The Pendulum Room

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The Pendulum Room

Post by Super Buu on 8/18/2012, 8:28 am

Pendulum Room

Hard Quest

Requirement: Must have completed Guardian's Trial.

Reward: 1,500 zeni and +1,400 bonus XP.

After completing his trial, Kami takes you to the Pendulum Room. It takes you back in time to face a an ancient villain, more powerful than yourself. You must survive this encounter to reap the rewards of Kami's special training.

Buu finished his first two tasked flawlessly. The fight with the genie, Popo, that truly test Buu's resilience in battle. The genie moved at such fast speeds with fluid movement. He was without a doubt one of the strongest and faster fighters in the known universe. The only thing Buu had to accomplish was to touch him. If he had to battle him to the death, Buu would have certainly bowed out of that situation.

The second task was simply to light four torches and fight anything that followed. This task at first sounded like a “cake walk”, but was much more than that. The first spirit that appeared was specialized in the soul use of ki abilities. He didn't pose much of a threat to the mystic being that was Buu. The pink demon made short work of his first adversary. Even though the being was supposedly extremely powerful, Buu took him down in what seemed like a single blow. Now the second being was Buu's true challenge. A spirit that mastered the art of speed almost got the best of the pink demon. Strike after strike that slammed into Buu destroyed his confidence. He thought to himself that he couldn't win, but the demon held together much longer than his opponent. Being strong in just the field of speed doesn't do much if your endurance can't keep up, and this small fact helped Buu triumph.

The demon was now more than prepared for what Kami could throw at him. Buu was on top of his game. He showed so much confidence and will power. The demon was just flexing his newly found “muscles” to show the world that he is the dominant being. He wanted each and every being that breathed to fear him, and he was well on his way to over coming that goal. This final test would push him closer to his goal.

You have triumphed over the past two challenges with ease. A feat that isn't easy to accomplish. Now, Buu, I have one final task for you. The Pendulum Room.” Kami spoke in great praise of the demon's work.

The Pendulum Room? Buu questioned to himself. Was Kami going to walk him into a room specifically made for a Pendulum? A room that only hosted a swinging blade. This was the only image that appeared in the Demon's mind as he began to walk alongside Kami. The two were heading back to the surface of the lookout.

Manning their way up many staircases and through numerous hall ways. This place was like a labyrinth, One wrong move would have them lost for days. Even though Buu knew Kami lived there, he doubted that he would see the light of day again. He held this thought to himself, for he didn't want to ruin his “good” behavior with a single insult to the old namekian.

The duo neared the top of the final staircase and set their eyes on the blazing sun. They walked down the red carpeted walk way and preceded to ascend the center tower. “[color=green]The room is up here.[color]” Kami alerted as they neared a gigantic doorway. “Buu you should prepare yourself for this. You have yet to face anything that is more powerful than yourself, and I assure you that this task will require you hold nothing back. You will be pushed to your final limits, possibly killed, but if you prevail you will be one of the most powerful beings to walk this green earth. Are you up to the challenge?” Kami prepped Buu as he pushed the door open with his cane.

The massive doors began to slide apart and loud cracking sounds began to emit from the hinges. Buu looked to Kami as he turned away. The namekian took his leave after his prep talk. It was now Buu's time to show his worth. To fight a being of more power than himself, or prevail over a task that required him to fight past his limits. Buu took a deep breath and slowly walked through the doors. As he stepped just pass the door way, the doors slammed quickly behind him. A loud turning sound resonated throughout the room. The door had locked itself. Buu was truly trapped in this darkened area.

With the door locked and nothing around, Buu sat and began to meditate until something happened. This room was silent and void of life aside from Buu. It was almost like he was lead here as a trick, but as his thoughts turned to the worst, a light broke the veil of black. The room started to shift. Revealing a massive walk way.

The walkway was white as snow and aligned with gold. It looked like the Lookout's walkway without the carpet. The demon began to walk it. Step after Step the area behind him started to disperse. He was heading down a one way street with no way to return to reality. This place was now his temporary home, with only one way out. He had to overcome whatever it was that Kami was warning him about.

The demon continued his steady pace. He started to look around and get a feel for his surroundings. A forest began to fade into this plane, and the Ivory walk way turned to dirt. He was no longer in a void dimension. Aside from the change in appearance, a loud roar sounded throughout the land. Buu stomped his pace and jumped back as a giant prehistoric foot slammed into the dirt just a few feet in front of his body. This event startled the demon. He looked up to see what being could possibly accomplish such a feat. It was a dinosaur. One that Buu hadn't seen before. The demon was millions of years old and had no knowledge of this type of being. What is that? Where am I? He started questioning his state of being. Was he even on earth now?

