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/\General Specs/\

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Furor of the Universe





4 Feet


Body Type:
Lean and Muscular

He is around 4 feet tall, and weighs 120 lbs. His body looks like some sort of twisted child, with an over-sized skull sprouting 2 long horns, that are a granite color, sticking out of his head going behind him in a curved motion. From the top of his head is a blue neon core sphere that’s surrounded by a Blue neon line. The Blue line trails from right below the core part of his head and down to the lining of his eyes. They go into a curved slant position. From his eyes, a neon blue line trails from around his noise and down to his chin. His face is human in shape as his cheek tone is a light grey, that is almost white. His eye’s are in an angular structure with very beedy pupils that are black. His lips are like humans, except the color is a darker grey than that of his facial color.

His neck is just black with small scales on it. His shoulders go out as they have horns coming out from the base of the shoulder curving behind him like horns on his head. There still is a blue neon trail on his body as it details all of his muscles. Along the neon trail is a scale trail like the ones on his neck. They appear all over his body in a straight path. For his arms muscles are lean but still with a little definition. There is another horn coming from both elbows curving up from both elbows that’s granite grey. There is a neon blue line separating the forearm from the arm for both arms.

His body is supported by a thin torso and two short legs; his arms a little long - by human standards - for his height. His feet have three splayed toes, one pointing forward and one on either side at an angle to the one in the middle. The feet are prehensile, so he can use them to grip things as he might use his hands and are black with scales and grey nails on them. His hands have four fingers and a thumb. His hands are black with grey nails.(his nails are extendable when he wants to cut someone with them and he can retract them when necessary.).

He also has a long tail that is about half again as he is tall, and thick with muscle. The tail ends in a natural armour plating. His skin is dark, midnight black with the natural armour on his body - located at the shins, wrists, and on his head as a natural sort of helmet - is coloured a dark grey that’s slightly lighter than his black skin, with the top of his natural helmet being a dark grey.

Now unlike the Cold clan, this Icer wears clothes. He doesn’t just go out around and be naked. He wears all black Gi pants, with a black sash that’s also black that is thick and covers the left side of his lower body completely.[for a more, look at cloud strife from advent children. His lower attire with the pants and the sash like thing.] Over his upper body, he wears a black sleeveless Gi like shirt that has a specially designed hood. The hood is made only for his head, as it fits his whole skull, including the horns protruding out. He also wears special gauntlets over his hands and feet, they don’t cover whole hand or foot, they are suppressors of the pain of walking or grabbing on a certain landscape. They are light grey, matching his face in color and he wears them all the time.

A jealous individual, who see’s something he wants, conspires, plans, then put the scheme in action so he may get what he wants. Very shallow as the concept of perception plays into his psyche. He wants all to perceive him as the most luxurious being in all existence, that is why style and poise is so important to him. If he doesn’t look the part for something, then he feels that he shouldn’t be doing that something. And with style and poise, he has a secret addiction to the other gender. He loves them, well to look at them and other things, but he doesn’t quite understand them at times, but this does make him a poser, in sorts that he shows off in front of women to make his-self look all the better in their eyes.

As with all, Sigea has different sides. This next side of him depicts what he desires most. He desires freedom, success, and for everyone but himself to fail. Also tieing into this side, is the blood of the Tect clan. The clan basis is wealth, power, and a Icer’s overall stature. But overall these thing tie into one focal point, a total Utopia for himself. He wants to be away from all the pain he felt as a child, he want to be free and un-prohibited by the restraints of others, that is what drives him, to one day be able to do whatever he wants, to whom he wants, and when he wants to do it.

But he is an outcast from his own family, as he carriers a trait that none in his family ever had. He has a inner desire to help others. That is his weakness, he tries to come off as a person whose all for himself, but he cares for others. He tries to hide this, and does a good job, as the only person who knows this alive are his sister. But, do to the weight of his family criticizing him, he has this look on his face all the time as if he would kill you if you were to look at him. He doesn’t mean it, it’s just how he looks. But over time, the nice demeanor has faded as now all is left is a brooding and dark individual, only in it for himself.

The Universe is ever lasting. No one really knows what lies out there. It could be another dimension where there are countless planets undiscovered, hosting many different Species. In one of these galaxies, there is a planet. This planet is home to one of the most tyrannical beings known to ever exist. These beings have two sides to them. One being ‘Changelings’, and the other being ‘Icers’. Now other races often mis-understand the two and think of them as one in the same, but actually they are completely unique when it comes to what they think.

When it comes to them, you may think of Earthlings and their racial differences between White and Blacks. Both think they are superior in every way. But this story isn’t about a race, it’s about a single entity, that hails from the civilization of the ‘Icers’. In another galaxy, there Is a small planet, that is home to a particular ‘Clan’ of ‘Icers’. This ‘Clan’, like all others rule with power and dominance. The only two words meaningful in their society. On this planet is a ‘Icer’, and his story starts even before his birth, 53 Years to be exact, In the year 597 A.D.

