Race Relations (Nappa & FG Adventure)

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Race Relations (Nappa & FG Adventure)

Post by Broly on 8/8/2012, 6:02 am

PTO Commander #295 was in a rather unique position; on his desk sat a document chronicling local uprisings and insurrection, on the behalf of several PTO squads in the area. While it was his job to take care of petty shit like this, he could not have cared less; while yes, he was a Commander in the Planetary Trade Organization, he was also the Commander of the Saiyan Defense Force – Low Class Division. He himself was an elite, but that did not make him value his own men less than that of a foreigner's.

The PTO Men under his command were little more than a watchdog force. He could tell he wasn't truly in command of them; if he were to order them against themselves, they would rebel without a doubt. If he ordered his Saiyans against themselves? They'd fight and scrap and kill until there was only a single one of them left. That was what he so adored about his people. They were warriors, first and foremost. Death and morale be damned, they wanted power and glory.

The thought brought a smile to his young face. It was that same face that had brought about the death of many men on planets he could no longer remember the names of, the same innocent and yet noble face that allowed him to get away with a killing blow. The weak at heart often refused to attack the young, those with full lives ahead of them; he didn't regret using that to his advantage. Still, they didn't seem to catch on until it was too late. They never seemed to think the young could be so strong.

He pulled himself out of his daydream with little but sheer willpower. He would need to deal with these insurrections. He had not risen so fast through the ranks by being naïve and slow to act, despite what his peers may have thought of him. He would need to call in some extra aid for this situation; some assistance so that the matter at hand could be dealt with quickly. If he sent his own Saiyan men against his own PTO men, that would net him a visit from Lord Frieza.

Fortunately, he already had a plan of action. It was not a hard thing to think of for him, especially considering the homicidal tendencies his race tended to encourage from birth. He leaned back in his chair, and brought a finger up to the button labeled 'communique' on his scouter. Pressing it in for several seconds before speaking, the Saiyan presented his orders as clearly as possible.

”General Nappa, your services are required in the command room of Station #305, in orbit around Vegeta. Bring a man from your...division, with you. I've some urgent matters to work out, and require some...Aid, from someone competent. Also, be aware; there are a few too many plants here for my taste.”

Plants was not literal; Plants was a reference to the number of Tuffle-esque types aboard his station. It was unfortunate that Lord Frieza had chosen to 'bless' him with such fine subordinates. Shit, his Lieutenant Commander was a strange bug-like creature, supposedly picked from the gladiator-like world of Arlia. Only Vegeta knew wherever the hell that was.

Now, he released the button on his scouter, watching as a voice-recording display flashed and danced across the little LED screen. It lingered only moments before vanishing, replacing the voice recording application's HUD with a handful of characters, forming a simple, single word.


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