Daily Life (Solo RP)

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Daily Life (Solo RP)

Post by OldTorbie on 7/15/2012, 8:46 am

Torbie yawned as he outstretched his limbs. He'd just woken up from a long nap on a, less than satisfactory mattress. He did a few stretches in his room, just to get him going for the brutal training that was about to follow afterwards. He followed the stretches up by doing a few hundred push-ups. He seemed to be one of the first ones up in the base. He didn't hear, or see anybody else in the main hall. He left, and walked to the lounge, where he got a cup and filled it with ice cold water.

He drank it, and felt instantly awake. Then, he heard some grunting coming from the training area. Wondering what was going on, Torbie headed in the direction. He imputed a code, and the metal doors slid open. He saw two Barlians fighting, and a Barlian and an Arlian fighting. They stopped when Torbie entered the room.

"Hello new brother!" one of the Barlians greeted, "Come, join us in our training." Torbie gave a friendly smile and nodded. But, he also added, "I think it should be you four against me, though." The Barlians and Arlian looked at each other, confused. Almost as if confirming what Torbie had said. Then, one Arlian said, "Alright, but you asked for it!"

Torbie stood on one side of the room, and the other four stood on the other side. Torbie then announced, "And.....BEGIN!" He rushed towards them as two of the Barlians rushed towards him. The opened their mouths, and orange spheres of Ki started forming. Then, they moved their heads towards Torbie, and released a X-shaped mouth blast at Torbie. He jumped up, and stayed in the air with his wings. He then dived down, quickly, towards the two. He outstretched both of his arms, and knocked them down.

He pulled up, then dropped back down to the floor. Where the Arlian and the Barlian where charging towards him. They were on a course that, if they continued, they could have stomped on their two partners. But, suddenly, just when it seemed like they were about to be trampled, their arms shot up, and boosted the two upright opponents in the Air, as they themselves got up and charged at Torbie. They ran towards him firing a flurry a Ki attacks, which Torbie dodged. He couldn't advance forward without being hit by one, so he was sort of stuck in place. The two that were launched in the air were now falling right towards Torbie.

"That's some really amazing team work," Torbie said as he tried to dodge the Ki attacks. They were too strong to be deflected, but the were coming towards him in too many numbers so he couldn't really move from his position. Then, he had an idea.

"It may be some outstanding Teamwork," Torbie said once again, "But, it's not enough!" He exclaimed, moments before the two in the air attacked him. He rolled partly backwards, to the point where he was upside down, with his shell facing the two firing the Ki attacks. He bent his legs in, and then quickly outstretched them, kicking the two that were falling towards him in the face. They were launched backwards, and they had gotten knocked in to the two firing Ki attacks. Torbie stood up victoriously with a friendly grin on his face.

He walked over to the knocked down warriors, and reached his hands out to help. They grabbed it, and he pulled them up. "This was a great training session!" Torbie exclaimed happily.

"Yeah it was," said the Arlian, "but how did you get past the barrage of Ki attacks?"

Torbie smirked. He replied with, "I knew that it was a bad situation with you two falling towards me, and those two preventing my movement, but then I realized, those two weren't going to hit their own teammates with Ki attacks, so there would be a calm point, where i'd be able to move. And so I took that calm point, and rolled to the point where only my shell, which is as hard a steel, was facing you two. Then I kicked you falling guys in to the continued fire of the Ki attacks, and in to the attackers." Torbie could tell by the look on their faces that they were surprised he thought that far ahead.

"NEW RECRUIT TORBIE!" Torbie heard behind him, "THE COLONEL WANTS TO SEE YOU IN HIS OFFICE, NOW!" Torbie sighed. He got up, waved goodbye, and prepared himself for this undesirable confrontation.

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