Joining (Subazerot)

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Joining (Subazerot)

Post by Subazerot on 7/14/2012, 11:55 pm

Character Name: Subazerot

Age 19

Gender: Male

Race: Changeling

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)

Starting Location: Earth

Biography (150 words:)
Born and raised on the harsh community of the planet Frieza #79, Subazerot is a changeling taught to fight by his abusive father his whole life. Every day, Subazerot trained with his father inside a special combat room where, while he was sparring with some of his father's hired trainers, his father would "encourage" him with insults on how he was still too weak to be a soldier of the Planet Trade Organization and how his brothers make him look worthless, not knowing of his son's own hatred from his treatment and not knowing of Subazerot's true self: a suprisingly kind changeling who after hearing the stories about the original Z Fighter, wanted to sought out to be good.
One day, while training with his father, Subazerot finally got ticked off of his father's harsh words and finally spoke up for himself, told him about his dream and went home. His father, shocked that his own son stood up against him and furious that he wants to be good like the Z Fighters, disowns Subazerot, who leaves for Earth after hearing his father's decision.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Strength: 75
Agility: 100
Ki: 150
Endurance: 100

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Big Tree Cannon

How did you find this site? Google

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile:

Roleplay Sample (250 words):
Satan City, a place dedicated to Mr.Satan who took the credit for the victory of the Z-Fighters over Cell and Buu, the people not knowing the true nature of these battles, not knowing of the Z-Fighters.
A small space pod descends to the atmosphere heading down to this great city. Inside, a small alien looks out to see the planet. The pod crashes through a few buildings before landing at the outskirts of Satan City. The pod opens and the alien gets out. "So this is Earth, it's beautiful compared to my planet." the alien says to himself while gazing at the forests and the mountains around him.
The young visitor walks around before noticing a large creature approaching him, a dinosaur. "Graaaah" the gigantic dinosaur roars before charging towards the alien. Looks like trouble found me already he mutters to himself before he calmly extends his hand out and fires a small wave of energy that obliterates the creature and the area around it.
Staring depressingly at the sight of the destruction he caused, the youngling then walks away while thinking "Well, so much for a warm greeting. I gotta keep a low profile or I'll get into more trouble and I got to find a place to stay in."
The alien reaches a small house near the city, and knock on the door hoping the family staying there would not freak out over a small alien finding a place to stay in.
He hears small footsteps form the inside and an old woman opens the door. The woman then asks "Well young man, what do you need.". The alien, happy that the woman didn't panic, smiles and cheerfully replies "I'm Subazerot, as you can see I'm not what you say, from around here. I'm looking for a place to stay in and I promise I'll provide my own food. May you let me? please I'm-" Subazerot stops on his tracks, realizing his hasty speech after he hears the woman chuckle."My name's Martha, nice to meet you Subazerot." the woman gently greets before adding "Well Subazerot, you look like you're a good kid so I'll let you stay. There's a spare room upstairs, you can set your things there and we'll eat dinner at 7, ok?".

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Re: Joining (Subazerot)

Post by Aqua on 7/15/2012, 12:55 pm

Your posting privileges are up!
Your new log in name was changed to your character name, but your password is the same.
Welcome to IDBZ!
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