A Powerful Weapon- Part 2

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A Powerful Weapon- Part 2

Post by Gaza on 8/19/2012, 2:08 pm

The True Staff

Hard Quest

Requirement: Must have completed The Legendary Staff.

Reward: 1,500 zeni and the artifact Power Pole.

So, the Power Pole you claimed from the martial artist is a fake--a replica made by Capsule Corporation. It can only extend so far and upon testing it's powers, you've broken it. Just as you are feeling like you want to give up on the artifact, an old man in a fox mask appears, wielding the pole. He hands you a staff and challenges you to a duel. You soon find the Power Pole has great advantages. Land a blow on him and you might find he is not a man, but a spirit--and if you're good enough the Power Pole may become yours.

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Post by Gaza on 8/19/2012, 2:43 pm

The wind was blowing through the hair of Gaza, an adolescent Saiyan who has just discovered the weapon he was sure would change his life, it was exciting to say the least. This rod he was holding would ensure him a great destiny, fate had finally dealt him a good hand, a hand that he would surely love playing. At first, he just sat examining it. Checking the ends of it for cracks and chips, the center for wear and tear. Nothing, it was flawless.

"This here, this was meant to be." Gaza said as he examined the Power Pole closely. "With this, I will be able to change the Universe! Gah, this is exciting!" He shouted, literally trembling with anticipation and angst. It wasn't like he had found some sword, or maybe a magical amulet. This was THE Power Pole. It had been wielded by great warriors like Goku, Roshi, Grandpa Gohan. Great keepers of peace. Now it was in his hands, and he was going to do things differently. Order through chaos, that's the way he saw it. That's how he'd do things. For now, he was going to have some fun.

The first thing he did, extended the pole to about ten feet. He was going to Vault over a large gap. His target, a ravine. It was about 15 feet across, so with the pole at 10 feet, he should be able to easily clear it. Below the ravine, a mile long drop into a river filled with sharp jagged pillars that poke out of the water ever 2 feet or so. Though he could fly, the drop would be a bountiful opponent had he been unable to do so.

Taking a few long strides, Gaza planted the Power Pole into the ground, and vaulted over the ravine. He was excited it could hold his weight, even though he saw it hold up Viktor in air, he just wanted to make sure it still worked, and it did! Gaza retracted the pole, trying to think of how else to test it. For his next test, he'd like an audience, perhaps he could make some quick zeni.


West city was always busy, but more so on weekdays. People walking and driving to and from work. It was the perfect setting for street performers of all kind. The markets were bustling, the restaurants were busy, and the food carts were swarmed with business. If there was an inch of sidewalk open, it wouldn't be for long. Quickly being filled with a street performer, trying to catch some business, or a food cart trying to steal some hungry customers. Gaza would surely be able to catch some coin. He started first, balancing on the pole, standing on one foot. He had it extended to only 5 feet. He was high enough to catch the attention of a few passing civilians, waiting to see something more impressive. He jumped up and down, landing back on the pole with perfect precision, he was enjoying himself a good bit. His ancestors would likely be ashamed to see him dancing like a buffoon.

The day grew closer to an end, and the traffic had calmed down. Gaza was ready to call it quits, then a lowly old man walked up wearing a large straw hat that covered the entirety of his face. He stepped forward, flipping a large silver coin into the can Gaza had set out for money. "Any requests sir?" Gaza said, bowing.

"Just, let me see how high that thing can go." The old timer spoke in a wretched, scratchy voice. Gaza bowed again respectfully. The man nodded, likely wanting Gaza to begin.

"Right, not a problem." Gaza said with a smile. He hopped up on the Power Pole again, this time he was standing on on hand. He made pole begin extending, reaching nearly fifteen feet.

"Come on, boy, I'm sure it goes higher than that." The old gentleman laughed.

"Of course it does, sir!" Gaza shouted back down, taking that as a sign to stop playing around. Gaza made it extend further, peaking at fifty feet. The man looked up, staring at Gaza. He looked back at the old time, only to see he was wearing a fox mask! At the same instant as their eyes met, the pole broke! Impossible! The Power Pole could extend much further than that! What on Earth could this mean? Was it a fake?

"I knew it was a fraud!" The old man yelled, seemingly quite angry.

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't know it was fake, I promise! I won it in a tournament!" Gaza quickly explained, not wanting the man to ask for a refund. The Fox masked old man just stared at him, then burst out in laughter.

"Bahaha, you should have seen the look on your face!" The Fox man chuckled out, rolling on his back.