It begins at an Academy where young ‘Icers’ are taught the way of the ‘Clan’. In this Academy is a Male and a female ‘Icer’. The Male ‘Icer’ name being ‘Hyde’ and the female ‘Icer’ name being ‘Shell’. ‘Hyde’ has a specific interest for women of his clan, but this ‘Shell’ completely has his interest, 100%. So the plan of trying to ‘Court’ ‘Shell’ was well underway. ‘Hyde’ approached her in the usually way an ‘Icer’ would, that would be to employ his power and ‘Show-off’ in front of her, However this was not working on the first try. ‘Hyde’ was ignored by doing so, as ‘Shell’ just went on with her studies.

This made ‘Hyde’ feel incompetent, but it did nothing but make his thirst for ‘Shell’ even greater. As time went on, ‘Hyde’ would give more attempts at ‘Shell’, with each one being different, but resulting in the same effects as the first and that’s turning ‘Shell’ off instead of turning her on. After several more attempts, ‘Hyde’ began to lose composure, he began to change, and not care about nothing but this one female ‘Icer’.

He neglected all of his other responsibilities, for a hobby of sorts. His studies, his house hold duties, his training, and any other thing that did not have to do with ‘Shell’. So, ‘Hyde’ had to devise a plan. He took time off from the academy, of course falling behind everyone else, to devise a scheme that would get him what he want. He had his colleagues, inform him of anything going on with ‘Shell’ and the academy. His colleagues told him one day of a rally. This rally was suppose to free the ‘Icers’ of their studies and host a day of fun activities. It was here at the rally, that ‘Hyde’ knew he could get what he wanted, so he used the rally to his advantage and devised a scheme, worthy of him being an ‘Icer’.

So the plan, revolved around the rally being the beginning. But, ‘Hyde’ would need several other things besides the rally and ‘Shell’ to be their. He needed to account Instructors, ‘Shells’ friends, timing, and other personnel. To eliminate the chances of his failure, he would have his colleagues distract her friends, his own parents to distract the instructors and other personnel, so ‘Shell’ and him would be left alone. It was perfect. Everyone had their job and duties, all that needed to be done, was put his scheme into fruition.

The big day of the rally came. Everybody was glad to have a day off from the academies work, while ‘Hyde’, his parents, and colleagues were finishing up the plan. The Rally started and near the end of it, his Colleagues came to ‘Shells’ friends and guided their attention away from her. The next step was the parents jobs, they guided the instructors and other personnel, with lame excuses and ploys. Now for the last part. ‘Hyde’ came back to the academy after a long absence and found ‘Shell’ getting ready to leave. He stopped her by his wit and charm. It was all going like he hoped and dreamed. He gained her trust and her interest in him. The only thing left was to do what he wanted to for so long. He guided her to a secluded area while the rally festival continued, and got louder. They began slowly with just jokes, and kisses, but it soon changed to something more serious and on a grander scale than ‘Shells’ bargained for. He soon forced her down with his immense power, and raped her.

After the even, and the rape, the two became bitter enemies. ‘Shell’ hating ‘Hyde’ for the ape, and ‘Hyde’ hating her cause it wasn’t ‘Good’ like he ha dreamed it would be. In the Academy their were several tournament held to measure the rise of power of a certain level of ‘Icers’. In these tournaments were ‘Hyde’ and ‘Shell’. They were always making it to the finals, and every time they did, there was no winner. They were equally powerful, and both fueled with rage for one another. This rivalry continued for months on end, until one fateful Tourney.

At this tournament, it went like all the others. Both ‘Hyde’ and ‘Shell’ demolishing the other ‘Icers’ in an incredible show of power and skill. They both made it to the finals and had to yet again face off. The battle was long and tedious as always, with their never really being a time when one gained the upper hand over the other. But at a point in the battle where everyone thought it would be declared a draw, something ‘Radical’ happened. ‘Shell’ would kneel down, as her stomach began to pain her. She couldn’t move as the pain was like someone kicking her in the stomach, repeatedly. After having such a rivalry, the two had grown accustom to one another, so ‘Hyde’ felt for ‘Shells’ and stopped the match by ‘Forfeiting’. He didn’t want to see her suffer anymore than she had to.

--- 8 Months Pass --- --- Infancy ---

A grown male ‘Icer’, a little female ‘Icer’, and a Mother ‘Icer’, are all in a red room. Screams are heard from the mother ‘Icer’ as several adult ‘Icer’s’ surround her. She continues screaming as a small screech from another new entity is heard. The father looks as he see’s his baby ‘Icer’. His eyes expand as he is filled with as emotion ‘Icers’ only feel when their offspring are born, and that is love. The mother screaming stopped, but the offsprings screeching continued. There was one who was not full of glee and joy, this ‘Icer’ was the couples first child, ‘Amora’. She looked at the young ‘Icer’ with a scornful gaze, as all the attention left her and went on him. She walked towards the young one, and he began to screech louder and louder as ‘Hyde’ told his daughter to wait out, she was scaring the young ‘Icer’.

