Amulet of the Demon Lord

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Amulet of the Demon Lord

Post by Izon on 6/29/2012, 12:12 pm

Item Name:Amulet of the Demon Lord
Slot:Accessory tier 4
Description:This amulet has an obsidian jewel embedded in a platinum setting that is etched with the demon language reading "I am sin incarnate". Then each of the deadly sins is etched on other parts of the jewelry also in the demon language. The amulet hangs from a platinum chain.
The amulet belonged to the real Izon, then once he was defeated, the amulet was thought lost until Ian Lancaster Found it after he was killed by Ryouji. The amulet houses all the rage anyone that has worn it feels and transforms it into pure power.
Bonuses: +1450 ki

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Re: Amulet of the Demon Lord

Post by Goku on 6/30/2012, 12:08 pm



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