A Powerful Weapon- Part 1

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A Powerful Weapon- Part 1

Post by Gaza on 8/19/2012, 5:03 am

The Legendary Staff

Easy Quest

Requirement: Must have searched for the Power Pole.

Reward: 1,000 zeni

You've heard rumor of a legendary staff that upon command can extend itself to great lengths. It was once wielded by Master Roshi, who gave it to his pupil, Gohan. Gohan died long ago, and the staff has since gone missing. However, you hear that a martial artist has been carrying it around from tournament to tournament, using its mystical power to defeat his enemies. Defeat him and claim the Power Pole.

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Re: A Powerful Weapon- Part 1

Post by Gaza on 8/19/2012, 7:07 am

What better use to test his strength than the World Martial Arts Tournament? Surely it was a great stage for up and coming warriors to show off their abilities. It was likely for the Tournament to attract great warriors, such as Goku and even Vegeta. So of course when Gaza heard of the tournament, AND that someone in the tournament had been carrying the legendary Power Pole around, beating all who stepped up to face him. Surely he hadn't faced many Saiyans, or he wouldn't be working with the Power Pole anymore, Gaza was sure. He was sure that he could take down this man, then take up the Power Pole to become stronger than ever! It would surely help him to topple any opposition that came his way. "A weapon like that, in the hands of a Saiyan? I'd be unstoppable!"

With that, it was decided. Gaza would enter the next tournament, defeat the Power Pole carrying warrior, and become the new owner of the artifact. It was all too perfect.


The World Martial Arts Tournament was starting, and Gaza's first opponent was nothing but a simple human. Some of the pink Earthlings made Gaza sick. They tried to act so powerful when in reality they were weak little pigs! Gaza would surely waltz his way to the finals, hopefully with the Power Pole toting warrior.

"Final match of round one, Folks! Gaza, the Saiyan vs. Apu from the East! Ready, begin!" The announcer shouted as the crowd roared. Gaza felt the arena shake with their cries of excitement. It was a new feeling, and he loved it. Perhaps he would return just to feel this again.

"Listen here, I will make this quick." Gaza said walking towards Apu, a tan man, somewhat orange in tone. "I'm just going to take you, and set you gently outside the ring, so you don't have to be scraped off the walls when we are done."

"I'm sorry, I can't let you do that." Apu said with a heavy East Indian accent. Gaza shrugged.

"Suit yourself, I don't much care either way." Gaza said with a smirk.
"Then we will fight now." Apu retorted, readying himself, like it was a boxing match. Gaza walked over, slowly, showing Apu that he posed no threat. Strolling up to Apu, he drilled his knee into the Indian sounding man's stomach. Apu bent down, the wind being knocked out of him. Gaza wrapped his arm around Apu's neck.

"If you call this a fight. Ha!" Gaza laughed, he fell back as he kicked Apu's feet out from under him. The man's head smack off the concrete. He was either knocked out or dead, Gaza didn't care to check. He tossed the man onto the grass that surrounded the ring.

"Winner! By ring out, or knock out! Your choice of the two, Folks!" The announcer shouted, again receiving a massive reaction from the crowd. Again the arena floor shook, making Gaza smile. He raised his hands to them.

"Give me more!" Gaza shouted, laughing on the inside. "Ah, Gaza. The crowd loves you kid." He said to himself.

Retreating to the back stage area to wait for another fight, Gaza decided he could relax a little, maybe toy with his next opponent more. It all depended on whether or not the next guy could take it long enough for Gaza to enjoy it.

"You did pretty good out there kid, but you won't make it much further." A stranger said standing over a resting Gaza. He brought his head up from between his knees to see a tall, muscular man, with pale white skin and no hair.

"Huh? And who are you?" Gaza said with a confuse look on his face.

"I, am Viktor." The bald man laughed. "It's funny, because I am also going to be winner." The man said, he sounded Russian. "We will be facing each other, if you make it past your next fight, in the Semi-finals."

"Is that so, then i guess I'll have to be especially careful, I'd hate to miss out on an opportunity to face someone as.... whats the word I'm looking for?"