The demon was millions of years in the passed without even knowing it. The only thing he knew he had to do was vanquish a foe that was more powerful than himself. Was this “dinosaur” his objective? He shook his body and pointed at where he thought the heart would be. A pink beam swiftly shot from his finger tip. The beam penetrated the rough exterior of the being and dropped it like a bag of bricks. A loud thud and snapping of trees was emanated through the forest. He stood and waited to see if the scenery would change. Nothing happened... He was still stuck in this time without a means of escape.

Void of options, Buu continued on his way jumping over the corpse of the unknown creature. He had to find the target he was sent to destroy. Buu just had no idea what exactly it was that he was looking for. Would a combat spirit from the last task be hidden in this environment? That would be a much easier target to find rather a human or alien in this place. Just finding a human would be like finding hay in a needle stack, No fun and extremely painful, and Buu wanted this task to be easy. He wanted to hurry it along, so he quickened his pace. Now running through the forest, Buu narrowed his sight and tried to sense a power greater than that of his.

This would narrow his search tremendously if he could lock on to a single being on this “planet” that held more power. Naturally he would want it dead if he could fare against it. The whole idea of possibly dieing stayed dormant in his mind. The demon didn't want to go to hell or the demon realm. The very thought of it enraged him most of the time. This was the only exception to his rage. He had to keep his emotions stable, and use his rage in combat rather than using it now with no true reason.

Gwuf, gwuf, gwuf was the only sound that could be heard. The sound of his boots scuffing along the ground as he ran. The demon's impatience began to wale on his calm state of being. His impatience screamed “FIND IT NOW!” continuously in his mind as his patience fought back with silence. This battle alone was one that Buu's mind didn't enjoy fighting. The demon looked like he didn't have much brain function at all, but little did everyone know that Buu's mind was in a constant state of conflict.

One side of brain held his patience and calm collected personality in check. As for the opposing side, it held his impatience and evil tendencies. The evil side was the victor ninety percent of the time. Each battle was longer and even more fierce than the last. If they could be watch it would be like the watching the Titans of Olympus fight to gain access to the heavens. Only with the Titans prevailing in almost every scenario. Olympus had its days where they won hands down. Throwing and dispelling the evil into oblivion. This time Olympus would have to prevail for him to keep going about on his journey.

The war that waged on in his head was one of many, and it needed to be ignore. Buu continued on his path. His head tentacle waving in the wind as he swiftly ran down the trail. A power finally revealed itself to Buu. It felt as though it was a few hundred miles away from his current area. He would surely have to pick up his pace and suppress his inter battle of his mind.

The real target was finally shown. The power felt like it was radiating from a mountain range that stopped the trail he was running on. Aside from just finding it he would now have to scale a mountain range. Another reason for his mind to fight. More time was thrown at his counter. Step by step his internal timer was beginning to give away. His patience was on the verge of losing his fight. Buu had to quicken his pace even more. From an aerial view it was like watching a pink bolt shoot through the forest.

In his hastened speed he met face to face with the base of the mountain that housed his foe. The strength of this being ki signal was driving Buu insane. The being was radiating pure power. To Buu, it felt like he was sensing the power of one million warriors, but this was just a single being. The demon shook his head to wave his doubts away. He grabbed the base of the mountain and began his ascent.

Buu was now the Titan fighting his way into “Olympus”. This titan wanted to dethrone the gods one by one. To show them that they are just as feeble as the humans they watch over. To accomplish such a valiant feat he would have to unleash his hidden potential. He would indeed have to become one of the Titans himself. Buu looked up to the circular pink and let out a loud roar to the heavens. This was his warning that he was coming.

The sky darkened and lightning began to strike the area around him. This made his visions of being a titan even more realistic. Zeus had heard Buu's warning and began to cast lightning bolt after lightning bolt down the side of the mountain. Each strike denting the mountain's wall. Buu just grinned and continued to grab ledge after ledge pushing himself up. This titan would not fail. He would make the greek myths reality. Buu would kill the god that sat atop this mountain. Whether it be Zeus or another “god” he would show him the pain and suffering that death's grasps envelops it's victims in.

