The Kings and Queens of Promise

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The Kings and Queens of Promise

Post by Broly on 8/18/2012, 2:15 am

Broly stood once again on the clockface entrance to the Pendulum Room. He could hear time ticking by around him, as he stared into the soulless black eyes of Kami’s assistant, Popo. The Saiyan had reluctantly come here for a solution to his problem, knowing that his answer was rooted deep within his ancestry. If he could not find his answer in the past, no answer yet existed. If he could not find his answer, he would die alongside this pathetic bundle of rock and it’s guardians.

Almost hesitantly, he lowered himself to the ground. If he was enraged, this would not work as well as it should have. His eyes hovered on the djinn for a few seconds, considering the proposition presented. He had not been promised that he would emerge where he wanted to, during the fateful final moments of the original Planet Vegeta, prior to it’s destruction at the hands of the Legendary Super Saiyan; literally the most key moment in his race’s history. The foundation of his very own Legend.

Nor had he ever been assured that his efforts at reaching out would work at all. He was guessing at his chances, which already seemed pretty low. He had to pinpoint an exact moment in history, ignoring the calls of thousands of other creatures and souls in the abyss. He was going to thrust himself backwards through sheer willpower alone. The task before him was not going to be easy, but it had never seemed so. Still, he would prevail as he always had. Through a combination of willpower and perseverance.

He had not reached his current battle strength by giving up and relenting to every obstacle presented. He had not defeated the low class warrior in the ice by quitting at the first sign of a struggle; though that was partially owed to the weakness of his opponent. He was more than a hundred times that man’s strength by now. He could crush his bones to dust if he were to ever show his face; he could eradicate him with even less effort.

He had not defeated Ralia and Rex by flinching from pain at every turn. He had embraced the danger, triumphing over it in order to defeat a foe who claimed to be stronger than himself. He had used his own power to emerge victorious over something that claimed to be an unstoppable tide. He had forced it down, he had quelled the threat with great personal sacrifice. Reflexively, he flexed his arm, remembering the pain of losing it. Had he not invested in a rejuvenation chamber, the limb would still be missing, somewhere on foreign sands.

He had not managed to kill the Crane Hermit with a lack of resolve. He had pounded that old, wily bastard into submission. Literally, he had beaten him until his face caved in from the sheer force. Broly’s resolve had outmatched his; as had his strength and his drive, his ultimate goal of removing all fear and pain throughout the universe. For that, truly, was the goal he was working toward. He would not allow any creature to feel the same pain he had experienced. He wouldn’t let them endure the sharp sting of betrayal.

As fate would have it, he could only see two ways to cut off the cancer that was deceit from the universe. One, his chosen path, was to eradicate all life. Logically, if nothing was alive, nothing could be deceived or hurt or betrayed or stabbed in the back. It was literally, the easiest solution available. It was, for him, enjoyable. He relished in the satisfaction of his work; pleased himself with the cracking and breaking of other people’s bones and bodies. It was a wonderful sensation, to crush a man’s hopes and dreams right before his eyes.

The room began to fade as the Saiyan’s eyes closed, the ‘tickings’ and ‘tocking’s of dozens of clocks fading from his consciousness as he lost himself to silence. He was being forced to focus, lest he be lost in a time unknown. It was not so much that he would be unable to escape; it was more of the fact that he would be wasting his time. Broly was anything if not prudent; he valued his time far more than he valued anyone else’s.

For what felt like an eternity, he sat in total silence, left alone with little but his thoughts. He was trying to lock onto the ki signature he needed; that massive beacon of energy which seemed to blot out all others, the signature of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Naturally, they should have already been drawn to each other, two massive fires below a sky filled with moths. However, the longer Broly sat alone within the confines of the darkened clock face, the more frustrated he became.

He had figured this search would have gone much faster, much easier. Unfortunately, it was as if the bastard had vanished from the annals of history entirely. Perhaps it was merely that he didn’t want to be found? Was he powerful enough to erase his presence from the annals of time? Broly could not think of many creatures capable of defying the laws of physics, the principles set by space and time. If any creature could do it, though? He would have put his money on his predecessor.