"Powerful!" Viktor said, laughing out loud.

"No, that's not it... Egotistical! That's it." Gaza rolled back in his seat, laughing hysterically.

"Right, you want make joke! Maybe you won't make it to face me!" Viktor shouted, outraged at the joke.

"Next Match: Messus versus, Gaza." The announcer called out, coming through the PA in the locker room.

"Well," Gaza began, standing up off the bench. "The fans need me." He added with a smirk. As he strolled out he looked back, "Practice falling down would you? I'd hate for you to be ill prepared for our match."

As he walked out to the arena, Gaza heard the growling of Viktor. He had gotten to him. When he reached the arena, Messus was already wait. Messus wasn't much taller than Gaza, him only being about 6'3''. Gaza was a short 5'11'', only reaching Messus' chin. Messus had a full head of long, blond hair, and was well built. Not nearly as muscular as Viktor, he was the width of a truck. But compared to the size of his body, he must have been mostly muscle.

Raising both hands to the crowd, again receiving their applause, Gaza shot a smirk at Messus. "Give it up, the crowd loves me." He chuckled. "Relax, I'm messing with you."

"I'd suspect as much from some kid." Messus sighed, judging Gaza to be some arrogant teenager.

"Please, don't downsize me. I don't want to kill you, but hey, accidents happen." Gaza laughed.

"Idiot, killing results in an automatic disqualification!" Messus said, very angry as Gaza's knowledge of the tournament, or the lack thereof.

"Well look at it this way, I'm trying to earn what I want, stand in my way, and I'll kill my way too it. I'm not here to fight puny opponents like you." Gaza said, smirking. He hoped to spook Messus at this point, less energy spent. No skin off his bones if the man quit.

"Right, well I'd like to see you try." Messus said with a small scoff.

"Heh, I was kind of hoping you'd say that, I really was." Gaza smirked, then he rushed at him. He punched at Messus' face, hitting him in the left cheek bone and sending him sliding backwards, nearly to the edge of the ring. Gaza was surprised that he went as far as he did, he didn't really put much effort behind the punch.

"Good shot." Messus' coughed, wiping blood from his mouth.

"Not really, I didn't think you were that small, had I put any effort into that punch, you'd be on the grass right now." Gaza retorted, a large smirk across his face.

"You expect me to believe that? Like your some otherwo-" Messus was about to say 'otherworldly being', but he stopped having just notice Gaza's tail.

"I'm sorry what?" Gaza said jokingly.

"What the hell is that?" Messus asked, pointing at the tail.

"Where's yours? Heheh, I'm kidding. I'm not a human, guy. I'm a Saiyan! An elite warrior race!" Gaza exclaimed with great pride.

"I'm not trying to get myself killed here!" Messus said starting to take steps backwards slowly.

"Where do you think you're going?" Gaza said, rushing behind him. Messus was scared to death at this point, he froze in his tracks. "Just get the hell outta the ring." he sighed, covering his face with his palm. He didn't feel like wasting anymore time or effort on this worm of a man.

Messus quickly took the opportunity, and ran out of the stadium.

"Winner by Default! Due to the forfeit on the half of Messus!" The announcer shouted. This guy could make a grocery list sound exciting. Good thing too, cuz he was promoting Gaza.

"That's right! Haha!" Gaza raised both hands to the crowd again, feeling their praise as they cheered. "See you all real soon!" He shouted as he stepped back into the locker room. He still felt their cheers, feeding him adrenaline.

"Ha! Your opponent wet his pants like girl. You call that a victory?" Viktor greeted Gaza as he returned to the locker room.

"Hey, I didn't make him surrender. He was just too scared not to listen to me when I told him to get the hell outta the ring." Gaza smirked, fighting back laughter.

"I still say it doesn't count! But that does not matter now, for we are up next." Viktor smirked, leaning over to get in Gaza's face, who was now seated, to whisper, "And I've been waiting for it all night!" Viktor laughed, his breathe wreaked of garlic and onions, making Gaza want to puke.

"Someone needs to take you down a notch!" Gaza barked as he stood up, only reaching Viktor's chest.