You are not prepared for this!” Buu roared once more. The demon started to laugh heavily as rain began to fall aside the lightning. This small water hazard was the least of his problems. The demon was being fueled by rage and impatience. Nothing and he meant nothing would stop him.

Ledge after ledge, Buu finally placed a hand on the top circular flat surface. He pulled himself up and stood on the flat ground. He looked around and noticed the the flat area had a star engraved in it. The floor had a glossed over finish. Was this Olympus? If this was the sacred ground of the gods, why it placed in such an odd time in the earth's forming? This really showed the life span that the gods' home had lived. The Greeks were not the only beings that were watched over by them. Prehistoric beings were in their demographic now.

Aside from the historic area that the demon stood upon, he was here for blood. The very blood of the man that stood in front of him. A bright armor knight with a rigid blade in his right hand. Even with the clouds blocking the sun, this knight's armor shined as though it was the sun. This mighty warrior was none other than Zeus himself.

The way that the mountain looked it was like he was working on Olympus' formation. Engraving and shining its ground to be fit for a god. “You will die for defiling these grounds. This is the future home of the gods, and is no place for a demon like yourself. I can feel the very chaos you have caused in your past. Enjoy your final breaths for you shall be dead soon.” The god spoke out to Buu as he rushed forward.
The demon stood stunned as the God of Lightning moved as though he was lightning. The blade that he held sliced through the chest of Buu. Zeus had delivered a promising first blow, but little did he know that not even the blade of a god can do away with a demon of Buu's status so easily. Buu began to laugh as his body repaired itself. His shoulder engulfed the blade making it part of his being.

Buu jumped back then thrust-ed his right arm forward pushing the god away. Now at a distance Buu began to point at his opponent. “Death Beam!” Buu's voice boomed across the arena as a swift moving darkened pink beam shot from Buu's index finger. The beam cut through the air and slammed into the armor of Zeus.

You need to try better than that.” Zeus laughed as the beam only dented his shining chest plate. The blast was completely irrelevant. Buu would have been better off to just store that power and release it at a later point. Zeus ceased his laughter and rushed back into melee range. The god began to punch with his left hand and stab with his right. Each hit and stab landing right where he wanted them to. Purple blood began to leak from the wounds.

The demon's only reaction was his jaw dropping. He struggled to heal his wounds to keep himself in the battle. He needed to disarm the god, but how? That was indeed the question that needed an answer. How does one disarm a GOD? It doesn't exactly sounds like an easy task, but it was without a doubt one that would truly take all of this will power to succeed in doing.

The demon stretched forward constricting the god of lightning like a snake. Buu was going to squish the life out of this immortal. Zeus began to struggle and fight for breath. “You are feeble and weak.” Buu whispered into the ear of Zeus. The demon tightened his grip and the one thing that Buu wanted to gain from the attack was gained. The lightning blade dropped to the ground. Cracking the surface that the two stood on, the blade looked as though it was unharmed, but was surely damaged or useless if not in the hands of Zeus.

Buu had just found a window in which victory could flow through. He just had to shove it open and embrace it. Right as he began to smile, Zeus ripped the torso and arms of Buu. The demon released a loud shriek of pain as his limbs were severed. His torso hovered in the air behind the god while his limbs and lower body slammed into the ground. Zeus began to reach for his blade, but failed. It was kicked away by the demon's lower body. Buu was a very unique demon to say the least. Majin Buu had developed his mind enough to control every severed limb as though it was still attached. Zeus was now facing the arms, lower body, and torso of the demon. The odds were “stacked” in Buu's favor for now. Well aside from Zeus being a god. Buu looked as though he couldn't lose in this state.

The legs of Buu continued to run around the arena kicking the blade with each step. While the arms were punching at the god. Zeus blocked each with fluid movement of his hands. Even though he was cut off from his weapon he was still very skilled in close combat. Buu's right hand continued the onslaught of punches as the left with drew and started to shoot small balls of energy toward the god.

Zeus only smiled as he fought the right hand of the being. “These tricks won't be the saving grace you need demon![b]” Zeus yelled as he threw out his right hand. The swords the Buu's torso was foolishly kicking around turned to pure energy and shot into the hand of the god. “Enough of this!” The god of lightning yelled as he jumped into the heavens. He seamlessly dodged every ball of energy that was sent in his direction with such a graceful jump.

