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Re: Sirrus Join Post

Post by Goku on 6/29/2012, 11:05 am

Your character seems nearly Goku. His name is one letter off. His back story seems to describe Goku's nature a bit as well. I recommend changing this up.

Your roleplay sample needs a bit of work itself. It's a laundry list, the spacing is off. You need to start new paragraphs each time someone speaks.


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Re: Sirrus Join Post

Post by TheEpicSuperSaiyan on 6/29/2012, 2:13 pm

I know this, it's just always the character i use... I suppose i could change it up once in a while. ^.^

about the roleplay, i had to copy and paste many different posts because it was in multitple posts, but ill fix that.

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