Zanza - Runaway Demon

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Zanza - Runaway Demon

Post by Ruurik on 7/16/2012, 11:05 pm

Name: Zanza
Age: 285
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Starting Location: Earth
Weight: 200lbs
Body-type: Muscular

Biography: Much of Zanza's life in the demon realm was incredibly average. Not to say that Zanza's life was easy as for the average denizen's life in the Demon Realm is composed of fighting for your life almost every moment and wondering when your demon lord will no longer find you useful and have you eliminated. Luckily Zanza was skilled enough to evade death in the numerous battles that he found himself in but insignificant enough to attract the attention of his local demon lord. When he was young this angered Zanza for he wanted to rise above and become truly important, however after several decades of watching those with ambition and skill being torn to pieces Zanza began to find solace in his obscurity.

However Zanza's obscurity didn't last forever, Zanza's survival for so many years, despite the odds eventually caught the attention of his ruling lord, who assigned Zanza as the personal bodyguard of his son. The Demon Lord's son, Ruurik, was a true monster even among demons, Ruurik had no respect and no honor. Ruurik often went out of his way to torture the subjects of his father's domain both physically and mentally, oftentimes getting in far over his head, which would then fall to Zanza to pull him out of the fire. Zanza's time serving as Ruurik's bodyguard proved far more dangerous then his entire time fighting for his life under Ruurik's father's command. Ruurik was itching to take his father's throne but was far too weak to accomplish such a task, so he hatched a plan to travel the living world and prey on whatever crossed his path until he gained the power he needed. Ruurik eventually discovered a ritual to allow a single person to travel from the demon realm to the living world. It of course fell to Zanza to gather the materials and prepare the ritual, so as not to let anyone else find out about Ruurik's plan. When everything was done however Ruurik decided that Zanza must die so that none could learn of his plan, when Ruurik attacked Zanza reacted instinctively and killed the young prince. With Ruurik dead at his feet Zanza was faced with a serious decision, stay explain the situation to his lord and hope for mercy or run. Without a second thought Zanza leaped through the portal to the living world, knowing better then to rely on the mercy of a demon lord.


Strength: 125
Agility: 100
Ki: 125
Endurance: 75


Name: Hell Blitz
Type: Attack - Ball
Description: Using the darkness within your heart, you form an orb of ki laced with corrupting energies and hurl it at your foe. It will hurt those pure of heart even more so.
Attack Rating: 3 or 4 (against those with 75 or higher Hero Points.)
Actions: 1
FP gained: +38
Prerequisites: Must have 75 Villain Points or must be a Demon.
Learning: 50 TP

How did you find this site? Google

Roleplay Sample:
Darkness reigned in the demon realm, it was always dark here it was rather depressing. They say that evil thrives in the darkness but Zanza had the feeling that even if light shined throughout the land it wouldn't stop the demon lords that ruled here. Those who wished well didn't survive long so they couldn't affect much change in this world, Zanza had once wondered if this world had any hope for peace, chasing after Ruurik however had drained all his will for change.

"Hurry up you filthy maggot. The time is almost upon us!" Shouted Ruurik from the cave behind Zanza. Zanza sighed turning his back to the darkened skies of the Demon Realm and entering the cave, he hoped this would be over soon and he could hopefully be done with this spoiled brat for a few decades.

"I'm coming prince", Zanza said trying to keep the sound of weariness from his voice. Zanza knew he should probably tell the lord of the domain about his son Ruurik's plan, but he doubted anyone would believe him plus even if they did believe him Ruurik would get off and would eventually send people after Zanza so he had decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Zanza thought Ruurik's plan was a rather stupid one, traveling to the living world could be beneficial because word was that the masses of the living were weaklings, but odds are there were some just as powerful as those here so Ruurik was likely to get stopped. However if Ruurik took off for the living world then Zanza could get some peace and quiet.

"The sacrifice should be all that's left to complete the ritual", Zanza said simply as he moved into the cave and towards a demon wriggling against it's bindings. This demon was of the lesser variety a faceless soldier in the army of their lord, no one would miss him or question his disappearance. Zanza grabbed the demon by one of it's horns and dragged it to a pit in the center of the cave, the demon screamed frantically against it's gag knowing the fate that laid before him. Zanza pulled the demon to it's knees at the edge of the pit, lifting it's head and exposing it's neck. The demon looked at Zanza with pleading eyes, Zanza stared back at the demon without really seeing him, he'd trained himself never to truly take in the face of those about to die. With a single swift motion Zanza pulled a knife out from his belt and slit the demon's throat making sure that the blood poured down into the pit before he kicked the lifeless body down into the pit as well.

"Where is my portal, I want to be in the Living World already!" Ruurik screamed stamping his foot before the other demons body had even come to rest at the bottom of the pit.

"Give it a moment my lord", Zanza said flatly. If it wasn't for this young demons father Zanza was rather sure he would've snapped his neck by now. A loud whooshing noise swept through the cave and with a pop a portal flashed into existence covering the top of the pit.

"Good job Zanza", Ruurik said a hint of something sinister in his voice. Zanza heard a slight scraping sound, a sound that was very familiar to Zanza, it was the sound of a sword being pulled from it's sheath.

"You've outlived your usefulness you cretin!" Ruurik screamed swinging his sword wildly at Zanza's midsection. Zanza quickly jumped back quickly just as the blade passed in front of him, Zanza then dashed forward grabbing Ruurik's sword arm with his right hand and shoving his left hand forward. Without even realizing it Zanza had fired off a hell blitz blast right into Ruurik's stomach. Ruurik only had time to cough before he collapsed to the ground. Zanza froze, still holding onto Ruurik's arm, his mind was racing with the implication of what he'd done.

[color=red]"Oh crap, he's gonna kill me, maybe if I explain the situation. No at this point it'll just seem like I was using it as an excuse", Zanza rambled frantically dropping Ruurik's arm as he paced back and forth around the portal. Zanza paused his eyes fixing on the portal. This was the answer he had proof of the prince's treachery. Then again his lord was likely to kill him as an example for his part in the treachery. That only left one option, Zanza took a deep breath and gulped nervously before jumping out over the pit and plunging into the darkness of the portal.

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Re: Zanza - Runaway Demon

Post by Goku on 7/16/2012, 11:29 pm

You are accepted. Welcome to IDBZ.


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