The Rise of Moguls 2.

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The Rise of Moguls 2.

Post by Alberdyne on 7/27/2012, 1:59 pm

(Some minor purchases. This is an offering of peace on my part to prove that you don't need bullshit customs to rp effectively. )

Character Sheet: ~Alberdyne~
Item Name:
1-~Memory Crystal~-(-850 Z )
2-~Grav Amplifier~-(15-1 Add On Point=14 Add On Points) (-1,500 Z) (Placing on Grav Machine in Mansion)
3-~Super Amplifier~-(14-1 Add On Point=13 Add On Points) (-1,500 Z)
(Placing on Grav Machine in Mansion)
4-~Combat Armor~ (-850 Z)
5-~Leg Padding~ (-850 Z)
6-~Bracers~ (-850 Z)
7-~Leather Boots~ (-850 Z)

Location: Earth
Your Zeni: 10,305 Z-850 Z=9,455 Z-1,500 Z=7,955 Z-1,500 Z=6,455 Z-2,550 Z=3,905 Z-850 Z=3,055 Z

1-Using to forget the move: ~The Omniverse Rank 3~ replacing it with (Note: Returns +99 TP at a rate of +33 per rank. Let me know if I did this correct guys) (Total TP=99+17=116) ~Machine Gun Fist Rank 1~ (-50 TP) and
~Defense Stance Rank 1~ (-50 TP)

1-Leg Padding
3-Leather Boots

1-Psionic Leggings
2-Psionic Armbands
3-Psionic Boots

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