"Let me know when you find someone to do so." Viktor laughed, watching as Gaza stormed off to prepare for their battle.

"Stupid cocky bastard, I'd like to take his black singlet and pull it over his face while i beat him with his own arm!" Gaza shouted, splashing water in his face to cool off. Then the announcer came back on.

"Here comes the last Semi-final match, Folks! Returning Champion, Viktor is challenged by newcomer but Rising Star, Gaza! It's sure to be a good one folks, but will our returning champion put the fire out on Gaza's career before it even get's started?" The announcer called them to the ring, Gaza wasn't sure how this big muscle head managed to beat the man with the Power Pole, but he didn't care. It wasn't going to happen again.

Gaza made his way to the arena, this time with hate in his heart. He didn't know any of the other men, but he had disposed of them with little mercy. Viktor would not be as lucky.

"I'm going to enjoy this!" Gaza spit at Viktor like venom.

"Oh ho, not as much as I will!" Viktor laughed as he reached behind him, grabbin something off his back. It was wierd Gaza hadn't seen the man's back and didn't notice a sheathe of any kind.

"Your going to pull a sword on me?" Gaza laughed, insulted a bit.

"Not sword, Power Pole!" Viktor shouted, bringing it out in front of him, then extending it to club Gaza in the face. Gaza was caught off guard and fell from the blow to the face.

"What? You're the Power Pole wielder? I can't believe it!" Gaza said, astonished. He assumed by the man's stature that he would be a strict martial artist.

"Yes, you better believe it!" Viktor said, raising it up then swinging it downward towards Gaza, who quickly rolled out of the way. Squirming to his feet, Gaza stepped onto the Power Pole, intending to run up the pole to gain leverage and stay out of its range.

"Heheh, retract!" Viktor shouted, the pole coming out from under Gaza. Gaza floated in the air, surprising Viktor.

"I've got some tricks too." Gaza smirked.

"You mean you can fly?" Viktor shouted in disbelief.

"You mean you can't?" Gaza said scratching his head. "I'm sorry, it was my understanding that the more powerful Earthlings could all fly. I was clearly mistaken." Viktor's temper flared, wanting to club Gaza even more now. He took a few steps back then, using the pole to vault through the air, he leaped at Gaza. Taking this opportunity, Gaza brought his knee forth at lightning fast speeds, drilling it into Viktor's ugly mug. Viktor fell out of the air, onto his back and on the arena floor. He extended the pole to swat Gaza out of the air as well.

"Hung! There, stay out of air little monkey boy!" Viktor shouted as Gaza hit the ground on the opposite end of the ring.

"Stay off the ground!" Gaza offered in rebuttal. Not the best comeback, but he didn't care much for it himself. He only sought to end this battle. Jumping back to his feet, Gaza rushed to the still dazed Viktor, grabbing him by his ankles. After a few futile attempts, he assumed it wouldn't be able to be done. Recovering shortly after, Viktor stood back to his feet, ready to swing the Power Pole again. Gaza quickly grabbed the collar of his singlet, then, placing his hand on Viktor's abdomen, he lifted him over his head. Dropping him down on top of his knee with all his might, Gaza hoped to finish him. Viktor shouted in pain, and he began coughing wildly. In any case, he dropped the Power Pole, so Gaza quickly picked it up.

"Looks like Gaza has taken Viktor's weapon! How will this effect the outcome of the battle?" The announcer shouted, making the crowd roar louder than they already had been. Viktor, in the meantime, had begun coughing up blood.

"Congratu- lations, monkey boy." Viktor said coughing. "You take- the pole and win- many tournaments for Viktor, yes?" he pleaded to Gaza.

"Nah, tournaments aren't really my thing." Gaza shrugged.

"But-" Viktor coughed one last time before dying.

"It's an unfortunate turn of events here, Folks. Gaza has inadvertently killed Viktor! So that means, Champion due to disqualification, Arbitor! The beast from the Southeast!" The announcer called out. Gaza didn't want to win the tournament. He didn't want to face some wrestling fanatic for some cash prize.

"This is what I came here for." Gaza said, eyeballing the Power Pole. "This is my destiny!"

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