Early on, life was something for the young ‘Icer’. Like all, first thing he began to do was walk. But, unlike most, he wouldn’t walk his own path. He would tail his older sister ‘Amora’, who was three years older. He would follow her around wherever she went. Her younger brother following her, was not something she had wanted to really happen to her. It was a pain, as a hidden hatred for her younger brother started to boil. It was that fact, mixed in with the fact that her parents showed her less and less attention everyday. This little ‘runt’ in her opinion was ruining her life in front of her very own eyes.

The sister, just like her father before her, wanted something, but it wasn’t sex, oh no. It was something on such a grander scale, so she schemed. As her brother followed her she went through countless options of how she could rid her life of this annoying adolescence, then it hit her. Since her brother falls her, she could lead him into the wild wilderness and leave him with her abilities, that she possessed. It was all set, and with a sinister grin she giggled on the inside not letting out her joy of deceit.

So the very next day, she went around for her morning walk as usual, and her brother followed her as usual. She lead him to an unusual spot on that day. She walked around away from the homes, and inner civilization, as she lead him into the deepest area of a dark forest. She took him to this forest, as it was the wildest, and most dangerous terrain, that no baby should ever go to. Her plan was to leave him in that forest, and she did.

The young male ‘Icer’, waited in a spot as his sister told him to. Then after some time he began to get worried, as weird noises of animals began to be heard. The young ‘Icer’ began to rush from his spot as he began to screech and whale in the forest. He ran and ran, as his screeching soon attracted animals, and these animals began to give pursuit of something they thought sounded tasty. S the animals chased, as the ‘Icer’ ran. It went on until the ‘Icer’ was pinned up against a mountain side. He trembled as the animals got closer, and there desire for a meal grew. As they leapt on him, something quirky happened. An unknown force of inner energy bursted from forth the young one. It wasn’t in the form of pure Ki though, it manifested in the form of accelerated motion. A sort of sound wave was sent from the ‘Icers’ mouth, that made the wild animals ears bleed and pain terribly. It was enough to weaken them to the point of fleeing from a young child.

Soon after the sound-wave hit the air, ‘Hyde’ jumped up and flew towards the forest. He followed the sound as he soon found his young one. He was worried, but also proud. He didn’t need to go help him fight, because he could take care of himself when pushed to the brink. He took his son back as they waited on the big sister ‘Amora’ who was suppose to watch him, but ditched him. She came back after a long day thinking that her life was ridden of her little brother. As she walked in the house, to her dismay, her brother was sleep on some furniture, peacefully. Her parents approach her, and as her punishment, it was far worse than most parents punishment. They beat her, and not with a switch or belt. They actually double teamed her and beat her til she passed out doing whatever they deemed fit.

Early on in his life, the young ‘Icer’ found out several things. He found out his inner abilities, along with power. He also found out of his sisters betrayal, but being that young he didn’t think much of it and in the time to come he would forget about it. But this wouldn’t be the only time his sister would try and dispose of him though.

--- 10 years pass --- Pre-Adolescent Years ---

At this point in life, so many moments with the youngest of the ‘Tect’ clan had happened that would shatter most, but for him begin still a child, he went on with his life as if nothing ever happened. It was here that his sister, ‘Amora’ would finally get what she wanted. She would get the eye of her parents, and her brother to be frowned upon by them as well.

On a gloomy day that the young male ‘Icer’ would play outside. He would find a small animal trapped, by part of it’s body being under a rock. The sister was in the house looking out the window. She was still plotting but nothing was coming to her. She looked down to see her brother who she loathed, looking around cautiously. She was curious, she went to inspect more. As she watched. She noticed there was a small animal near her brother. Now she thought he would just kill it as all ‘Icers’ aren’t touched by that nice emotion, as they are never shown it beyond their birth and baby years. She further noticed him looking around as if he was checking to see if anyone would see him. He then would lift up the rock that the small animal was trapped under and let it go, helping it. This disgusted ‘Amora’ as she stood up about to go out and lecture him, but as she turned around a devilish grin grew cross her face as she thought of using this ‘Kindness’ against him.

So she went on her way downstairs, but not to lecture her brother. She went to her parents, ‘Hyde’ and ‘Shell’, and told them. She even probed their minds with her intellectual abilities to actually show them what had happened. They could not believe what they were seeing in their head, but it had to be true, as she wasn’t developed enough to actually fake it. She showed them, their son had a weakness. A weakness not tolerated in the ‘Icer’ civilization. So they both stood up, and in a similar fashion to how they dealt with ‘Amora’, they took the same approach for their youngest child. With a very swift motion, they knocked they son down and pummeled him and made him hate being nice by beating it into him. They were determined to change their son, for the better for many reasons. Those reasons were to protect themselves, so they don’t get laughed at by the community, and to toughen up their child by any means necessary.

