Cherri/Y'lerl's Claims: Battle with Shana

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Cherri/Y'lerl's Claims: Battle with Shana

Post by Eilee on 8/1/2012, 10:09 pm

Thread Name: Shana Vs Cherri
Type: Battle
Link: Clicky
Link to Character Sheet: Clicky
Participants: Shana, Cherri
Word Count: 4,138 (Cherri)
Quest Rewards:
  • Fighting Prowess: +50 AP

Hero or Villain Points:

Projected Gains
Base: 517 XP, 2,069 Zeni, 4 Action Points
Level Bonus: +16 XP (+3% for Lv. 19)
Shana Bonus: +258 XP
Winning Bonus: +100 XP, +1,250 Zeni, +5 BM
Feats: +50 AP
Total: +891 XP, 3,319 Zeni, +4 Action Points, +5 BM, +50 AP

Note: Any Level Ups should have the TP gain increased by 10 because of my Meditation Chamber.

Level: 23 (4.200/4,350)
Gains: 1,150 AP, 140 TP

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Re: Cherri/Y'lerl's Claims: Battle with Shana

Post by Goku on 8/2/2012, 1:25 am

Your projected gains are off a bit, lemme explain why so you know for the future. When you divide 4,138 by 200, it's 20.69. Instead of just multiplying by 25 for the reward, I it round up to 21. So it's 21 x 25 to make the base XP.

+944 XP, +3,350 zeni, +4 Action Points, +5 Battle Merits, +50 AP

You currently have 1,200 AP, and 140 TP to utilize. Please respond to this thread to do. If you wish to save it, respond so we can close this.

Last edited by Goku on 8/4/2012, 12:58 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : XP adjustment for scouter.)


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