The status of Legendary Super Saiyan came with an almost overwhelming power. Broly, if no one else, could understand the mantle he had inherited. He had obtained a power that was to eventually become all encompassing, all consuming. He was the victim of a ravenous hunger for strength that could never be satiated, a strength that could not be triumphed over. He was the vessel for something more powerful than he had ever witnessed. He was going to be, if he wasn’t already, the strongest being in his universe.

Seemingly out of nowhere, his mind locked onto a massive beacon of energy, floating in the blackness. Chills ran down his spine and the hair on the back of his neck rose almost defensively. Both eyes shot open as he realized what the source must have been; if that wasn’t the Original Super Saiyan, then he didn’t know what else it was. He knew that nothing alive could have been that powerful; he would have already encountered it, somewhere along his travels.

He was no longer in the Pendulum Room. He was now somewhere else entirely; sand rose in great dunes around him, framing in what looked like a small but thriving city. Tall buildings jutted upwards toward the sky, each one sporting characters from a language that he could not recognize. For a moment, he pondered on his location; this was not the same place he’d ended up in before. Last time, he’d wound up on the original Planet Vegeta.

Eyes narrowing, he examined the location further. Beneath him was little but a sand roadway. Clearly, the native species of this planet didn’t believe in making life much easier. The skies above were dyed blood red, and dotted by swirls of white and blue, as if it were sunset. However, two suns were slowly weaving their way over the horizon, signifying that it was almost time for nightfall.

As both stars fell, a gentle chill swept over the empty village square. Hushed voices discussed things in a language he had never before heard, as Broly rose to his feet. He could hear them clearly, though their words made little sense; they could have been speaking Space Russian for all he knew.

”Come out!”, he growled to the voices, shouting across the sands toward the creatures he could not see. Their lack of appearance was frustrating him; their failure to emerge was drawing out the anger somewhere within him. Something within him kept him rooted to the spot, as he waited for any kind of response. The voices slowly quieted as his call echoed over the sands, night slowly falling over the desert while he waited.

Suddenly, a blinding light exploded into existence several feet away, accompanied by a massive ki signature; was this what he had been waiting for? Was this the Legendary Super Saiyan, the one he’d been seeking for so long? His right hand rose to cover his eyes, preserving his sight as two more flashes lit up everything he knew of on this foreign world, both accompanied by lesser but no less impressive ki signatures.

Hesitantly, he lowered his hand, a grim expression having crossed his features as these signatures emerged. Before him stood three humanoid looking fighters, each clearly a member of the warrior caste by the scars that littered their body and their massive energy. The Saiyan could feel their strength rising like a thick smog over the distance between them. However, why were they here? He had come in search of the Legendary Super Saiyan, not these three...Whatever the fuck they were.

”This is the fifth? He’s not even transformed.”

The female among them spoke first, her high pitched voice speaking what sounded like proper English. She had obviously been one of the voices whispering in some strange tongue before; it was likely that all three of them were. Unsure of what she was talking about, Broly merely snarled in her direction; a direction filled with golden light. Something about this entire encounter felt dream-like, as if he were really asleep in his makeshift bed.

”Quiet now, Juniper. We’unno exac’ly ‘whut this boy’s capable ov.”

A more distinctive accent from what looked like the eldest, the warrior on the far left. His ki signature appeared to be the most massive out of all three of them, his energy flowing off of him in smokey stacks of golden vapor. Something about him; something about all of them was beginning to unnerve him. He knew it, somewhere in the back of his head; he knew eactly what they were. He knew why he was here, but he refused to admit it.

”Haha! He fuckin’ told you, June! Burk fuckin’ told you!”

The youngest, somehow the one with the most scars, laughed at his cohort while playfully elbowing her in the arm.

