Posting Rules - Read this First

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Posting Rules - Read this First

Post by Goku on 7/14/2012, 3:03 pm

Here are some things you can request here:

  • Item use.
  • Equip/swap equipment.
  • Allocate unspent TP and AP.
  • Travel
  • Spend action points (training, working, crafting, searching; etc...)
  • Purchase feats.
  • Transfer zeni or items to alliance members.
  • Handle changes to your minion.
  • Swap out what items you have in your homes/ships.

Before you make a post here, asking for a character change, make sure that you follow these rules.

  • ALWAYS include a link to your character sheet.
  • Be descriptive on what you want changed.
  • Be patient, don't bump ANY threads.
  • If you have extra stuff, edit your post and include it.


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