Now suspended in the air above the black clouds Zeus began throwing his Lightning strikes down. What was once rain was now a rain of lightning. Bolt after bolt ravaged the area that the god had worked hard to make just right. Buu reassembled himself and began to bob and weave through each lightning bolt that came his way. It was like running an obstacle course training his cardio. Buu was finding more than just fun in this battle he was finding his hidden potential. This was certainly the hardest battle he had ever been in, and hopefully for him it would be the first of many.

Buu stopped his bobbing and weaving to look to the heavens. He pin pointed the god and jumped to take him on in the sky. As he started to soar, he was struck down. Zeus had hit his target with perfect aim. Buu was indeed struck by lightning and put in his place... The ground. The demon slammed into Mt. Olympus with a gut wrenching thud. The demon was badly burnt and lacked a mid section.

[b]Your existence in my realm is now over. You will be the first I dispose of and forever cast into the underworld. Enjoy your stay with Hades!
” Zeus yelled as he dove down. The god swiftly descended upon the earth slamming his blade into the “heart” of Buu. The red eyes of the demon faded to white and his evil grin faded as well. The gum like body began to degenerate into liquid.

His well built frame was slowly fading into a pile of pink liquid. The god had won this battle. The liquid began to slide away from the impact zone of Zues. It was slowly making its way to down the mountain. The rain made quick work of the remains. The puddle that was once Buu was now a non sentient being.

Minutes passed and the sun fought its way from behind the shroud of black clouds. The sun was brighter than ever, and Zeus was once again happy. He placed his lightning bolt in the ground and walked to the edge of his “home” to see if the demon was truly dead. The god of lightning looked down the mountain and just saw a trail of pink. The entire mountain side was bright with Buu's radiant pink shade.

The god had certainly triumph over the titan in this historically battle. Well for that moment anyways. The pink trail began to rise and return to the surface. It became a pink cloud, a mist if you will. The cloud hovered over Mt. Olympus and began to thicken. The dough like cloud began to wave, twist, and turn. It was being molded into a human body. Buu was returning from the very grips of death. This “god” was truly baffled and fear was installed in his mind. An emotion that gods should never feel. Buu even though he wasn't back to his shape could feel the sense of feebleness from the god.

I'm not the easiest one to kill by any means. If you thought you had me beaten from the start of this bout you were mistaken from the start.” The pink blob began to rant. “You may be a god, but you are weak. Now that you have tasted fear, I'll make you embrace it.” The demon ended his speech as his body reformed. The pink clay was now hardened and freshly molded into Buu's eight foot being.

His black gauntlets, boots, saggy white pants, and his M labeled belt buckled reshaped along with his pink flesh. Buu began to twist his right hand around his left gauntlet. “Round 2...Fight!” Buu announced as he threw a massive ball of pink energy toward his opponent. The demon then started to run along the right side of the circular arena. The ball hit is mark and enveloped the god. Buu wasted no time rushing in and taking complete control of the situation. The demon started to wale on his foe. Punch after punch, the demon began to break away the bright armor that plated the god.

You are feeble and weak. You can not win this battle!” Buu began to repeat over and over again hit after hit that landed. Bolts and silver plates started to break and hit the ground. As each part of the armor touched the earth it turned to dust. The holy armor wasn't meant to touch the mortal ground without being attached to the skin of a god. Zeus was stunned and unable to react.

I can feel the fear growing within. It is consuming the good within you. Clouding the bright sky that is your soul. You are at a loss of action.” Buu started to rant once again. He began to explain the weaknesses of this now mortal being as he reshaped the chest of Zeus. Buu pulled back his right hand and sent it forward and up to send the god flying.

The hit landed as planned and Zeus took off. Reacting swiftly Buu extended his arms and pulled the god back to his level. Throwing him against the ground. His silver plated “God Armor” was now dirt. Zeus pushed himself up now only in black shorts. The god had a very muscular body build, but without his armor and weapon he was as strong as an earth baby.

Buu just smiled at the site. He didn't even want to engage in close range at this point. The demon just wanted to site back and laugh until the “god” died of old age, but this wasn't an option. Buu raised his right shaking from his laughter. The demon began to gather energy from the world around him. Pink strands of energy began to compress above his hand into a ball.

“[color=pink]This attack will be the last you see in your pathetic existence. As you said to me before, Enjoy your stay with Hades.”[color=pink][b]” Buu told the beaten god and began to laugh again. The demon dropped his hand pushing the pink ball of energy forward. Buu enjoyed watching his massive attack move slowly, so he didn't put any force behind the attack. He only pushed it to give it enough speed for Zeus to react to it.