”Hush too, Brock. You ain’t any better than Juniper. Now, ‘yer his predecessor, aren’t ‘ya gonna test’em out?”

Broly saw the youngest make an exasperated gesture, though he seemed to have quieted under the stern gaze of the eldest man, whose body remained encased in flowing gold. He appeared to be the only one in any form of transformation; his hair brighter than any halo, his eyes a stormy green. It was clear that somehow, someway, he was a Super Saiyan. Was it possible, that somehow, all of these warriors were Super Saiyans?

”No.”, Broly finally spoke, his voice only slightly louder than his breath. He could not-- it just wasn’t fucking possible. The Legend had spoken of only one; one every thousand years. Hadn’t he been the only successor to the original, Pattchoy? His eyes narrowed, and his fists clenched as he examined these warriors, each one clad in rags. Emerald energy rose from his feet, rising in thick waves toward the quickly dulling sky above.

”Yeah yeah, I guess I probably should, right? I mean shit. June beat the hell outta me, when I got here. Even I was already transformed, though. I mean damn, if he can’t transform, this isn’t even going to be fun! It’ll be a murder, a massacre, a curbstomp---!”

”What are you fucking babbling about!?”, Broly’s voice finally chipped into the conversation, catching the attention of each of the three fighters before him. The eldest placed a hand on his hips, casting a furtive glance toward the youngest, who had been boasting so much a few seconds ago. The woman, apparently named Juniper, looked at him more firmly, arms crossed as she waited for him to explain to Broly.

”Yeah, Brock. What’s going on?”, she voiced.

”Alright, damn. Calm down big guy! Calm down! All I’m sayin’ is, you can’t really be a good Super Saiyan if you can’t even transform. You can transform, can’t you?”

Broly watched as the youngest, apparently Brock, pointed an accusing finger in his direction. Was he seriously accusing Broly of being unable to transform? While Broly could not imagine what led him to that conclusion, he didn’t really know how to react. He had never been the weakest in a group before. He could feel each of their signatures, the weakest of which belonging to the boy, who still hovered at least a little above his combat strength.

However, that wasn’t all that was confusing him. The boy had called him a Super Saiyan; but what was even more confusing, was the fact that he was implying that he too was a Super Saiyan. Growling, the Saiyan watched as the boy turned around, throwing his hands into the air. He had apparently decided that Broly was not worth his time-- a grave mistake.

”Look, he can’t even transform! Burk, I’m out, man. You can’t expect me to take this motherfucker seriously. I’ll see you guys whenever the Sixth one rolls aro- huh?”

He was interrupted by the sudden spike in Broly’s ki signature and the scream that accompanied it. Behind him, Broly’s hair was spiking, it’s regular black giving way to a bright blue. The gems on his wrist guards lit up as his power began to climb, the sand around his body being displaced and generally slung about as the warrior who had been about to give up on him turned once more. As the pitch of his scream rose, so did his strength; his muscles expanded with sickening pops and groans as he hit his peak strength.

Burk frowned as Broly’s strength peaked and the most current Legendary Warrior lunged forward toward Brock. It wasn’t that he was concerned for Brock; no, the boy could handle himself. He was concerned about the appearance of Broly’s transformation. He exchanged glances with Juniper as their ally prepared himself for Broly’s assault.

”Oh, you can transform; you just do it fu-”

He was cut off once more by the arrival of Broly’s body into his guard. Broly’s fist cocked back as Brock’s eyes narrowed; golden energy burst free of his body, forcing his black hair to spike upward in haphazardly placed golden locks. His energy exploded around him, forcing nearby grains of sand to flatten and cave in below his feet, which remained firmly in place as Broly charged him. For a man who had been talking about getting his ass kicked by a woman mere seconds ago, Brock was showing no fear at the sight of Broly.

He too, had been thirsting for an interesting battle since his birth. Broly was exactly that, to him. Broly was the epitome of Saiyan Evolution, the newest model of his breed taking on his predecessor; the new machine vs. the old standard, the battle of the ages was ready to take place, and he was participating.

