Take number 2 - Nappa

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Take number 2 - Nappa

Post by OldNappa on 7/25/2012, 8:03 pm

Character Name: Nappa

Starting Location: Vegeta


Strength: 125
Agility: 75
Ki: 100
Endurance: 125

Starting Abilities:
Mouth Blast (50 tp)

How did you find this site?
Referred by one of the other members.

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?]

Roleplay Sample (250 words):

The smell of blood and vomit permeated the already rank and moldy dungeon air beneath the royal palace. On the cold stone floor laid a well muscled hairy male. A saiyan warrior who'd been stripped naked and tortured. As an added form of insult his tail had been crudely ripped and tossed to the side like trash where the rats or roaches would eventually feast upon it.

“You know you could end this by simply telling us who told you to try and kill the king...”

Taunted the saiyan's torturer, a large well muscled saiyan known as Nappa who had a reputation for a particularly nasty mean streak, even by saiyan standards. It was this mean streak, along with his natural battle prowess that had earned Nappa his place as one of the king's personal attack dogs.

The tortured warrior said nothing content to just stew in his blood, vomit and pain. Nappa had broken his teeth, shattered his ribs and systematically ground the bones in his hands to dust with the heel of his boot. He'd been through so much that he might figured he might as well hold on to his shameful secret rather than lose the last bit of pride or dignity that he had.

“You know I almost feel bad for you,” continued to taunt Nappa as the bald headed saiyain warrior crudely grabbed the king's would be killer by the back of the head. “Normally the king would have killed you himself by now but you are currently the only one who knows what filthy, fucking maggot infested mongrel paid you to try and kill him. Soo...”

Nappa lifted the tortured soul in to the air and held him so there eye's met. “...that means I get to take you as close to death as possible until you talk.”

The was a sickening squish followed by and equally sickening pop as one of Nappa's muscular fingers dug into the poor sayain's eye socket and popped the white orb like bubble wrap. Squishy, white, blood and puss filled bubble wrap. This process was repeated for the next eye socket. Nappa's fingers went in, the eye ball went pop and the wretched traitor still refused to talk. That was until in the the new found darkness he felt Nappa's hands on his scrotum where he reasoned that the sadistic saiyan likely intended to repeat the process another too times.

“Wait,” rasped King Vegeta's would be killer “...it was Cold.”

“What was that,” asked Nappa leaning in so closely the tortured saiyan could smell his fowl breath.

“I said it was King Cold who sent me...”

Nappa gave no response. Instead all the eyeless sayain could here was the sound of energy crackling this was followed by the brief sensation of heat before his body evaporated and his soul was sent to the after life.

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Re: Take number 2 - Nappa

Post by Chi Chi on 7/26/2012, 1:30 am

Welcome back to IDBZ friend!
We're happy you could join us again <3


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