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Vectra Omen Ra

Post by Vectra_Omen_ra on 7/1/2012, 10:20 pm

Character Name:Vectra Omen Ra

Age: Unknown even to the creature itself.


Race: Sceruian/Elemental.


Starting Location: Earth, west city.

Biography: Vectra is the last of a great and ancient civilization. The civilization itself was not one of great power, or great armies.The civilization was at the top of its monarchy by the time they had shown. The hairy apes, men with tails 'crash landed' amongst cybilist.(His home planent.) Desperate to eradicate the new menace that had shown on their home world, King Disgia sent Vectra too seek out a mad man. A man capable of great acts of tyranny. A menace to his own world, the creature that Vectra sought out held the personification of a wicked clown. The man was a genius, he had created the very source of power that had allowed the civilization to grow and prosper as well as it did. It was no wonder that the king would send his very best warrior to find the Clown, to seek out a way to destroy these evil creatures, these monkey men.

Upon arriving at the clowns domain, he watched all the carnival rides moving and bouncing around. Lights and music randomly going off the richter scale. Vectra would not leave empty handed. It took him a great deal of time to make it through the carnival, but even with as lost as he was. He knew that he wouldn't find the clown, the clown would find him. So he took his time, watching all these weird devices spiral and go up and down. No one really knew where the clown had come from, some said that he had come from a distant world. Others claim that he was able to travel across the very fabric of time and space. But the truth be told, no one really knew how the clown had gotten there.

"Ah, another shit head has come in search of death?" The microphone was amplified and transmitted through some rather large speakers. "Make your way to the marry go....Murder go round, if your itchin' for a fight!" The clowns laughter drownt out the sound of his own annoying voice for the most part. Stopping about twenty feet from the Marry-go-round, Vectra crossed his arms. "I didn't come here for a fight.....I came here for your assistance...." The long black tendrils of hair that dangled from his face kinda drooped to the left side. Showing off a massive tattoo amongst his face. It was strange, kinda tribal almost. "Ah, so you came here in search of the bio-weapon I am creating didn't you?" The clown came out from the house of mirrors. Must of been his head quarters or something. "What are you gonna do for me....If I help you?" The clown twisted his head, nasty green hair that was tangled and matted up and rotting away didn't move much, hell you could even see the spiders moving through out his hair. His lips were tarnished, ripped and shredded into a devious frown. Yet the freak still shined those grotesque brownish, black teeth. A smile that went from, ear to ear..

"King Disgia grants you amnisty into his house. You will have all the equipment, resources and anything else you may need...If you help us." Vectras red eyes stared down the freak of nature. The clown walked back and forth, talking to himself, his right hand reaching up to that strange pale face of his. Stroking a non-exsistent goatee. Deep in thought, the clowns yellow eyes darted back to Vectra. "I will do it, but only on one condition..." The freak started laughing dastardly, the very vibrations in the air from the things voice would have broughten a lesser man to his knees. Vectra only squinted his eyes, and his eye brows peirced together. "I have no time for your games ASSCLOWN!" The clown could sense the hostility mounting, the desperation in his voice starting to become clearer and clearer. "All I want is the Kings daughter...." He looked at him with his mouth in the shape of an O, his eyes wide and it was clear that he was wondering if he was asking too much, the clown was the kings hated enemy. Yet to stop this infestation of monkeys, they would have to team up.

"Follow me, you cracker jack looking father sucker..." The clown mummbled a few more words as they walked into the house of mirrors. Before they made it ten steps into the place, this strange metal case fell from the rafters. Slamming down around Vectra. Before long, these strange shackles seemed to come to life on their own, grabbing hold of Vectras wrists and ankles, along with his throat. Sucking him against the cage, the clown got closer. Grabbing hold of a gigantic needle. At least sixteen inches long. "This will not feel good, and you may not live! But here we go!" Before Vectra could even argue. The needle was shoved into the side of his Adams apple. This sort of thing would have killed any human. Injecting the strange, teal substance into Vectra. He gagged, trying to breath with everything he had. The entire world went black and white for a second or two, and then Vectra's will power gave out. Passing out....

Three day's past....

