., which looked like a blue wolf rushing forward and shooting his front paws forward in rapid succession upon the supreme crane shin’s chest, as well as slashes with his front claws, followed by a hard headbutt to the center of the chest. This onslaught of attacks was Yamcha sending quick jabs to the chest for starters, then using his clawed hands to scratch and slash the opponent’s upper torso and a brass punch to finish off the opponent; sending The Supreme Crane Shin flying across the sky.

Yamcha smirked. And gathered flames about his body as he used the druid technique: Flaming aura while shouting. “No you don’t!” The human warrior then shot forward after the Supreme Crane Shin with even more speed then he had earlier, attacking from a descending diagonal as he gathered ki in his right fist and shot down, nailing the crane entity with a surging punch, straight into his collar bone; Yamcha hypothesizing that he’d be in too much pain to block in time as he preformed the Jin based attack.

The crane entity fell to the ground hard, making a crater within then landscape. Yamcha cupped his hands to his right hip and gathered energy. “Ka…me…ha…me….wait a minute.” He then withdrew his attack as he floated down to where he hit the crane entity.

The crane entity suddenly gathered a green aura about his body, his bones and organs along with his muscles and mind healed. He then looked at Yamcha as he descended to the ground looking at him hard.

The crane entity, looking in Yamcha’s direction; opened his mouth and suddenly a ball of energy was seen in his mouth…Yamcha shot forward, rushing the crane entity and pushed the attack back into his mouth with a hard right palm strike counter.

The crane entity was very much damaged and fell over laughing in Yamcha’s mind. While laughing, he spoke into Yamcha’s mind. “You’re strong…I guess I could give you some advice. Be prepared for anything…I am immortal Yamcha so I won’t die from this…in fact…I’ll just do this…

The realm then changed into a throne room where King Kai sat. Yamcha then knelt on one knee. “My master, I have defeated the evil entity that called itself the supreme crane shin. Does this mean I pass your trial?” King Kai smirks. “Yes, you pasted the trial of the north quadrant. Now I need you to do one more thing, try to keep up with me will you?”

King Kai got off his throne and stood in front of Yamcha who wore his gi. “Hrm…Turtle School…isn’t that the master who just died? He’s revived now.” Yamcha shrugged. “I fought Cell but he was better then me. Too smart, Too much of a tactician; I couldn’t take it. All the power in the world and still I died, now I know I was acting tough…now it’s time to become even more vicious to evil.”

King Kai smirked. “So the wolf wants to hunt and taste flesh once more eh? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret, you have one more fight ahead of you.” The room suddenly turned black and a granite golum that was solid all around came bursting through a portal and shot towards Yamcha. The human warrior then puts his arms in an ‘x’ across his chest as a formulated block and used the flight technique to hold himself there. His feet an inch off the ground.

Bracing his arms, Yamcha pushed the granite golum back and cupped his hands to his right hip, gathering a basketball size sphere of blue energy within his two palms which was trying to cup the every powerful energy sphere. He then thrusted his two palms forward and launched a Super Style Kamehameha Wave at this soul less golum.

As the blast was coming, the golum shot his left fist forward in an attempt to punch the super sized energy beam. Upon the fist making contact, a massive explosion was heard the black cave, smoke kicking up everywhere.

Yamcha then brought his arms back as he powered up as well, a crackling red aura coming about his body as he charged up his energy attack. When he finished powering up his energy attack, he brought both of his arms forward towards the smoke where the golum was, unleashing at least twenty red ki disks that could cut through anything.

Another explosion was heard throughout the cave. Yamcha, feeling unsettled that there would be an explosion instead of sounds of granite being cut through by the rings; looked onward towards the golum as the smoke cleared only to see the golum’s left wrist smoking and the smoke of where the disks were hitting him then exploding as he braced his body in a defensive maneuver.

Yamcha seeing that this would take more then a fancy attack. His braces himself, tensing his muscles and begins to ready himself to begin powering up his Jin. As he places his focus on raising his strength, Yamcha body would begin to glow slightly light pinkish, his already powerful Jin begins to get a powerful boost as the steam that came from placing more power into his muscles would flow off his skin. His skin would now glow with a bright pinkish hue as his power would rise, using a form of Jin Manipulation.

He then looked hard at the golum, wanting to end this real quick and using the Jin he had from power house added to his own strength; he hurled himself forward with one SINGLE bound, his head straight and ready to puncture through the golum.

As the golum saw Yamcha’s approach, he realized that he had no time to react to his assault seeing as he hurled himself at such an intense speed. The human warrior’s head nailed the golum solid in the chest and broke right through his big giant body to the other side. The granite golum then crumbled to the ground and was now just granite rocks and boulders.

The human warrior was then warped back into the temple. The door to the main room opened and Yamcha walked out. As he walked out, he saw the supreme north kaioshin standing to speak to him. “So you have defeated the Supreme Crane Shin, as well as the granite golum. I hearby deem you worthy of the north quadrant. Now come, there is much to do. First I must unlock the dormant power that lies inside of you.”

The Supreme North Kai motions for Yamcha to follow him and he does so with anticipation. He asks curiously. “Hidden Power? How?” The Supreme Ranked Kai of the North then replys. “it happened during the fight. When you were fighting to save Fox, one of our own you spiritual pulse was felt by every kai here. Something was unlocked inside you and I had to test you to see if you had the combat readiness to control this power. I see you do so with no futher delay lets bring forth your full empowerment.”

Yamcha begins to dig deep…real deep. His hair begins to rise as he powers up attempting to transform. His Ki rises but that’s not what he wanted. He focused his spiritual wolf energies and began to power up once more. His hair turns silver but doesn’t grow and he has claws like inuyasha. He growled and tried once more to achieve this full empowerment that the supreme north kai spoke of.

He gathered his energy after digging deep into his well of power. Suddenly he reached the mother load, pure energy that was more enriched. He drew from this well of energy and decided to power up.

As he braced himself focusing, his body began to change. His skin turned green.His body felt like a strong material: More durable, faster, stronger, more energy adept. He had more size to him now. Bigger muscles and better reflexes. He was big and strong now, his hits would crucify people.

The north supreme kai then spoke. “You are welcome to train in my temple anytime, you may leave and explore this planet at anytime.” Yamcha yawned. “I’m going to take a nap under a tree.” He bowed to the kai and left the temple, looking for a decent tree. Upon searching for the tree, he found on and put his back to it and slept.


The mixed martial artist, now awake; got to his feet and began to flex himself out so he wouldn’t get cramps. He was now ready to start the day, with what ever it may have..

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Full Empowerment gained
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