Mizuna (Custom Saiyan)

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Mizuna (Custom Saiyan)

Post by Mizuna on 7/15/2012, 11:02 am

Character Name: Mizuna

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Saiyan


Starting Location: Vegeta

Biography (150 words:) As is the common occurrence with children born to low-class parents on planet Vegeta, born with a relatively low battle potential, the child's parents expressed a blatant disinterest in their child. Other species might have showered their child in affection and gifts, but Mizuna received none of that.

She was born into a warrior race where weakness was your one-way ticket to neglectful parents, especially when you weren’t the star child of the family. Mizuna always had an older sister to outshine her at everything she did. It was bad enough that her parents wanted nothing to do with the younger daughter of the family, but her sister quickly caught on to that and monopolized every small victory over Mizuna.

When her sister received a recommendation for the Saiyan army, her parents were overjoyed and were quick to pamper her while managing to push Mizuna aside – after all, why would they want to notice that which brought shame to their family? Several years passed between Mizuna’s older sister’s first big accomplishment and the gap of strength between her and her sister seemed to grow with the years, along with her jealousy and a newfound hatred for her own sister who joined in with the rest of the elite Saiyan warriors, throwing insults her way whenever she crossed paths with them.

Now a grown woman, Mizuna burns with a motivation both to outdo her sister and to make her parents acknowledge her in a positive light.


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Note: You cannot increase your highest attribute unless the rest of your attributes are at least 10% of that attribute's score. For example, if your ki is 1,000, your strength, agility, and endurance must be at least 100 each before you can raise your ki one point past 1,000.

Strength: 117
Agility: 117
Ki: 50
Endurance: 117

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? After Image

How did you find this site? By asking D00k for the link on AIM

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? D00k, I guess, since I think he was the one who mentioned it on DBU

Please post a link to your wiki username/profile: http://infinitedbz.wetpaint.com/account/Mizuna

Roleplay Sample (250 words): Many years, perhaps even a century had passed and humanity still refused to change their ways. The smoke on the wind, it could only be another war. How detestable; after all that had happened, including the construction of those prototypes that participated in the last war, did they mean to tell her that they had not learned that excessive power would only bring about more conflict?

The only thing war ever gave people was mountains of corpses and she was sick of it. Akane had given up on the search for the man who was sent to kill her family when she was but a girl. At the end of the last war, she had promised herself that she would not allow herself to harbor these bitter feelings of hate and resentment, but such a promise - it was easier made than kept.

In her dreams, everything was as it had been - a happy family up on a hill, a picnic blanket laid out, just her and her parents. But she already knew how it ended - a bullet for each of them and the sight of her father's back as he acted as a shield for her.

Why was she spared? Did he intend for her to suffer like this? Questions to which she had not received answers and memories that haunted her at night causing her to miss out on sleep, waking up in a cold sweat. The possibility that the killer had grown a conscience at the end and couldn’t bring himself to kill a child had crossed her mind, but that was an inconsistency.

Why would the organization hire an assassin who couldn’t get complete the job because of a conflict with their morals? Akane had to find out why he had not been able to kill her, otherwise the questions would continue to eat at her. (Piece from a Gundam RP I participated in.)

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Re: Mizuna (Custom Saiyan)

Post by Aqua on 7/15/2012, 1:50 pm

Your posting privileges are up!
Your attribute points were off by one, I subtracted one point from endurance.
If you would rather it be taken from another stat let me know
Other than that, welcome to IDBZ!
We're happy to have you!

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