So after the pummeling had happened, the young ‘Icer’ learned a lesson. It was a bad thing for his kind to be helpful, but how could he change who he was. He thought as he just kept it to himself. He thought he was unfairly punished, for him being helpful and nice to others, at any rate he just went on with life, after he healed from the beating of course. But he learned not to be nice, and to make sure he is more careful about doing things in secret, but it baffled him as to how they found out. Unknown to him, it was his sister ‘Amora’ who snitched on him.

After that event, things had drastically changed for the young ‘Icer’. He was the love and center of the ‘Tect’ clan, but due to that event happeneing. His parents perception of their son was changed forever. Instead of greeting him, they spit towards him. Instead of helping him, they let him deal with whatever alone. This all happened due to his sisters, trifling actions. And since they stopped giving all attention to him, it shifted back into ‘Amora’s’ favor. Her dream was realized finally. She was the center of attention and her brother was the center of hate. It was the life for ‘Amora’ and the bottom for the rocks for her brother. Times had changed for the two as every now and then ‘Hyde’ and ‘Shell’ showed hate towards their son.

--- 8 years pass --- Adolescent Years ---

Time has passed, phases has passed, and hate and love has been switched opposite roles between the two siblings. There have been many instances when the two would meet, and words would be exchanged. His sister would always tease him and boast her glory, using the parents hatred against her brother. Several times in the past 8 years, have she used her brothers weakness against him.

This rivalry between his sister, made him on edge. He could not do what wanted to actually do, which was help people. He would be frowned upon by all in his community, so he just started to do nothing. He sat home, and began to stop training and exercising. He would just study at his academy and nothing else. In time, he began to lose some skill and power and of course he gained weight. He became a couch potato in all sense, as he did no form of exercise. His parents soon forgot about his niceness and were mocking their son and how fat he became.

‘Amora’ saw this, and really didn’t care at the beginning, but she noticed that her parents were not paying attention to the fact he was a ‘Icer’ that was not menacing. This fact, would bring them to stop showing favoritism to their daughter, and she would not be the apple of her eye. She had to get her brother out of his funk, she created as it’s not what she really wanted. See in ‘Icer’ culture, they despise one another on the outside, but deep down inside they really do love one another, if they are family. So ‘Amora’ really wants to see him prosper, but in a competitive way.

So she came up to her fat younger brother. He was reading his books, just studying doing nothing in particular when she saw him. She was grossed out at how fat her young brother had become. It wasn’t like a ‘Tect’ to become lazy and out of shape. She told him that she hated to see anyone like this, so she decided that she would help him get out of the funk and that she was sorry for her trickery. So ‘Amora’ and her brother began training, and for the next few months, he ha got back in shape, and was even stronger than ever.

Now for the next years, ‘Hyde’ and ‘Shell’ did not hear any problems between their children. They were both reaching their young adulthood, separate by 3 years, and they were training, and laughing and joking around like never before. They trained together, as they both developed wonderful abilities, in their own fields. At the academy, they also fought in two tournaments. They both had gotten to the finals and they tore the academy down, breaking the record of power than any other ‘Icers’ in all existence. They had exceeded their parents hopes, and succeeded them in power, very much. It was a great time for the male ‘Icer’ as he felt his life was good again, but he would know in time, all is not as it seems.

--- 10 years pass --- The Conception of Deception ---

Everyone thought the rivalry between the ‘Tect’ siblings had been gone, but it was only just beginning. You see, ‘Amora’ was a deceiving wench in all sense. She was very tactical and always improving herself beyond her own limits. Often, she had left the planet along with her brother, and they would go to various planets and find hosts of various species. On one of these planets, ‘Amora’ had found a liking to them. They had a inept control over the element of wind. They were impressive warriors as they have a ability that can keep them from ever getting attack, physically, which is very useful.

‘Amora’ would find them quite intriguing, but they were not stronger than her. But with her training, each of them could turn out to be powerful warriors. And it’s when it hit her. She grown tired of the mediocre life, of living with parents, and she wanted to be out on her own. So in time, she went to these warriors planet, and would stay there several moon phases[months] and train with them. She would get stronger and stronger, not stopping craving more and more power. Several more years passed, as ‘Amora’ and her followers gained immense power. They were a secret entity, that was only known by them and followers of their culture.

Back on the ‘Icer’ home planet, the young male ‘Icer’ would be training, and life would be going smoothly. But, in a weird fashion, there was a shadow going over the whole planet, as several ‘Icers’ looked up and saw nothing in front of it. What could it had been? It was the power of the wind, actually moving so fast that it eclipsed the actual moon itself with an invisible barrier. With in several moments, several cries could be heard, as strong currents began to swoop in as if from nowhere. Several ‘Icers’ were being destroyed by the wind as the sounds of pain began to strike the planet.

