Kyte's First Day

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Kyte's First Day

Post by Kyte on 8/17/2012, 7:39 pm

How do you look into the eyes of a beast and not run? That was the question that had to be running through the young man's mind as the blue-haired Xeno held him up by the throat with a single arm. A ragged gasp left the young man's mouth as he struggled violently to escape his tormentor's grasp. Bright aqua eyes observed the human as he continued to squirm in the alien being's grip. A wicked smile began to form under the high collar of the creature's patchwork clothes. Without a word, he dropped the human to the ground, and just as he was about to run, unleashed a volley of small ki blasts as the man's back, which peppered through his body like hot pokers through a thin sheet of plastic.

Kyte, a young alien who had just lost his entire home world to the PTO, looked around himself before turning back on the escape pod he had taken and blasted it to nothing with a single ki wave. A low chuckle escaped his lips as he thought about his future.

“Let's see what kind of trouble I can get into on this planet,” he said, the low, raspy quality of his voice causing even the wind to quiver. Years of getting his way on every occasion shone through in his eyes. It would take someone powerful enough to beat him into the ground to keep him under control. A dark shadow fell over Kyte's face as he floated up in the air, his ki radiating outward from his body like black and blue fire.

He looked around for anything to do, but couldn't see anything more than meadows and trees in all directions. If not for the fact he had been found by one of the inhabitants of this planet, the alien wouldn't even be sure there were any sentient lifeforms on the planet at all. He crossed his legs underneath him as he looked down upon the world beneath him and considered his options. He wasn't able to naturally sense lifeforms like some beings on his home world could, at least not yet, and he didn't seem to have anywhere to stay.

Hmm... I could easily find an unprotected dwelling in the middle of nowhere and kill the owner, but that sounds boring as hell... he considered as he continued to stare intently at the horizon, willing the pale blue sky to spontaneously burst into flame. A small laugh slipped through his lips unbidden. He could imagine the skyline bursting into flame as he singlehandedly burned everything around him to the ground.

Children and mothers screamed in agony as the flames slowly began to consume the entire world, even crossing the oceans to hit every continent on the planet. Above it all, Kyte would sit with a single cigarette in his mouth, lit by the very flames consuming every continent on the face of the green and blue marble he was now stuck on.

With a sudden sharp pain to his ribcage, Kyte thought back to the world he was once a member of, to the memory of his very first and most successful teacher.

”What do you want out of life?” he had asked. The man wore a kind smile on his face, and treated Kyte like his own son.

“Freedom, Master,” was the response from Kyte every single time, and every time the old master would merely shake his head and turn away.

Then he would say, “My dear boy, you do not realize the price one must pay for the freedom you seek.”

The Xeno smiled lightly to himself as he looked up into the sky and said, “There is no price I wouldn't pay for absolute freedom, you old blow hard. You learned that lesson the hard way, didn't you?”

Kyte had ended his sixteenth birthday celebration by going out of the capital city without permission from his master. When he returned, he went straight to his studies, but that wasn't enough for the old man. The old fossil had come in and demanded that Kyte apologize for his actions that night, and that he promise never to leave the city without his master's explicit permission. Drunk on alcohol and his own power, Kyte had denied the old man's 'request' and reminded him that he was the Avatar of the God of Flame, and able to do whatever he damn well pleased.

The old master reared back and slapped the boy in the face, which was the perfect spark to ignite Kyte's wrath. The young being gripped his master by the neck and held him up off of his feet. While the master tried his hardest to break the boy's grip, Kyte was far too powerful for him to so much as consider winning against. Within minutes, the master had lost consciousness, and finally his brain succumbed to the lack of oxygen and all of his vital organs stopped functioning.

After hours of not seeing the master, the servants at the castle finally checked Kyte's room, only to find him standing there, his fingers still clamped around the older man's neck, the boy's face immobile.

It was that day, countless years before, that Kyte had realized what his master had meant by the price of absolute freedom. The price of freedom was whatever was warranted at the time, be it following the orders of someone stronger than him, or maiming and killing those who would dare question his ability to do as he wished when he wished.

“Well, at least here, there shouldn't be anyone strong enough to tell me what I can and can't do... Anyone stupid enough to try will end up just like the others,” he said as he began to fly at full speed toward the northern horizon.

Little did he know, he was in for a big surprise. The planet he had landed on was Earth, and there were forces upon this planet vying for things that were far beyond his ability to even understand. He thought he was invincible, like any normal teenager, though he had long since stopped counting the years of his life. He didn't know the forces gathering on Earth could be powerful allies or even more powerful enemies. All he knew was that this world was one he wanted to explore and exploit, and no one was there to stop him.

Names such as Broly, Cell, Sairai, Goku, Trunks, Ian Lancaster, or any of the others on Earth were unknown to him. He was going in blind, and that could be either a blessing or a curse, depending on what he ran into first.

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