The Icer Way

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The Icer Way

Post by Sigea on 7/12/2012, 11:17 pm

Thread Name: The Icer Way
Type: Solo RP
Link: The Icer Way
Participants: Sigea
Word Count: 6,182
Quest Rewards: N/A
Hero or Villain Points: Staff Decides but I think I shud get sum villain points.
Benefits: N/A

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Re: The Icer Way

Post by Broly on 7/14/2012, 2:08 pm

Your roleplay meets expectations!

RP Gains: 783 XP + 4,650 Z + 6 Action Points + 5 Villain Points!

Congratulations! You've leveled up Please reply here with your distribution and remember to make any purchases in the Marketplace section of the forum!

Your current XP total is: 3,433!

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