The young male ‘Icer’ was on a mountain top, as he closely examined the wind currents, and he could see something move, with an invisible aura to them. It was those warriors he and his sister had met that had control over the wind. They were trying to take over the planet and make it their own. But he wasn’t going to let this happen. No one was going to come in and take over his homeland. So he began to ascend up into the air, by the use of his legs, and reached high above the strong wind currents. Explosions occurred below, and tornados broke out of nowhere. The young male ‘Icer’ began to fall as he started to brawl with the barely visible warriors.

It was a difficult first fight, as most of his attacks were thrown off by the force of the wind, but he realized that he was going to need to do more. He was being beaten, and very badly til a inner ability surfaced, the likes of which wasn’t seen since his child hood. He opened his mouth, and from his body came a sound wave of screeching noise that disturbed the warriors. This sound confused them, as their ears began to hurt them, for some they burned with pain. This was the opening he needed, so he took the fight to them as he could temporarily gain control over this inner ability.

The ‘Icer’ began to run through the fleets of the invading race, as he destroyed several in a furious quake. It was quite a spectacle, as he was using power he never thought he had. He was using speed that was unparalled, even by the wind control of these beings. His force was awesome, but soon the brains behind these beings was started to get annoyed, that the troops were being demolished, and in a very quick manner. The brains decided to step in, but she need an opportune moment to strike. She waited and waited, until she found the right time. In a flash, ‘Amora’ appeared behind her brother, and with a whisper, ‘I’m taking over’ she knocked her brother out unconscious with one of her most powerful attacks, using her mind, so it was undetected. He passed out, and the reign of ‘Amora’ began over the planet.

‘Icers’ were wasted, the planet was forever scarred, and the only thing that was important on the planet was ‘Amora’ herself. Her parents were no where around as she let them escape the planet on a ship, just for raising her. She told them, if she ever seen them on her planet against he would kill them, so they left. Her brother on the other hand, was not given leniency, he was forced to work under the highness, of ‘Amora’ as her personal slave. Times had turned for the worse as ‘Amora’ was now the ruler of an empire all to herself. He had finally established herself as a force to be reckon with, however small she may be. The next years of the male ‘Icers’ life was lived out as an indentured servant.

--- 20 years pass --- Banishment ---

Slavery, a concept that is understood by all, but only a few have actually ever been through it. It is a system where on forces another to work for them, and do their dirty work or any type of work they want them to do. The ‘Slave’ gets no pay, just food and a poor place to sleep. That word, means something to the young male ‘Icer’ of the ‘Tect’ clan. He has been the slave of his older sister ‘Amora’.

Over the past twenty years, she has used him in many different ways. She has used him a symbol of what not to become, a clown, an object of her amusement, cook, training buddy. This is what he has been reduced to, a glorified guinea pig for her sisters sick and twisted desire. He needed to do something in order to escape, but what could he do. He has tried to escape in the past and everything failed, and miserably too. He was outnumbered, overpowered, and outsmarted in every which way he looked for an escape. His situation was hopeless. They say that the years of young adulthood is the time when a individual will be for the rest of his life. Was it destined for this ‘Icer’ to be a slave forever.

Well as the ‘Icer’ reflected on his life. The days seemed like minutes, as they passed so quickly. ‘Amora’ had devised a plan years ago, to make her brother, into something he never was. She would mold him into a warrior, a relentless warrior, that could not help one of his own free will. She would take him, and turn his heart, cold. Fill his brain with deceit, lie, torment, and absolute pain. She would force his inner fears outward, so he would become the ‘Icer’ she always wanted him to be. This devise was a ray gun, and it was now fully developed, and ready to be tested.

‘Amora’ was pleased that it was complete. It was music to her diabolical ears. The trumpets would be sound, as queen ‘Amora’ would call forth her own personal slave, her brother. He was brought to her, in shackles and all. He stood in front of her with his head held low, staring at the ground. His sister rose, and spoke to him. She told him that he would never be the same after today. He would be what the ‘Council of ‘Icers’ wanted him to be, a menacing being of awesome physicality. He had shown such promise as he was the most skilled on the planet in physical combat, ever.

But that was then, and this is now. The ‘Council of Icers’ is no more, as it is just Queen ‘Amora’. The device was brought into the room, and a barricade surrounding the device and ‘Amora’s’ brother to shield any spectators from the rays force, as they do not know exactly what it does. The experiments variables were set, only thing needed was to start the experiment.

As it went underway, the young male ‘Icer’ was put into a spot, by his shackles as he could not move. It was used to restrain him, as the pain from the device was unknown. As the scientists, started, the beam gun charge dup as the gauges began to warm up. The barrel was aimed towards the subject, and the initiation button was pushed as a black beam came out towards ‘Amora’s’ brother. It hit him in the front of his chest, and the force from it was great. It had a gravitational pull as it pulled the ‘Icer’ closer to it with each second. The ‘Icer’ would slide forward and wraith in agony from the device beam. It would work by going inside his body, through the skin, as it would strip his heart from all good notions that he would perform.

