Planet Welcoming Battle

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Planet Welcoming Battle

Post by Kigon on 8/15/2012, 7:39 am

Having just arrived at the planet Kanassa after getting bored of the battles and hunts on Namek, Kigon roamed the outskirts of a city nearby, where he was trying to find shelter. A first, as the at the time he had arrived and lived on the living realm he had just been hiding on the darkness of the caverns on Namek.

Kigon reached a surprising destination, with it being a few miles away from the city. He found rather large property, having occupied about a square kilometer. About a 500 meters away in front of him was a large gate that was seemingly made from iron and walls that were made of the same material. Having found a rather interesting place, he charge towards the gate and with no hesitation, kicked it down and revealed what appears to be a military base, with a large dome as the roof.

He smirked, knowing fun and trouble approaches. An alarm then sounded, which the demon was expecting, knowing his "crashing the party" wouldn't be taken lightly. After about a minute, nearly a hundred aliens wearing battle jackets and guard uniforms and some with weapons like arm cannons and swords, came out from the building and formed a circle around the seemingly visitor.

"Intruder, identify yourself!" one of the aliens in front then shouted to the fiend as he left the crowd and walked towards the direction of Kigon before stopping and pointing his own cannon towards the fiend. The unknowing red-skinned xeno wore the same clothes and battle jackets as the others, with the only difference was his red cape, red scouter and robotic left arm that held the arm cannon.

"Dead men don't need to know my name" Kigon told the caped xeno, taunting him as he grinned and slowly took a fighting stance.

The alien, feeling insulted and threatened, quickly activated his arm cannon and shot from it, a fast and small energy ball. As the ball headed towards him, the demon calmly put his left hand forward with his palm open. Just as the ball was nearing him, he swiped his left hand to the side and deflected the ball, making the attack head straight back to the xeno. Surprised, the alien dodged to the side, barely managing to escape his death. The deflected ball headed straight towards the other xenos behind him, which caused a small explosion as it hit and obliterated most of those behind him.

The caped, red-skinned alien then looked back at some of his fallen comrades, furious at this event. The other aliens also looked shocked, with some others readying themselves to battle Kigon, a few with arm cannons had already pointed their weapons at the fiend, with energy visibly charging from the barrels.

The demon first made a wicked smile at the actions of his foes, as he knew that what he did would provoke the other aliens to attack him. Then he narrowly stared at the xenos, as if he was looking right through their soul, as he did this, his facial expression changed from wicked to fierce as he gritted his teeth and looked like a wild dog staring at his prey.

The fiend was actually gunning for a chance to fight the minute he landed, and at the center of a would be battleground, his blood was boiling, raging, he could almost explode from his hunger for battle and death. He was gripping his fists so hard that the nails pierced his palm, which made his hands bleed. The blood was dripping from his fists and all he could think of was on how to kill each and every one of the xenos.

As the demon couldn't take the it anymore, Kigon put both of his hands in front of him and charged crackling energy that formed into an orb as he cackled. The aliens with the weapons reacted to this by activating their arm cannons and then shooting bolts of ki from them.

As this happened, the red-skinned individual jumped up high, still holding the charging orb of crackling ki. The bolts collided with each other and created a fairly big explosion. The explosion did not reach the aliens however, as all of them jumped back before it did, making the fiend silently, wickedly happy that he had more "prey to feed on", rather than being happy that the event could have took out a lot of the aliens.

He then brought up his left arm, leaving his right to hold the orb in place, before he swung down his free outstretched arm (the left) to the orb of ki, slamming it down towards a group of aliens down below at an insane speed. Instantly, the blast destroyed the aliens as it hit and caused an explosion even bigger than the earlier one from the aliens.

The other aliens didn't falter and jumped up towards the hovering demon. This made Kigon excited and happy, knowing that he didn't have to chase some gutless fighters and now, he can have even more fun. Three identical aliens that looked aquatic-like reached him first. They unleashed a flurry of punches from every direction towards the demon. The trio however, couldn't manage to land even one punch as the small fiend just continuously dodged the attacks with little effort.

They continued to attack Kigon without rest. Aqua xeno #1 thought he had found an opening as the demon stopped for an instant and tried to land a roundhouse kick. But, his target was actually waiting for him to attack and swayed his head backwards as the kick simply passed in front of the fiend.

Kigon took this chance to counter and grabbed the xeno by the face and dragged him down to the ground while the two other xenos looked on in surprise before flying down, following the red demon and their partner.

The aquatic duo couldn't catch up to the two as Kigon was faster and was flying down at a greater speed. The fiend and his victim crashed to the ground, with it ending with the xeno's head buried under the ground, dead. The impact created a small crater that had about a 10 meter radius, where the other two aquatic aliens landed, blowing of rubble as they did.

"Hahahahahaha! This is the best!" Kigon laughed as he stood up. He was savoring the feeling of battle, knowing that he might not have such a battle for some time. He wanted more... more of blood and death.

All of the aliens left were about to rush the demon, but then a very loud shout was heard "Stooop!". The group stopped on their tracks by the order and looked at someone from behind the menace.

Kigon, surprised of the shout, turned around to see where the voice came from. He saw a tiger-like humanoid with something like a gadget that is on the upper-left part of his face.

"Leave this guy to me" The man then said to the aliens as he slowly approached the demon, who was grinning at the time, having sensed a power greater than any of the other fighters present, other than himself of course.

"The name's Regus. You're strong, really strong, and I don't just say that to anyone. How would you like to join the most powerful organization in the universe, How would you like to join PTO?" The fighter said as he brought out his hand to shake. Apparently this guy don't know that the demon Kigon ain't planning to team up with anyone anytime soon.

The red fiend just slapped the hand away like it was nothing and charged another orb of ki, with this one being different as it had red, crackling ki and it's very danger and malice could be sensed a kilometer away.
Regus took this as a no and calmly jumped back. He then put both of his hands forward with his palms open and finger spread. He charged dense, blue energy on his palms as Kigon stretched out the hand in which he was charging the orb at his side.

As the humanoid released the dense energy in the form of a blue wave, the demon quickly followed by swinging the hand with the orb forward while releasing it. The two attacks collided and created a shockwave that blasted some of the other xenos away. The beam and orb continues to push each others back as Regus struggled to support the beam with more of his own energy. He was so distracted with the orb of ki that little did he know that Kigon had already dashed towards him.

The demon was now face-to-face with his enemy. Having already another corrupted orb of ki charged at his hand, he shot and hit his enemy with it at point-blank range. A large explosion occurred with red bolts being discharged from it. As the dust cleared, there was nothing left of his enemy.

The other aliens who were left, who at first was willing to fight the fiend, was now cowering from the power of their foe. Kigon having been satisfied with the fight, glanced towards the group. He looked at them like he was getting ready for dessert and licked his lips.

Sensing their impeding doom, the xenos scattered, running to every direction trying to find safety from being slaughtered from the demon before them. Now finished up with "playing", he sent beams towards each and every one of them, sending barrages one after another. Let's just say, at the end, all that's left was corpses and Kigon, who after all that walked away like nothing happened.

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