"I... I'm not sure I understand. You are not upset?" Gaza said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Of course not, sonny! I knew the Pole was a fake, I've got the real one right here!" The old coot said, wiping away a tear the rolled out of the eye hole of the fox mask as he revealed from behind him a case of some sort. He tossed it on the ground at Gaza's feet and it opened on it's own, which quite shocked Gaza. Inside lay a bright red stick that seemed almost entirely alike the other one, but this one had a carrying case that seemed to go with it better. It worked more like a sheathe than just a carrying case, unlike the one he had gotten from the late Viktor.

"This looks real, but how can I be sure?" Gaza said, looking back at the old man.

"What purpose would a dead man have for lying?" The Fox masked man retorted. Gaza was confused by this, surely it was a joke Gaza could see the man fully well with his own two eye. Upon further inspection, he saw that the old timer, was not indeed transparent. He was stunned! Had this old coot really just lied right to his face? "I'm messing with you!" The old man laughed again.

"Well if you're really that important to be carrying around a weapon of this importance, what are you doing here?" Gaza questioned, a reasonable question he thought. The man had no business here whoever the hell he was, especially not to be just waltzing about with a timeless artifact. Gaza was still unsure of whether or not the man was serious or not about being dead, stranger things have happened.

"I've come to restore the legacy that is the Power Pole. You must take it, wield it in your cause." The Fox said, looking very stern. Gaza felt a bit off his rocker, and nearly corrected him, telling him he wasn't exactly a good guy.

"But.. sir..." Gaza said, trying to explain that he wasn't exactly sure he had the right guy, but he quickly decided not to correct the man.

"Please, don't call me sir, just call me Grandpa. Grandpa Gohan." The old man said, extending his hand. Gaza unwittingly tried to shake it, causing the old man to bust up in laughter again as he withdrew his hand, "Psyche!"

"Grr. Right, Grandpa Gohan, still, why are you doing this? Why me?" Gaza said, wanting to hear some sort of explanation.

"I sense great evil withing you Gaza, but it will subside. And when it does, a great legacy will await you. You were meant to wield that staff I'm sure of it, but first you must pass a test." Grandpa Gohan said, sounding very wise. "You will take the Pole to the peak of that mountain." the old man pointed off into the distance to the highest mountain on the horizon. Getting to the peak wouldn't be a problem in the least, it was just a matter of what the test would actually be.

"Right, I guess I have to do it." Gaza said, he wanted nothing more than to have that Power Pole, it would surely ensure his training to be more worthwhile. He would excel much quicker wielding it than he would on his own. This was the start of something far greater than Gaza could have ever imagined. Looking up, Gaza saw Grandpa Gohan walking away, having said what he needed to say. There was nothing else to be said, he guessed, and left the city himself.

Gaza wasn't exactly a homeowner. He slept under trees, in caves, and occasionally mustered up enough luck to find an abandoned van or car to sleep in. He was a drifter, not ever having enough money to do more than feed himself. Tonight he chose a tree. Not wanting to search for one of the abandoned vehicles he had been frequenting at, and it being a night of fair weather. He enjoyed sleeping outdoors anyway. He preferred it really. Leather seats and closed doors with no noise, not exactly his way to sleep. He enjoyed the sounds of the night that were brought on by the forest dwelling critters and the soft, cool breeze.


"What the hell would we need a Bo Staff for, you moron?"

"Why the fuck not? We took everything but the clothes off his back?"

"Fine, but don't expect me to carry it!"

These are the voices that disturbed the peaceful serenading sounds that kept Gaza asleep. He awoke with a jump, aware that something wasn't right. Much to his surprise, he found two older gentlemen walking off with his can of Zeni AND the Power Pole. They were dressed all in black, both wearing ski masks, and gloves. The only distinguishable difference was that one appeared to be hiding a goatee under his mask. From the conversation he heard while half awake, the dynamic duo had no clue what they had their hands on.

"Give me the Pole, or I WILL kill you." Gaza said, very serious and in no mood to kid around.

"Heheh, Charlie, the kid says he's gonna kill us if we don't give em' back his Bo Staff, cute, right?." One of the burglars said looking over his shoulder. This was the one who was holding the Power Pole, and the one without the goatee. As the man turned back around, be began to speak.

"Listen ki-" the burglar began, being cut off by Gaza's fist striking him in the throat. Gaza picked up his Power Pole then struck up a battle stance.

"You think your going to just beat us with that stick?" The one named Charlie said, stepping towards Gaza and revealing a switch blade then clicking the blade open. Gaza extended the pole as he swung it at Charlie's face. Charlie ducked, but his partner took a blow right to the mouth. He fell on his back.

"Yeah, I do." Gaza said with a smile.

"Get the hell up! You can't let some kid with a... what the hell did you call it? A Bo Pole?" Charlie said, helping his partner back to his feet.