It would continue to work, after it stripped the good notions, replacing them with evil notions, about selfishness, power, absolution and greed. It then moved up his body as the beam debris was now coming out the ears and eyes of the ‘Icer’. It now was aimed at the base of his skull, as it now probed the brain. It was taking out any remaining thought of any good out and replacing it with agony. His fears were being awakened all at one moment for such a traumatic blow, would crush any normal species. It was bringing them out in order for him to go far beyond the brink and lose all limiters of his former self, breaking the habit, and giving birth to such a new entity. The beam stopped as it started to smoke. It ran for a full 30 minutes, on the ‘Icer’.

But was not the end of the experiment. It needed to be run some tests to see if her brother has lost his weakness he had, in his sisters mind. He would test him out. She sent two pawns, that were fairly mediocre to his own power. They approached him gently, but the reaction he gave was anything but gentle. In the quickest motion ever seen, he seemed to kill them without even moving, but in actuality, he was just that fast. Striking both of the mean, once a piece, killing them instantly. He then did not stop there as he continued to pummel the flesh that was left until it seemed flat, with guts splattered all on him and around him. He looked up as blood dripped from the tip of both of his horns.

It was a major success. ‘Amora’ was very pleased. She could now stop treating her brother as a slave, and banish him as she always wanted to do. She now knows that he would be alright, as an ‘Icer’. She set up the fateful day. Her brother was locked, in a stasis pod, with all limbs locked towards a contraption. She then shot him out of a large cannon, forth from her galaxy riding herself of her little brother. But secretly she placed a tracking device inside him, so she could monitor his every movement. After all she was his older sister and worried about him.

--- 2 years pass --- A new Beginning ---

Her brother, went through the galaxies, for several years. He gained consciousness soon though, not knowing where he was r how long he was out. He broke free from his prison inn a rage looking for his sister. He is fueled with the memory of revenge, and all these painful thought. He cares only for himself now, and to find where his sister is at. He spans planets trying to find her, but on his journey across the many galaxies, he has found a planet that he may call home.

In his travels he has found that many species out there are divided into many areas. But this one planet he found, Planet ‘Veil’, hosts the most useful to his already fierce abilities. These people who live on a planet that thrives off the shadows, have a unique way of fighting. There fighting differs from most, as it is purely deceptive, and reminds one of ‘The Way of The Ninja’. The young ‘Icer’ has found quite an interest in these individuals. Their art can be come quite powerful if crafted in the right way. So the young Male ‘Icer’ has created peace between himself and the race simply known as ‘Veilians’, master of the dark arts.

With being at peace with these individuals, they have invited him into their culture, and as he requested, they have begun the process of teaching him the Secret arts of their civilization. But in order for this to even begin, he must prove himself worthy to their people. He must do a feat that is mere impossible to their kind, an impress them with an awesome display. So they let him live, but in a watched home, until he was ready to prove himself to their culture. He thought and contemplated for many days. Those days turned to weeks. Those weeks turned to months. And from that time of concentration, it hit him. Most races need air to live, and cannot survive in harsh conditions. But an ‘Icer’, can do all of those things and more. He can survive and fully function in the most harsh conditions.

So he approached the guard watching him and told him to take him to the leader of the planet. He came up with his solution for them to be able to teach him their secret arts. The leader approved of this idea, as he was highly skeptical. So all the elders, and important ‘Veilians’ had attended to watch the three trials. The ‘Icer’ first trial would be to be sprayed down with water to become fully soaked, and then jump into the coldest lake they had. This happened, and to their surprise, The ‘Icer’ had passed their expectations. He had the elders talking about him, and they had rather good things to say unknown to him.

So the ‘Icer’ went on to the other two trials. The second one was to light an oily pit on fire, and drop the ‘Icer’ into it. He had done the deed, and with an amazing display of traits, he succeeded in this trial as well. The elders were pleased and were even considering who would teach him and his unique host of abilities. His last trial was set up at the end of the day. There were five ‘Veilian’ space pods, following him fro the ground all the way into space. His feat was to prove he didn’t need air to survive the harshness of space. So he flew off from the ground slowly, so that the machines could follow him. He moved into space, and then moved around as pods watched his every move. He lasted out there for five hours then came back to the planet in front of the ‘Veilian’ elders. They were astounded by his unique traits and thus allowed him to be trained under the arts of their culture.

As they promised, the ‘Veilians’ soon made the ‘Icer’ an honorary member, meaning they would teach him their secret arts. His training started immediately. He was forbidden to use the inner energy known as ki, unless for flying purposes. He would learn how to use the shadows to his advantage, and in an essence be one with the shadows. The first trial of accurately starting to master this style, would be to learn it’s history, while managing to stop the use of Ki, in his everyday life. It would be hard as he uses Ki all day, even without flying. This lasted for a long while, as it spanned for a full month.

At the end of that month, he was able to go a awhile without using ki. He just used his own physical strength, and only used Ki when flying. Their philosophy states that ‘If one is a master of KI, just think of his skills when he will be a master of connecting the mind and the body, mixed with the usage of Ki ’.As time went on, he discovered countless things within just studying. After spending a few years in their society studying, he was now permitted to move from the mental training onto the physical aspect of their art.