Amongst awakening: He found himself no longer hindered by the bondage of the freak show. Vectra was naturally a wind elemental. Which was what had aided him in staying alive this long. His body absorbed the oxygen needed to keep his heart pumping that strange liquid through out his body. Slowly he stood, popping his neck. Those red eyes were entirely different. If one was too look into his eyes, they would see swirling blood spiraling within both of the orbs. Their was no natural indications of any physical deformation. He hadn't mutated? Or had he? He didn't know, he knew he felt stronger. Faster, and there was something else within him he could feel growing. Mass producing itself on a biological level. Was this what the clown had injected into him? He couldn't be curtain. Lifting his left arm upward, his wrist arched backward, and from the tip of his finger to the palm of his hand. He could feel the strange tingling sensations running through every tendon and ligament within the appandage. But what happened next is what had dumb founded the sceruian....

Within those few shocking seconds, the back of his hand almost felt as though something was alive inside of it. He could feel it cutting away at the skin from the inside out, before long. It was almost as if someone had taken several exacto blades to his flesh. Blood sprayed all over around him, it looked kinda like a shower of crimson fury. Screaming, he fell to his knees. Within his palm a small orb began to devolp, it kinda looked like it had a glossy exterior. Perhaps it even held special qualities to it. Every bone within his arm was visable for just a brief moment, before thousands, if not millions of shards began to devolp around his knuckles, along his hand, And half way up his fore-arm. Before long, a gigantic blade shot forth from his elbow, the blade itself was at a crescent design. It almost looked like deaths scythe. The back of his knuckles seemed to hallow out. Even now, as ventalation shafts began to devolp amongst his forearm. He could feel the shards ripping through his feet, ankles and all the way to his knees. The pain was excruciating, it was almost too much to bare. And then he felt it, as his mind began to devolp at a much higher rate, every cell in his body was accelerated by the Sceru.

He could sense the kings life force, it was diminishing in a hurry. The ground shook, the earth split and even the skies began to spiral, the clouds being sucked toward a certain point to the south. 'Wait a minute....Thats where the palace is!" The inherited powers of his elemental parents kicked in with a vengeful dire need. Running in that direction, it felt as though he was walking. He was not getting winded and his speed was increasing. The elemental's powers had increased by fifty percent at least. But even with his new found speed, he wouldn't ever reach there in time. The mutation process had already begun amongst his feet. The same thing basically, only on the bottoms of his feet it seemed the vents weren't even close to vents. They seemed to spiral, and hollow out. Within the center it began to ignite, like an anarchists dream come true. He jumped into the air, and his new boots were now working as a type of turbine booster system. He covered the ground in very little time. He could sense both of their power levels, the monkey men.

Within his eyes, sensors had begun to devolp, showing him power levels, pointing out weak points on his foes. He never even touched the ground, blazing like a speeding bullet. His form shot straight through the middle of the two of them, his left arm lashing out and cutting the taller, stronger ones right arm straight from the bone. This mutation had created a type of synthetic blade, something that looked very sturdy. It did not look like metal, it kinda looked organic. Kinda like bones...The bio-booster armor seemed to cloak his power level, cause as he passed by both of the saiyan's eyes were wide open. The shorter one laughed so hard, Vectra thought he would piss his pants. Blood littered the battle grounds, the laughter of the smaller one got to the other. As his entire body seemed to Vanish, it was like he had used a type of shadow step. Appearing directly infront of Vectra. However fast the saiyan's movements were. It was as if he was watching a child try to run. The saiyan appeared directly infront of him, he hadn't even touched the ground yet. The saiyan had already charged a sphere of ki.

Thrusting his arm forward, he shot off the blast. Vectras right boot was still in the air. There wasn't no time for emotions here, no time for anything really. This blast probably would have eradicated Vectra just yesterday. However, today the turbines were being put to some serious hard work. It sounded like a massive squeel, or maybe even a little humming too. But as the blast hit the man's boot. The turbine kicked in. Launching Vectra back even further, flipping head over heals twice. He found himself nailed in the back as the ki blast exploded, evaporating the taller saiyan with minimal effort. The kick however had caused him to smash into the ground. The younger saiyan looked toward where his comrade once stood, Dumbfounded, "Tryius!!!!" A strange green aura erupted around him, devestating the ground on which he levitated over.

