East Syndicate: Temporary Alliance

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East Syndicate: Temporary Alliance

Post by Kyte on 8/17/2012, 7:40 pm

The sun rose over the hills in a beautiful array of colors that would remind anyone of the true beauty of nature, well anyone except for the one staring at the red sky on the Eastern horizon. Kyte sat, legs hanging over the edge of one of the highest buildings in Central City, smoking a cigarette. He reveled in the taste of the harsh mentholated smoke rushing into his lungs. Some of the people below noticed him, and he waved down at them, a sharp-toothed grin hidden behind his collar. He knew that he was drawing undo attention to himself, but he didn't care.

He continued staring at the sky as the red slowly turned to orange, and then he got bored. The sky was no longer the color of freshly spilled blood, and thus his interest in it was finished. He continued puffing on his cigarette with his free hand, letting the smoke rise slowly through his collar. He chuckled as he saw the smoke rise gently from everywhere in his collar. It was as if his body was radiating the smoke and it merely escaped through his open collar.

The Xeno descended slowly from the building, his arms crossed one over the other as he landed. “What to do... what to do...” he said slowly to himself in an almost musical fashion. Those around him merely steered clear of him. He'd been in Central City for hardly a day and already people were talking about him. It was actually quite perfect for the alien being.

He hadn't thought about the implications of showing up in a populated city and terrorizing the populace, as was his habit back home. He was so used to doing whatever he pleased and having no one question his motives that he just didn't think that it might draw someone to come and investigate him. A scowl of impatience crossed Kyte's lips as he absently tapped his foot, causing light cracks to appear in the pavement below.

The people around him kept their heads low as he looked at them, avoiding direct eye contact.Cowardly cretins... How do they expect me to have any fun if they don't even offer me a significant challenge? he asked himself, pausing only long enough to allow his eyes to come in direct contact with a nearby law enforcement officer. With a wicked grin, he slowly approached the man, his power radiating out in violent blue-black waves.

The man obviously knew what was coming, and crossed the street to avoid the strange creature approaching him.

“Tch... Coward,” Kyte muttered under his breath as he rose into the air to get a better vantage point on a little fun. He'd had his fill of carnal pleasures. He'd bought a little liquor and some cigarettes from a chain store earlier. They had originally asked him for an identification card, but when they saw the dangerous look in his eyes, they had given him what he asked for and didn't say another word. It was as if the humans of this world had no backbone, and it drove the alien mad. Even the people of his own planet would occasionally attempt to stand up to him, but these humans were all but determined to avoid violence.

“Psst. You, blue guy. Over here,” a voice said from within an alleyway nearby. Kyte tried to pierce the shadows with his gaze, attempting to seek out the one who was calling him. All he saw was a leather-clad hand beckoning him into the alleyway. Seeing no other alternative way to find out what the person wanted from him, he followed the hand and entered the alleyway.

A strange human looked him up and down as he approached. He was surrounded by a couple of strange looking goons, bulky, but not necessarily dangerous to the Xeno.

“You look like you could use a little fun,” the man said, sticking his pockets into his black blazer and pulling out a pair of cigars. “Care for one?” he asked. When Kyte nodded, he took one of them to his lips and lit it before handing the other to the Xeno with all the ease of a practiced smoker.

Kyte lit the cigarette by pressing a single finger to the flammable paper. When he took a drag, his sense of taste was overpowered by the sheer aroma of the cigar. He sighed deeply as he exhaled, knowing that he was now in the company of people he could actually relate to.

“So, what's this fun I hear you talking about?” he asked as he took another deep drag and attempted to determine the flavor of the colorful blend.

“Well, that's quite simple really. We need people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to take care of a little... business,” the human said, taking a drag of his own cigar before reaching into his blazer and pulling out a wad of zeni as thick as a fist. “We're willing to make it worth your while.”

“Ah, yes... cash, the universal language,” the Xeno remarked as he stepped back into the shadows by a few feet. “So what's the job?”

“Like I said, it's quite simple. We have a rival organization attempting to steal our hard-earned property. This town's been under the control of our organization for quite some time, but these guys are something else... super powered, you could say.”

Kyte's eyebrows jumped up at that, and he grabbed the wad of cash easily from the man's hand before running his fingers through it to ensure it wasn't fake. “So you want me to make the problem disappear, is that it?”

“In so many words. We don't care how you do it, just try to keep the damage to a minimum.”

The Xeno rolled his eyes at the idea of having to contain himself. “I'll be charging extra for that. I like a little carnage. Keeping it under control will cost you half again what's in this wad,” he said, before pocketing the money with a smile.

“Done, but we will hold the other third of your payment until the job's done. Can't have you walk away without doing what we're paying for now, can we?”

The alien smiled as he ascended a few feet into the air, his hollow eyes betraying none of the elation he felt at finally having something to do. “I wouldn't turn my back on my word. I was taught better than that, and having a few... friends in the area who can kick me a few paying jobs might be enough to keep me entertained. Just name the location.”

“Well, they're an outfit based out of the ruins of East City from what I hear, but their base in Central City isn't far from here. Apparently they bought some old restaurant near the corporate district an are holing up there.”