As He started, the ‘Icer’ soon found that balance was everything. If his mind was not in sync with his body than nothing could be accomplished. He was instructed to do countless exercises. Some that were easy, others were more difficult, and some that took him a single year just to complete. These tasks were all set to tune the body and mind together without even using your ki. As he progressed so did his physical body. His muscles toned, he became more fearless and even more deadly than he ever was. He had gained such confidence in his power that he thought, no he knew his sister was no longer his equal…so he thought. Time went on more as 5 years would pass and the day he would graduate from a student and be considered a master of the Art.

It was then he was allowed to leave the planet, and venture off on his own, but that was not his plan. Now that he fully mastered their style of fighting, he could now employ his idea. For this culture lived, similar to the ‘Saiyans’. Whoever had the most power, or the strongest would have claims to the throne. So he challenged the leader, but in their case, whoever challenged for the throne would be put in a death match against the emperor. So it was either him or the emperor.

The battle begun as the ‘Icer’ and the ‘Veilian’ tore it up. They had a fierce battle as both were versed in the ways of the ‘Veilian’ art, but the Icer was also versed in the other ways of combat, taught to him by his mother. In a display of fierce power the two went on for days. The battle lasted a complete week as both seemed to use there complete skill and all. But all was not what it seemed as the ‘Icer’ was holding back half of his true potential. He did not show it as he would have instantly killed the ‘Veilian’ emperor. He wanted to have fun with him at first. But as time went on, the ‘Icer’ found out all of the ‘Veilians’ secrets and he dismissed him quickly by jumping his power up to 60% of his true potential. He destroyed the leader of the ‘Veilians’ to become their new leader.

And so the plan of the ‘Icer’ had came to fruition, as he conquered the fighting style, and was now the leader of an illustrious group known to wield the power of the shadows. But unknown to the universe these warriors were, and soon the ‘Icer’ would unleash fury on the galaxy due to his undying thirst for power, and wanting to control everything he see’s, and everything he can’t see, as he knows it exists.

--- 3 Years Pass ---

As time went on for the ‘Icer’, so did his quench for power. All who know of the ‘Icers’ and ‘Changelings’ know that they hunger for power, and they can’t live without it. This is the same for this ‘Icer’ as well. As his people grew in strength, so did his, because a kings power is only as strong as his army is. But he had more ambitions. He had snuffed out all the pathetic species on the planet of ‘Veil’ that defied him, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more power, he lusted for it, as he needed it.

He then had more ambitions as he heard of a tyrannical being in the far other side of the universe known as ‘Frieza’. ‘Frieza’ was a ‘Changeling’, which is something ‘Icers’ hated. He wanted the empire that ‘Frieza’ possessed, the ‘Saiyans’. They were a race of pure warriors. Everyone born with a Power level that exceeded most races, and would scare them. He wanted this power, because he figure dif he used the ‘Saiyans’ and trained them in the ways of the ‘Veilians’ he would have the ultimate army, but there was one problem, ‘Frieza’ rule the ‘Saiyans’, and all but the ‘Saiyans’ knew of it.

So the plotting began as to how he was going to get rid of ‘Frieza’. He knew he was no where near as strong as ‘Frieza’ as he was talked about in ‘Icer’ society, so he must be powerful. It then hit him. If he could infiltrated the society of the ‘Saiyans’, then he would be able to turn his own mercenaries against him. He would be able to gain the trust of the ‘Saiyans’, and with his ‘Veilians’, the ‘Saiyans’ and his own power, he would be able to snuff ‘Frieza’ out for good. The only question is, how would he infiltrate Planet ‘Vegeta’ as his appearance brings the most suspicion. So he had, devised a plan. He would go all the way out to the universe to gain substantial information on many of the different species out there. After he gained enough information he would come back to his ‘Home’ planet and share the information with his ‘Veilians’.

So the departure began as he used a ‘Veilian’ space pod, only good for one trip. His people loved him as they respected him as a fighter, so no problems were there. He just needed to pick a spot to go to for. And on his map he found two nice planets, one being called ‘Earth’, housing to ‘Humans’, and another to the peace loving ‘Namekians’ called ‘Namek’. So his quest for universal power began. Soon all will know and fear the name of ‘Sigea’.





Clan Info:
As with most things in the DBZ universe, there are spin-offs of several things. The Clan which Sigea and family is from is called the ‘Tect’ clan. It is a spin-off of the word Protect, just cutting of the Pro part. Each family member name is a spin-off of some type of item that ‘Protects’ you. Take for Instance Sigea’s father ‘Hyde’. A ‘Hyde’ is on animals and protects them from temperatures or cold. For Sigea’s Mother ‘Shell’, it is just like saying a Turtle shell, or the magic spell used in RPGS such as Final Fantasy. Fo Sigea’s sister, ‘AMora’ is taking from ‘Armour’. SIgea name is taken from the word Aegis, just spinned backwards which means Breast plate Armour’.