Tilting his head, Vectra finally cocked a half smirk. "You should run...While you still can!" Rising to his feet from his face, he whipped the spit from his lips, blood dripping out of his nose. The saiyin couldn't believe he had risen. "Now im going to set your entire fucking world ablaze!" The short saiyan scream as he bum rushed Vectra once more. Swinging like fifteen super fast punches. One handed, he moved with a speed and grace that none of his race ever could have. The bio-booster armor had more than tripled his physical strength as well. At the end of the saiyans combo. Vectra caught hold of his left arm with an iron clad grip. Yanking the saiyan closer, he swung that left arm in a perfect symetrical movement, the blade off his elbow would interact with the neck of the monkey man. Ripping his head from his shoulders. Vectra's grip dropped and he looked over his shoulder only to witness flames engulfing everything he loved. A gigantic crater remained where the refugees had hidden. These creatures had oblitterated even the innonocence. Lifting his left arm, it began to absorb the very molecules of the air. Or so it seemed, the souls of his people, the souls of the two saiyans. All of it was being sucked into his armor, and with every soul he absorbed. The power within the armor seemed to increase. "You like the new toy don't you boy!? Mista Giggliz has the hook up! Holla if you hear me! Bwahahahhahaha!! No king, I have his daughter, and now your entire race is gone. Just you and prince pei-pei here!" Vectra glared toward the clown. "You wanna save the girl? Theres a little shit stain of a planent about seventy or eighty light years from here. I got a ship, I want you to go collect more souls...When you have filled the armor completely I will release her over too you." The girl was unconcious and hanging over his shoulder.

"Considering your armor is not even at five percent yet...I suggest you stop along the way and figure out how to use that genocidal gift that has been bestowed upon you...." The clowns laughter was the last thing he heard, as it seemed black flames engulfed both of their bodies. A cloud of smoke rose, and then poof. They had vanished, leaving only the devastated land behind the two. Vectra was extremely angry, he had kidnapped his lover. And now demanded that he commited murders and other obscene acts. But for her, he would do anything, cross the galaxy a million times. He would give his life gladly to have her back in his arms. But she was gone, and now he made his way to the space ship. It was all ready, all he had to do was step inside. "Adious, say la V, caio. Good ridence and of course the universal langugue..." He flipped off Vectra and pushed the launch button. The rocket shot off into space.....Off to the watery planent known as earth.....

You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Note: You cannot increase your highest attribute unless the rest of your attributes are at 10% of that attribute's score. For example, if your ki is 1,000, your strength, agility, and endurance must be at least 100 each before you can raise your ki one point past 1,000.


He has two techniques to begin with. The first is called Genocidal Terror. His knuckles become hollow, and before the blink of an eye a flash fire ignites from his knuckles, fueled by winds and a combustable liquid equivilant to napalm.

The second is dead eye. He is able to see movements that are way to fast for normal eyes, the dead eye allows him a type of fore sight. A slight chance that he can see what is gonna happen before it happens.

How did you find this site? Referral

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? Alberdyne Cormyr

Roleplay Sample (250 words):The streets were filled with hordes of people, scanning and searching for their daily victims. Most were already turned, a new virus had infected the lands of brom. An infection like a few that the vampire had seen before. Something was very different about him. As he stood over head, drenched in a black cloth. The cloth seemed ripped and torn to shreds, and even as the winds blew forth unraveling his horrendous face. The atrocity watched, smoke filling the air over his head. In the midst of the daylight the elder vampire watched on in horror as what seemed to be mindless zombies battled to the bitter end. But what was worse was the howling pitch of wolves nearby. There were worse things than the lycan's and the zombies that were beginning to wage war upon the city of Xatheal. Valick Frost had risen, he had come out of the darkness. The first time in centuries, and all he could do is remain silent. Watching as these creatures ripped the city asunder.

Name: Vectra Omen Ra:Age:?Gender=M:Race:ElementalistAppearance Starting Location:Earth, west city.

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Re: Vectra Omen Ra

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Please choose a race from this list:

Also, your stat distribution is wrong. You start with 50 as a base and can add 200 as you wish. Let me show you an example:

Strength: 50 + 50 = 100
Agility: 50 + 50 = 100
Ki: 50 + 50 = 100
Endurance: 50 + 50 = 100

Also please choose abilities from the ability pages. They are here:

I also need you to register on our wiki, which is where our character sheets are kept and updated each week. Post a link to your profile so I can give you writing permissions.


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