Gaza - Custom Character

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Gaza - Custom Character

Post by Gaza on 8/14/2012, 7:13 pm

Character Name: Gaza

Age: Roughly 17-18

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan

Appearance (Picture Recommended:)
Something like this.

Starting Location: Earth

Biography (150 words:) Gaza was just a young boy when his parents made a life changing decision for him. His parents were fugitives at the time of his birth. Poverty stricken beyond belief and in no way able to help their position. In a last ditch effort to make a better life for their son, they hijack a noble's space pod and send him off to the ship's predetermined destination, Earth. Only 4 years old and he had never been further than a stone's throw away from his parents at any point in time, Gaza was heavy with grief. He sobbed his eyes out the entire trip to Earth, but upon seeing the bright blue marble in the dark black sky, he was instantly in love with it's beauty. He knew his parents had made the right decision and chose to honor them by becoming the protector of his new home, whatever the cost.

WC 151


You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute amongst them.

Note: You cannot increase your highest attribute unless the rest of your attributes are at least 10% of that attribute's score. For example, if your ki is 1,000, your strength, agility, and endurance must be at least 100 each before you can raise your ki one point past 1,000.

Strength: 50 (Base) + 25 (Racial)
Agility: 50 (Base) + 50
Ki: 50 (Base) + 100
Endurance: 50 (Base) + 50

You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with?

Flaming Torrent
Attack - Explosive Wave Barrage
You hold out one hand, as if you were going to fire a ki attack, but instead pump your arms rapidly and unleash a steady torrent of flames that engulfs your opponent whole and incinerates them. This attack is hard to block.
Attack Rating: 3
Actions: 1
FP Gained: +36
Prerequisites: None
Learning: 50 TP

How did you find this site? Friend

Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you? D00k (Broly)

Roleplay Sample (250 words): Old Goku sample RP

Goku exploded in fury! "What do you mean i can't eat yet!" He argued. He was starving. He hadn't eaten anything since third lunch!

"Not a bite until you finish training!" King Kai shouted as he slapped Goku in the back of the head.

"Hey!" Goku said whilst rubbing his head. "Well... f-fine!" Goku said standing up from the makeshift table he had arranged on a tree stump, very disappointed.

You know, for a man who is supposedly the most powerful being in the universe, he sure acts like a child. King Kai thought to himself.

Goku's expression changed from that of a complaining child, to a much more serious training face. He reequipped his training gear that he had thrown off in a frenzy to eat, and began his next lesson under the "all knowing" King Kai.

Goku's head snapped back towards Majin Buu. "Enough is enough." Goku said aggressively. "Your not killing anyone else!" He shouted as his power surged and he reached super saiyan level. "I've watched..." He howled in fury. "Too many innocent people killed or maimed by you!" He continued, his power nearing super saiyan 3 levels. "And now it ends." He said with a smirk, power pulsing in his veins, hair extended in his super saiyan 3 form.

He rushed towards Buu at full force and barraged him with a wave of punches. Buu matched every blow with one of his own. Buu was almost equal with Goku, but Goku was fearless. He wasn't going to give up no matter how hard Buu pushed, Goku was gonna push 5x harder! They erupted in a cloud of smoke and the bystanders could see nothing. They could only feel the energy fluctuating between the two violently.

As the smoke cleared the crowd stood, breathless, and when the smoke finally vanished, only Kakarot remained. Bloodied and exhausted, but the victor.

WC 313

sorry for the anticlimactic ending

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Re: Gaza - Custom Character

Post by Chi Chi on 8/14/2012, 7:28 pm

Accepted, welcome back my friend


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