Tutoring Allies

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Tutoring Allies

Post by John Dark on 8/11/2012, 6:52 pm

Dread wrote:I suggest to allow characters to teach their allies their custom abilities at their discretion.

Any abilities learned this way will start out at rank 1. Here is a suggested table of costs to learn these abilities and to rank them up.

Rating 3: 80 TP to learn and 40 TP per rank up.
Rating 4: 110 TP to learn and 55 TP per rank up.
Rating 5: 140 TP to learn and 70 TP per rank up.

Defensive/Detrimental Abilities and Utilities
80 TP to learn and 40 TP per rank up.

I also suggest any player-taught move should have an annotation placed at the end of its name so staff know the TP required to rank it up. Something as simple as (T) could work for designating tutored moves.
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