Fighting Styles:
Furor Force - Sigea has little concern for rules regarding combat. His first rule is survive, his second: Win. With regards to that, his personal fighting style developed from little more than application of instinct to save his life and take that of others in combat to a somewhat more refined system wherein Sigea attempts to make more perfect use of his body. It is a shifting style that makes room for the fact that his body is smaller than others; quick and brutal, it keeps to basic tenants such that arms are for use above the waist, legs for below, tail to guard the back, and head to deliver a quick blow. With each new ability comes new instincts, and his fighting style makes room, adapts and incorporates that. He ha sincorporated and mimicked the style of Ninjutsu, though it's purely off from the real thing.

/\ Fighting Prowess /\
|Transformed state 2nd Form|

Character Lvl:

1,400 |2,970|

2,588 |4,217|

1,175 |2,733|

1,150 |2,707|

Cosmic Cannon | Rank 2|
You charge up a crackling, super-heated, wave of ki and fire it at your opponent. This ability's volatile nature makes it hard to block.

Machine Gun Fist |Rank 1|
You unleash eight blazing fast strikes on your opponent in rapid succession. This ability relies on strength rather than ki for determining its effectiveness. This attack is hard to dodge. Instead of a bonus to ki, the bonus is given to strength.

Thunder Flash |Rank 2|
After making a few hand motions, your bring both fists together in front of you and unleash a fiery torrent of super-heated ki that incinerates your opponent. This attack is very hard to block.

Flaming Aura |Rank 1|
Your body becomes wreathed in fiery ki as you pull summon forth powers within to launch a deadly attack or to flee from harm. Increases your strength and agility attributes by +25% for one action.

After Image |Rank 1|
Your character Speed Bursts away, leaving behind an illusion of themselves where they once were, causing your opponent to commit to the attack. After Image increases your agility attribute by +50% for one action, to help in evading an attack. This works very well when evading direct attacks.

Assault Stance |Rank 3|
You are poised to strike your opponent. A stance can only be activated during a lull in combat (such as when you are resting or using an item.) Your strength is increased by +16% on your next four actions. Each rank you gain adds +3% to this bonus (at Rank 3 it would be +16%.) Also, during the duration all physical attacks are reduced by 5% FP (to a minimum of 1.)

/\Miscellaneous Specs:/\
Sigea is equally skillful with each hand.

Furor - Violent madness', `frenzy' etc.,

So you could say Sigea's Alias, 'Furor of The Universe' means 'Violent Madness of the Universe'

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/\Role Play Timeline/\

Number 1:
  • Bugging The Snails - Solo RP
  • Planet: Namek
  • Summary: Sigea lands on Namek and meets a Demon by the name of Lamp. She gives him intel of the locations on Namek.
  • Total Word Count - 3,183

Number 2:
  • Fight Klub - Solo RP
  • Planet: Namek
  • Summary: Continuing, Sigea enrolls into an uderground Fight Club. At the end he meets a man by the Name of Frost who uses the element of Ice!
  • Total Word Count - 9,852

Number 3:
  • The icer Way - Solo RP
  • Planet: Namek
  • Summary: Continuing, Sigea wakes up imprisoned by Frost. He bargains a deal for freedom only if he can defeat Frost!
  • Total Word Count - 6,182

Number 4:
  • Shattered Quests - Transformation Quest
  • Planet: Namek
  • Summary: A serum is injected into Sigea's blood to push his power to the next level. He enters a dream and his rage pushes him to the next plateau of power.
  • Total Word Count - 2,310

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/\Important Roles/\

Number 1:
  • Frost
  • Race: Elemental Human
  • Summary: Frost is the leader of the Lin Kuei. A clan of Ninja who wish to recruit Sigea into their ranks. He has fought with him once... and lost. Very powerful and as the name denounces; has a skill in the arts of Ice elemental energy.
  • Standing: Ally

Number 2:
  • Icina
  • Race: Elemental Human
  • Summary: Icina is the right hand of Frost. A deadly Assassin whom Sigea has fought before as well. She was trained and is Frost's most trusted clan member. Also very proficient in using the Ice elemental energy.
  • Standing: Ally

Number 3:
  • Lamp
  • Race: Demon
  • Summary: Lamp is a flirtatious Demon whom Sigea met on Planet Namek. It is someone who has grown fond of recently and the same can be said of him from her. The two have only spent little time together and in between his conquest for Namekian Knowledge.
  • Standing: Ally

Number 4:
  • Amora
  • Race: Changeling
  • Summary: The fore-present thought in Sigea's mind. This fiendish icer has taken so much from him and his goal is revenge on her. She is sweet, sinister and powerful; which makes her deadly. Sigea's whole reasoning for traversing the galaxy is to find the power to defeat her.
  • Standing: Enemy

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Character Info
Level: 46
Race: Changeling
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