His left hand smacked at Broly’s wrist, sending the Saiyan’s first punch off course. However, his body continued forward, forcing Brock to jump back or risk being tackled off of his feet. Juniper and Burk watched calmly as their energy struggled and battled mere inches away, both Saiyans moving at supersonic speeds. In Broly’s wake, the glass from nearby windows had shattered and the road had been replaced by a trench. It was clear that he was giving his all into eradicating Brock.

His other fist came in hard, a left hook intended for his opponent’s cheek; but Brock was too quick for that. His forearm rose quickly, blocking the strike with a thud that seemed too loud for a skin-to-skin collision. His body was forced sideways through the sand, Broly’s figure shifting to give chase without hesitation. His leg came out next while their auras struggled in the air around him, the limb rising hard and fast while he struggled to remove Brock’s head. Fortunately for the Super Saiyan, he was still far faster than anything Broly was capable of. His body ducked down fast, shooting beneath Broly with a roll, letting the leg slide over him.

Tumbling forward through the sand as Broly turned around in the air, Brock’s right hand rose, leveled directly at Broly. Grinning, the Super Saiyan unleashed a powerful blast of golden energy in his opponent’s direction, the recoil of which pushing him backward through the sand as it’s heat turned all it passed over into glass. This blast was obviously meant to kill, to force Broly into a life or death situation. Fortunately, this was something he was used to.

He charged directly at the wave, his arms crossing over his chest as he soared through the air. His eyes were filled with an emerald light, much like the one that surrounded him; his power would carry him through this petty wave of energy. This man, this Brock, was not going to be his undoing, even if it was just an illusion created by the pendulum room. He would not allow it. It was not in his character to simply roll over and accept defeat.

The blast slammed into his arms, creating a shockwave that glassed the sand below him. Several meters away, Brock continued applying pressure as Broly flew forward, hoping to shatter his opponent’s guard with a continuous blast. If he got lucky, he could force his opponent to open up and accept his rather fatal gift. After all, Broly had to uncross his arms eventually. No one could stand the level of pain being dished out for an eternity.

Juniper turned to Burk as the warriors dueled, Broly’s body slowly closing in on Brock’s position.

”He’s not the smartest, is he?”

“Which’un? Neither seems like a smart bet, ma’am. That ‘sed, it’s prob’ly fer the best that Brock gets his block knocked. What I’ve been wonderin’ though, why is that Broly’s energy green? It’s like he’s not transformin’ all the way.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. What’s up with all that jewelry, too?”

At those words, she toyed with the long, golden earrings placed in her ears.

Meanwhile, Broly was still embroiled in battle with the Super Saiyan known as Brock. His fists were moving faster than they ever had before, each strike intended to pierce through the motherfucker’s chest or face. Instead, he was being rebuked at every turn; his opponent was warding off his blows with minimum effort, his hands either catching or colliding with Broly’s. Each collision of strength left pockmarks in the sand, sending the material in every direction around them as they battled.

As Broly’s guard lowered to attack, Brock took his chance to turn the tables for his own offensive. He reached out quickly, exceeding his opponent’s speed to send a vicious hook into the other Saiyan’s face. The impact was accompanied by a deafening crack as Broly stumbled backwards, feet landing on the lip of a sand crater. Spittle and blood dripped from his mouth as he lost feeling in his cheek, before he kicked off backward into the air.

At the same time, their auras finally untangled themselves from each other, releasing a fierce burst of wind as they separated and backed up from each other. Brock’s fist hovered in the air for a moment, before slowly falling to his hip and relaxing.

”What’s up, Fifth? Can’t keep up? Why don’t you just transform all the way? It’d make it much easier on you, really. I don’t wanna come out on top here just because you were too chicken of imploding like the Old Man. I mean damn, look at Burk. He’s a Super Saiyan, and he’s fine.”

He gestured to the eldest Super Saiyan, that cocky grin still present on his features. Broly however, looked far less pleasant. Spittle once more flew from his mouth as he replied, his features contorted with rage.

