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Official Campaign Preview

Post by Goku on 1/25/2012, 7:27 pm

An Official Campaign will be months down the road, but I wanted to post little bits of the story as a sort of "teaser trailer," and help introduce the characters. I hope you enjoy
Liking burning meteors, the six Attack Pods cut swaths of fire through the atmosphere. The Li-Wen Monks stood their ground upon the temple steps, watching the pods' descent. They landed behind a grove of pines trees, causing a series of explosive impacts that sent up a shower of earth and rock. After the dust settled, a thick black pillar of smoke snaked its way through the air.

The Grandmaster descended the steps, his long robes flowing behind him. As he went, he pulled his hands free from the folds, they were shaking badly. He was a pallid yellow Xeno with purple liver spots covering his wrinkled flesh. As he reached the base of the temple, he pointed one of his quivering fingers to the rising smoke, turning half way to face the rest of the monks.

“The Void-Walkers come for our relic. We shall not allow them to have it. You have trained for this day your entire lives. Guardians of the Fist, stand fast!”

There were two dozen monks, all young and fit, arranged in perfect rows. They wore similar robes to that of the Grandmaster, but theirs lacked the dull wash of age, and each were tug against their bulky muscles. Their skin was a bright gold, their eyes a fiery red. Each face was set in stone—no emotion, just a stern determination to protect the relic.


The hatch of the Attack Pod hissed open and a massive Saiyan warrior lumbered forward, struggling to wiggle his way out of the tight confines. His broad shoulders didn't make it easy and eventually he gripped the sides and pushed hard, bending edge of the hatch forward to make room . After stepping out, he cursed and tried to bend it back, but only made the damage worse

The Saiyan had an appearance akin to a lion, a giant mane of unruly brown hair, a broad jaw and stout nose. His arms were larger than most tree limbs and he stood nearly seven feet tall. Instead of messing with the pod any further, he hovered into the air and met his crew, who were all floating there, guffawing at him.

“They need to make big-boy space pods for Armand,” said one of his men. He was a small green Xeno with pointed ears and a crooked nose, which kinda made him look like a goblin.

“Shut it Xrill,” Armand said and delivered a swift smack upside Xrill's head. The little Xeno's eyes bulged out of his head and he rubbed the sore spot, grimacing at his superior. Armand sniffed, as if he checking the air for a scent and then snorted as he turned towards the line of trees behind him. Above the top of the the trees he could see the peak of the temple.

“Gorid, do you still have that scouter?”

Gorid was the only other Saiyan in his crew. Instead of being a juggernaut like Armand, he had a sleek and wiry build. He had long black hair that was slicked against his forehead and a narrow face, with deep inquisitive eyes. Digging through a pouch on his utility belt, he produced the scouter and tossed it to Armand.

Armand placed it on his ear, the green monocle lining up with his left eye. He pressed the activation button on the side and the monocle flickered to life with information. It began running scans of the surrounding areas, looking for ki signatures. It chirped and growled as it made calculations and Armand watched the numbers tally up.

When the scouter was done with its reading, Armand harrumphed. “They're actually pretty strong. But, nothing we can't handle.”


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