"Puh-tew! A Bo Staff!" the dopier of the two said, spitting out two of his teeth into his gloves. Gaza swung again, this time downward at them, hoping to hit both with one swing. He had failed, Charlie stepped out of the way, and the other man caught the strike in his hands.

"Hey, let go of that!" Gaza shouted, raising the pole into the air, then extending it to dangle the dopey burglar about 70 feet in the air.

"Alright, let me down!" The burglar cried from on top of the pole.

"Down? I'm really liking up, but down is good too." Gaza said with a smirk growing across his face. He swung the Power Pole downward with a good bit of strength.

"Damn it Nicky, careful what you ask him for!" Charlie said out to his partner as he bounced off of the ground pretty forcefully. Enough so that he was bleeding pretty heavily from the nose.

"It wasn't my fault, Charlie. I thought he'd just put me down." Nicky spewed out. It was obvious Nicky was the less intelligent of the two.

"Enough, I'm done here." Charlie said, pulling out a gun. Nicky seemed as surprised as Gaza, even though Gaza was acting.

"Woah man, no reason for somebody to get shot. I'll lay down the Pole, nice and easy." Gaza said, bending down and placing the Pole in the grass, keeping his eye on Charlie as he did so.

"That's right, nice and easy, nobody gets hurt." Charlie said, signaling Nicky to come and pick up the Power Pole, they both got closer. Gaza had hoped for this setup, for he was ready. He quickly slid his foot under the Pole, then kicked it upwards, clubbing both of the burglars in the face. Charlie's gun shot a round into the sky, going through the nearby tree branches. Before a dismembered twig could hit the ground, Gaza caught the Power Pole and spun it rapidly, knocking the two bandits in the each of their jaws a number of times. Gaza struck at Charlie, jabbing at his knee with the pole. A crackling sound was the outcome, he had broken his lower thigh bone, the femur.

"Gah! Damnit!" Charlie shouted as he rolled in agony.

"Boss, are you alright?" Nicky said, kneeling down to help him.

"Forget me, shoot that kid!" Charlie shouted at the incompetent Nicky, handing him the gun.

"Right, whatever you say boss!" Nicky said, fumbling back to his feet. He took aim at Gaza's chest. As Nicky pulled the trigger, Gaza spun the Power Pole, deflecting the round, sending it into the shin of the already injured Charlie.

"Gah! What the hell Nicky? I said shoot the damn kid, not me you stupid fuck!" Charlie shouted out, writhing in pain even more so now.

"Boss, that hurts, it really does." Nicky said, genuinely upset.

"Oh, my bad, Nicky. Must be a real bad shot to the knee!" Charlie barked back, outraged at Nicky's complaint. Gaza found their squabbling quite entertaining, so he just observed as they bickered and fought.

"It's starting to sound like you blame me for that shot." Nicky said, getting a bit angry.

"Well you're the one holding the gun, aren't ya?" Charlie asked rhetorically.

"Yeah, but... Well you gave me the gun, Boss!" Nicky said, pointed the guilt finger in the other direction.

"Damn it, just shoot HIM this time!" Charlie said, pointing at Gaza.

"Right, no problem, Boss." Nicky said, taking aim again. Gaza didn't stand to wait for another shot, he quickly slapped the pistol out of Nicky's hand with the Power Pole. By this time the sun was breaking over the horizon, sunrise. Gaza hadn't been up for a sunrise for as long as he could remember.

"Well, I suppose I owe you two a pretty hefty thanks, I haven't seen a sunrise in years." Gaza said, playing games with the two burglars again. He had enjoyed their back and forth arguing and the injuries of them both.

"Thank me later." Nicky said, going in to strike at Gaza. With a quick flip of the wrist, he slapped Nicky's feet right out from under him. He babbled something ineligible to Gaza's ears, but it didn't mean anything either way. Gaza brought the pole in, reducing it to about the length of a baseball bat. Raising the role over his head, he brought the pole down onto the back of Nicky's skull, cracking it open entirely.

"As for you, I think the bears are out this time of morning." Gaza chuckled, leaving Charlie for dead. "Maybe you shouldn't rob a guy in his sleep, especially if that guy is a Saiyan." Gaza taunted him, whirling his tail around a bit to make it's appearance completely apparent.

"I knew something was up, gah!" Charlie cried out. As Gaza walked away, he was sure he could hear Charlie weeping. Gaza knew this man was weak in his core. A true warrior does not cry when dying, he fights! If it was Gaza in that situation, he'd go looking for the bears to fight! Bullet wound or not!


That very unexpected awakening made for a lovely start to a great day, the conditions couldn't have been better. It was warm out, even on the mountain peaks, which was good because that's where he was heading. The wind blew gently, tossing up small clouds of sand and dust in the deserts, and carrying up small pieces of litter. On the sides of the streets, convicts speared such litter as it skittered across the ground, collecting it in a bag that were held at their sides with a strap like a messenger bag. Gaza observed all this as he leisurely flew overhead, making his way to the peak he had been commanded to meet Grandpa Gohan at.