”I am transformed all the way, what the fuck are you talking about!?”

”Wait, what? No you’re not. You’re supposed to look all yellow and gold and muscle-y, like me!”

With that, he flexed his muscles, sending a shiver-like shake through his golden aura. Broly remained silent for a few seconds, his face still fierce as he looked at his opponent.

”Oh shit, wait, can you really not transform all the way? Dude, I was just kidding earlier, I didn’t think you’d really be unable to do i-”, his voice was broken with laughter, his statement interrupted by Broly’s enraged reaction.

”Gah! Stop fucking laughing at me!”

”Broly, what’re those jewels all over ya?”

The eldest, Burk, spoke to him now, his voice steady.

”They’re devices that my father had created for me. Without these jewels, even I can’t control my power. It will literally tear the world I’m on in two.”

It was, to his knowledge, true. He had received the jewels from his father, along with golden equipment designed to keep him docile and satisfied. Fortunately for him, his personality had been left intact. On both sides of the coin, his power was often limited by the effects of the Jewels.

”Take them off, Broly.”

The eldest stepped forward now, his energy rising around him in a massive tide of golden light. His fists were clenched tightly at his waist, his fingertips digging into his skin as he stared down the behemoth of a Saiyan that was Broly. For several tense seconds, the pair locked eyes, Broly’s own stormy hues gazing deeply into his opponent’s. Nothing could have cut through the thick atmosphere that their staredown created.

Nothing but Broly’s response. It was clear that he was being threatened; remove his guards or be attacked by the massive torrent of energy that Burk was quickly showing himself to be. While all of their signatures appeared to be climbing by slight increments as time ticked on, something about the man’s signature was far more threatening than the other two. It seemed that he was their leader for a reason.

Broly’s eyes narrowed as the staredown continued. Electricity was building around Burk’s still swirling aura, as Juniper and Brock watched. Broly’s own energy was reaching it’s natural peak, rising off of his body in thick curls of smoke-like emerald energy. Inside of his head, the Super Saiyan was running the possibilities of Broly’s power; he was trying to grasp hold of what his strength might be while fully released.

”I said, take’em off.”

”You can’t stop me once I take them off old man. None of you can.”, many warriors had tried before. They had tried removing his restraints and testing him. They had tried everything in their power to stop him. They had all failed miserably. Suddenly, Burk smiled a revolting smile, one that could have turned even the deepest of his victims over in their grave. The Saiyan in him was most definitely becoming present as his power peaked.

It was clear that his strength was towering over Broly’s, who was only at his maximum beginning to reach Brock’s level when he had first transformed.

”It looks like I’ma have to take’em off myself, then. Let’s see how ‘yew dance, boy.”

For a moment, the world seemed to stand still. Then, as time often did, it accelerated too quickly for the mortal eye to follow.

Burk’s body carried quickly over the sand, moving forward as though motion required no effort. Broly’s eyes barely managed to track him as he neared, his fist was forced to raise exactly as the man vanished from his starting location. However, before he could bring it all the way up, a firm elbow smashed into his nose. He was forced backward, blood flowing freely from his nostrils before a follow up strike was issued to his gut.

Burk had sunk low, his arm bending in order to force his fist into the other Legendary Saiyan’s gut. Broly lurched forward into a backhanded strike which sent him spinning. Blood was now falling from his lips and his nose, dripping onto the sand below him. He bent down, falling to one knee from the might of his opponent’s assault. He could not remember ever having been hit so hard in his goddamned life.

Placing his fingertips on the sand, he grunted with pain as Burk’s boot planted firmly on his back, fingertips wrapping firmly around Broly’s wrist. Wrenching it behind his back, he struck quickly at the glowing jewel on his wrist guard in order to shatter it.