“Ruins?” The Xeno asked, intrigued that there was something that had destroyed an entire city.

“Yeah. News say it was some kind of industrial accident, but nothing short of a nuclear power plant exploding would cause that much damage. Everyone knows they're covering something up, but no one knows what.”

“I think I've got a few ideas,” Kyte said as he tapped an arm.

“Care to share?”

“Not particularly. Maybe I'll share it when I finish getting paid,” he said with a sneer.

He floated up to the top of a nearby building and landed on the roof before allowing himself to think about that kind of destruction. If East City were anywhere near as large as this city was, there had to have been a struggle between two forces so powerful that they could shake the entire planet to its core. An involuntary shiver went up the Xeno's spine as he thought of the implications.

“Perhaps,” he mused, “there is someone... or something on this planet that's worth my time after all.”

The very idea made him want to jump for joy, but instead he focused his energy into something a bit more profitable. After all, if he wanted to live the high life, he'd have to start by doing a few basic chores for his new friends. While he knew this kind of lackey work was far beneath his position as Avatar of the God of Flame, he knew it was something he would have to put up with until he had lackeys of his own to push around. The only question was how he would rise to the top of the pile and keep his position. If there were people powerful enough to eradicate entire cities on this planet, it would be a hard thing to pull off.

“Maybe I'll just have to find someone with that kind of power and work for him until I'm powerful enough to strike out on my own and build by own empire,” he said to himself casually, as if there was actually anyone around to hear him. He then flew off toward the restaurant he had been pointed to by the criminals below.

When he arrived at the restaurant, which seemed to be called Michael's Bistro, he opened the door and just looked around for a few moments. He noticed that everyone in there seemed to be sorely lacking in appetite. While there was a man standing at the counter, he seemed extremely disinterested in the customer who had just walked through the door, and more focused on the computer he was hammering away at.

Kyte walked up to the counter and tapped his fingers on the counter with a slowly increasing tempo.

“Yeah? What can I getcha, bub?” the man asked as he looked up from his game of solitaire.

“Oh, nothing... I just thought you'd like to know you're all about to die.”

“What?! You walk into my place of business and-”

Kyte had the man by the throat in less than a second, far too little time for the man to react. He gripped the man ever so slightly by his trachea and relished in the sound of the man gasping for what little air he could before dropping him to the ground.

“Did I say I was finished speaking?” he asked in a mocking tone as several of the people in the bar began to stand up to deal with the interloper.

“You might as well keep your seats, ladies. None of you will be able to touch me,” he said as he charged up a ki beam and shot it straight through the man's abdomen. He looked down at the man with a wicked smile and said in his best mockery of a sympathetic voice, “You poor thing. Only twenty or so excruciating minutes left to live, and you probably won't even be able to hear me through the pain.”

A choked cackling sound escaped the psychopathic being's lips as he slowly approached the men who were now preparing to attack him. They seemed ready to fight, but at least one or two of them seemed unsure of whether they'd be able to take him, even with all their power combined.

“All right, kids,” the Xeno said before he allowed himself to kick up in a burst of speed to slam one of the men in the gut with an open palm, which sent the man flying into the wall. As that man slumped down into one of the booths of the establishment, the other didn't so much as pay him any mind.

Stop!” a voice in the back screamed. Kyte turned and looked upon the face of the very same man who had met him in the alley. The human took his sunglasses off and walked up to the bar with a slight grin. The other men backed away slowly, putting their hands in their pockets to show they were following their orders.

“It's a good thing I caught you before you massacred everyone,” the man said, letting his green eyes catch those of the other man. “You knocked one of my best fighters out with a single open palm strike. There aren't many men who could say the same. You've more than earned your pay.” He slid out an envelope filled with cash and slid it down the counter.

“What the-”

“Let me explain. I needed to know if you'd be willing to work for me, so I had this little... exhibition match set up to test you. Suffice to say you exceeded my expectations, Kyte.”

“How do you know-”

“Your name? Well, we have done a bit of business with the PTO recently and they let us know that a Xeno by your description and answering to your name might happen to come to Earth. They already dealt with the man responsible for razing your planet harshly,” he said.

“For... what?”

“For not recruiting you, obviously. You could be a powerful asset in the right hands, and a terrible weapon in the wrong ones. Obviously, we decided we wanted to be on your good side instead of being made out to be your enemies.”

“Huh...” was the only sound to escape Kyte's lips as he thought over the potential of this news. Working for the PTO would mean a steady paycheck and plenty of interesting action, but he wasn't so sure he wanted to work with people who conquered and sold planets for a living. It seemed like it would get a little monotonous after awhile. On the other hand, this crime syndicate seemed to be ripe for the picking, so he just decided to go with it.

“All right, you got my attention, but lie to me again and I'll send you back to that alleyway in a matchbox.”

“Fair enough. My name's Horatio Cain, and I would appreciate it if you would work for us in the East Syndicate,” the man said, his eyes never leaving the Xeno's

“I'm in... for now at least,” Kyte responded, a million ideas running through his head all at once, one of the main ones being how to turn this into a way to attract the attention of a being strong enough to be considered his master.

This is fine for now, but what I want more than anything is more power... power enough to be truly free to make my own choices with no consequences!

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