Buu knew that no matter what happened at this point he had successfully dethroned the new god. An incredible feat for anyone to accomplish. Even though the two fought in a mythological period of time and space that didn't quite make sense to Buu, he had beaten not just anyone, but a god. Something that the people of earth would truly be terrified of. The very statement would more than brighten his evil resume. From Trunks to the woman he met in the forest on earth, Buu would be able to claim that he killed the God of Lightning in a land before time. A demon surpassing the gods wasn't just a metaphorical statement, but was now truth.

Buu shook his head and returned to reality to watch the slow death of Zeus and destruction of Mt. Olympus. “[b]You haven't best me yet demon!
” The god yelled as a second wind brushed over him. The god fought his way forward to place his hands on the fiery exterior of the ball. “ I won't let you destroy what I have just started to create. This mountain will serve as a safe haven from now until the end of the earth. A safe haven for the gods to fight off evil like yourself.” The god began to inspire himself as he pushed the ball upwards.

Buu expected this from such a being. He readied his index finger for a final death blow. The god was still blinded to the site of Buu. The giant ball of pink energy was an eclipse that blocked the vision of the demon and the god. Even though Buu couldn't see he knew exactly where Zeus stood. Buu studied his steps as the god repelled the attack.

The ball began to slowly ascend to the “heavens” and Death's dark embrace started to wrap around the so called god. Buu had shot a powerful and swift Death Beam through the chest of Zeus. “You are done for.” Buu spoke as he dropped his right hand to his side. The demon stood his ground and just watched on as the god of lightning dropped to his knees with a an expression of true shock.

A glowing liquid began to spew from the wound. The liquid dripped to ground and melted the stone with each drop. The blood of a god was acid to this world. Something that was so unobservable or let along unbelievable by any being. This sight was a glorious one that Buu just sat back and embraced. The god tried to stand but kept falling to his knees. His power was withering away like a wilting flower.

The life that this being held was escaping swiftly. Death himself was smiling as he came closer to claiming the soul of a god. Buu folded his arms and began to walk toward the dieing champion of Olympus. Buu pushed the chin of Zeus up to allow him to look unto the heavens. “Look into the sun as it shines on your final day. Look into the heavens and know that every other god if they exist will die just as you are. Each one will feel the fear that you have today. Every last one of them will be visited by the angel of death that they have been immune to for so long. Immortal is only a shield. Shields can fight off oncoming damage for so long then they break. Your blood upon this earth is just a stepping stone to what will come. If a god's weakness can be found that god can be exterminated. You don't hold any power without your blade or armor. Just as gun is useless without a gun man. You were only wielded weapons of immortal stature. Zeus himself is nothing but a mere human. A feeble weak human.” Buu spoke gently to the god as he withered away.

Buu dropped the chin of Zues and backed out to watch. The god's body hardened to stone and faded as dust in the wind. The circular arena that he stood in lost its engraving and glossy shine. It was now just a mountain top. Snow began to descend from the sky. Buu had single-handedly took down “Olympus”. The home of Zeus. Even though this was before the time of Greece and human civilization. The victory was held high in Buu's book. This feat of strength would be unparalleled back on earth.

The pink demon just made Zeus a myth.

The mountain that Buu stood high upon began to fade. Everything around, the sun, the sky, the trees, and the mountain line began to fade. A black room began to take root and cover the area. Buu was returning to Kami's lookout. His task was more than complete. Buu had triumphed over the Pendulum room with relative ease. He fought off the god of lightning himself. Rewriting everything that the Greeks worshipped.

With a massive smile upon his face, Buu turned towards the massive doors to hear them unlock and open slowly. “Congratulations Buu! Kami welcomed his student back with a big congratulations. The nemekian was proud of Buu's accomplishment. “I have never seen such a scenario play out. A Greek God creating his home in the land before time. A mighty triumph in your life. He commented as he poked Buu's shoulder with his staff and began to lead the demon out of the massive black room.

Thank you for your training Kami.” Buu said with a bow. The demon was truly grateful for the opportunity to train with such a master. The lookout held many odd places to train in. Each room hosting an entire dimension with infinite possibilities. A room that would send you back in time to face any being of great power.

Training at the lookout was one of Buu's high points of life. The pink demon would never forget anything he had learned in this small amount of time.

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