Shatter it did, into several sapphire like shards, which fell harmlessly into the sand next to Broly. The younger Saiyan screamed as his energy began to climb, burying his other wrist into the sand as the golden wrist guard broke free of his skin. He screamed as a piece of his neon blue hair sharpened and narrowed, dyeing itself gold. The sand beneath him shook and rattled as his power elevated, now coming closer to the female Saiyan, Juniper’s.

”Fucking stop it! Don’t you know what’ll-agh, what’ll happen if you break those jewels?!”

He shouted at the older Saiyan, his voice filled with the agony of having his arm wrenched out of it’s socket. Energy was rising from Broly more fiercely now, a torrent of emerald light with taints of gold; part of his true power was showing through. Burk kicked him down into the sand, releasing his arm and stepping over the younger warrior, who was now turning onto his back. Energy gathered in Broly’s other hand, his arm slinging upward at Burk.

The elder man slapped it back to the ground next to Broly’s head with little effort, forcing an explosion at close range. Broly was forced to close his eyes and shield them from the heat, as his opponent slammed his boot down on the warrior’s wristguard, breaking it in half and forcing it to fall into the freshly created pockmark next to Broly’s body. More and more ki began erupting from the warrior as the rest of his hair tinted gold.

”Two more pieces, boy! Calm down!”

He was referring of course, to the heavy amounts of screaming that Broly was presently doing. The influx of power through his body was causing him physical pain; it wasn’t an amount he was used to handling. Burk kneeled down over the warrior’s body, his fingertips stretching out toward Broly’s crown; he was going to shatter that next. The Saiyan’s free arm rose up in retaliation, striking wildly at Burk’s face with his open palm. Unfortunately, the strike was blocked.

His fingertip shattered the gem upon contact, forcing gold to shower over the both of them. Broly’s true power was releasing; he had only the gem on his necklace left. The gem that covered his boots had never been restraints; nor had the gem on his belt. That had been illustrated when they failed to light up during his original transformation. What Broly couldn’t understand about this situation was; how was it that his opponent failed to understand?

Was he really that confident in his own power? Did he really think that he’d be able to defeat Broly’s fully unleashed strength?

The younger Saiyan’s aura exploded outwards, forcing Burk off of him and backward into the sand. This time however, there was a key difference within his motions; Broly could see them. Breathing raggedly, the freshly emerged Super Saiyan’s body rose through the air, aiming itself directly toward his opponent. The two Super Saiyans on the sideline watched as Broly launched himself, their eyes trailing just behind him; his fully unleashed power had easily surpassed the both of them.

Burk’s arms rose in defense as Broly neared, his guard reminiscent of a boxer’s. However, as Broly’s arm curled, it became apparent that he was not going for a standard punch. He was going for a lariat; one of his signature attacks. Burk’s eyes widened with the realization, as he brought both arms up over his face. Broly’s arm took him off of his feet, forcing him to flip backward underneath it as the Saiyan trucked forward.

However, as soon as Broly realized his attack had failed, he sprung backward without bothering to turn. Burk’s elbow jerked back in retaliation as he stabilized in the air, his body turning to face Broly’s nearing figure. His right hand quickly cocked at his hip, preparing for a counter strike whenever the younger fighter could finish his attack. At least, that’s what he’d been doing before he was interrupted.

A firm hand planted itself on Broly’s back, stopping him in his tracks as it’s owner used the other hand to grip tightly on Burk’s face, thumb and pinkie in his golden sideburns. Broly turned quickly to view the source, a bolt of emerald light quickly amassing in his hand; however, what he saw honestly left him at a lack for words. The other two Saiyans’ stood, mouth agape, and watched; watched as the Original Legendary Super Saiyan held onto two of the strongest fighters they’d ever seen, single handedly.


His voice rose over the roars of their aura, forcing both back into their default state and stopping an otherwise all encompassing battle. It was clear that he was not late to the party on accident; and yet, the purpose for his late arrival was not easy to identify. Regardless of his reasons, Pattchoy released Burk’s face, and pushed both of them backwards through the sand. Because of their motion, Broly now stood side by side with Juniper, his body still ready to pounce upon an opponent as his mind cleared.


Burk’s voice was weaker than usual, as he addressed the Legendary Super Saiyan before him, who remained untransformed. He had not required a transformation to stop two raging Super Saiyans; a sign of his dangerous power. The halo above his hairy head quivered as he turned to address what must have been his child, the successor to his power, the Second Legendary Super Saiyan.

”Burk; why do you waste your power in conflict with the Fifth successor to my might? Why do you do battle against my legacy? Against your legacy? Do you not see that this boy has to further our legend?”

He scolded his child before turning to the trio before him. He glanced at them all in line, addressing them each by name and tale.

”Juniper; the Third Legendary Super Saiyan. You laid waste to your home planet, before losing control at age thirty. You fight utilizing your almost unnatural speed, which is useless in the face of mine. Do not think you can outrun a force of nature, woman. Your speed pales in comparison to me.

Brock; the Fourth Legendary Super Saiyan. If memory serves, you aided the Saiyan race in great conquest, before being killed in battle by a Changeling lord. Interesting that you believe you have the right to judge your predecessor, when he has succeeded his rival’s strength. He has exceeded yours as well, if you cared to notice. You fight using your knowledge of battle and natural wit, which is equally useless in the face of my strength.

Finally, Broly; the Fifth Legendary Super Saiyan. Cast out from your planet for your power, and then abandoned on Earth by the machinations of another. You, have visited me before, using a technique I have never before seen. You do battle with your strength alone. Admirable, your imitation; however, that too is useless before my might. Your search for knowledge on restraint is useless, Broly. Eventually, you too will lose control of your power.”

For a moment, the brute of a warrior glared deeply into Broly’s black, almost soulless eyes. However, he quickly turned his back, and strode toward the point of his arrival, clearly intent on leaving. At the last step, he stopped and turned his head back to survey the four warriors who each possessed a piece of his strength. Each warrior, including Broly, wore a look of disgust on their face. It was clear that they did not enjoy being lectured by anyone, no matter how powerful they may have been.

”I have heard of a million stories, I have seen the victims of a million shattered dreams fall prey to a force superior than themselves. I have not seen a story more pitiful than yours. Bring yourself together, children, before your story repeats itself once more. You are the direct descendants of an immortal force, the inheritors of god-killing power. Use it without fear, or lose it entirely.”

With that, two worlds vanished simultaneously. Broly watched as the sand and the broken buildings melted before his eyes, vanishing into the familiar blackness that was the pendulum room. To the Legendary Super Saiyan, it was obvious that Broly’s questions were still unanswered. However, that was not to say he gave a damn. It was not his concern what Broly did with his power, so long as he furthered his legacy.

That was all that seemed to matter to the old bastard. That was the realization that had etched itself into Broly’s mind as he glanced down at the clock face beneath his feet. His jewels had been shattered inside the pendulum room, and they now littered the ground around his feet, his wrist guards split in half and his crown empty of it’s shard. For a moment, he stood as still as possible, pondering the possibility that he would lose control on the spot.

When nothing seemed to happen, he glanced to the genie, Popo. The little black creature was staring at him, an all-knowing smile stretched across his pompous genie face. Broly would have preferred nothing more than to bash it in, but he had more important things to attend to. Bigger fish to fry and bigger fish to kill. He had to find and defeat the Master; one of the only creatures he could truly consider to be more malevolent than darkness itself.

A creature from the abyss, who he would not allow to exist any longer. The creature was there for his dragonballs, his possessions. Broly would not let him have them. That much was clear enough to him now that he needed to extra clarification. Turning away from the black skinned genie, the Saiyan strode calmly out of the room, his mind on matters more future tense than ever before. It was not that he was harboring the dangerous tendrils of doubt, it was not that type of deceit nagging his mind.

No; he was simply considering how powerful he could become, what kind of strength he had yet to discover and wield. He knew now that he could unleash his transformation in battle, and that was something he would be showing that Changeling.

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