Below him, Gaza could see large fish leaping out of the water to catch flies, birds scooping into the water and spearing smaller fish with their beaks. The wind made the grass dance like an ocean of green blades, such an amazing sight. The hills roared with the howls of the wind and the trees bent as if to bow to Gaza politely as he flew by. It was a warm feeling, or perhaps that was just the heat. Whichever it was, it was making the journey to the mountain more enjoyable for the otherwise bored Gaza. After all, how could a boring flight possibly compare to the exciting morning he had? It's not everyday that you wake up and get to fight a couple of burglars as amusing as Charlie and Nicky. It wasn't often that Gaza did much more than wake up and stretch, he desperately wanted more of his morning to begin like that. Though, he was sure if he could have every morning start like that, he would soon be complaining that such a start was dull.

Left pretty alone in his thoughts, he soon found himself at his destination, ready to face the trial ahead. One that was still to be announced by Grandpa Gohan. As he landed he noticed that the old man was nowhere to be found. There was a cave near the center of the flat peaked mountain. He saw why Grandpa Gohan had chosen this area, it was quite secluded and far away from civilization. It must be another Trial by Fire as the people of Earth called it. Gaza had come to like those.

"Well young man, I see you managed to make it here before me." Grandpa Gohan said with a small chuckle as he came over the rim of the mountain, "Good to see you showing such initiative. I see you've grown to like the Power Pole, let's just hope for your sake your ready for this test."

"Bring it on, if it's my destiny, then I'll let nothing stand in my way!" Gaza shouted in excitement. He wasn't going to let some simple trial stand in his way.

"Heheh, I'm glad that your so excited about this. Now I'm not the only one." Granpa Gohan laughed, but it seemed quite forced. This was more serious of a matter than Gaza had realized, and it seemed to mean quite a lot for Grandpa Gohan to pass on this staff. Perhaps it was a last wish of his, before he moved on the the afterlife.

"Heh, yeah. Well, if this is about you getting older, nobody lives forever." Gaza said, attempting to comfort Granpa Gohan about his inevitable end.

"Right, well let's get started!" The old man shouted, quickly changing the mood.

"So what's my test?" Gaza said, not waiting for further hesitation. Grandpa Gohan seemed a bit displeased, but he was understanding of his excitement.

"You must strike me with the Power Pole." The old man said. If it were not for the sincerity in the man's voice and the circumstances under which he was playing, he would of thought this was a joke. Striking an old man?

"Are you sure that this is my only test?" Gaza said with a puzzled look on his face. Striking an old man, while not only a seemingly easy task, he could very likely kill him.

"What? Think a man of my age doesn't have it in him to evade some strikes? I'll try to take it easy on you! Heheh!" Grandpa Gohan laughed, reassuring Gaza that the old timer was in well enough health to give out this trial.

"Right, well I'll try not to hit you too hard." Gaza promised, readying himself.

"Well you'd have to hit me in the first place, but I'm sure I can take it." Grandpa Gohan laughed, crossing his arms behind his back, grabbing his left wrist with his right hand.

"Here it comes!" Gaza warned before thrusting the Power Pole at Gohan. The old man stepped to his left, easily evading. A bit shocked by his speed, but not entirely impressed. He quickly drew back and struck again, a bit quicker. Granpa Gohan stepped out to his right this time.

While he expected the old man to be a bit of a pushover, he still was not impressed, for he wasn't fully trying to hit, and possibly kill, the poor old man. He did, however, decide that he would turn up his effort a few notches and quickly pass this challenge. Gaza raised the Power Pole over his head, he quickly swiped downwards, attempting to knock the man on the top of the head. Grandpa Gohan stepped backwards, causing the pole to smack into the ground. Any weaker weapon would likely have broken, but not the unbreakable Power Pole.

"Heheh, that one was pretty close, keep it up and you'll have me in no time!" Grandpa Gohan chuckled. Gaza would have been angered a lot more had he not known he was being tested and his receiving of the Power Pole depended upon his performance during this task. He was much calmer when he knew it was important, as for random street encounters or when random muggers robbed him while he was asleep, he was much more relaxed and had a shorter fuse.

"Right, I'll try harder next time." Gaza assured the older man. He was worried Grandpa Gohan was doubting him, which he did not want. Gaza began wildly swinging away at the little old man, hoping to get a lucky hit, or at least to wear him down. The old timer seemed to remain unfazed as Gaza continued his onslaught. It wasn't looking good for the young Saiyan at this point. He didn't think that he would ever land that hit he so dearly desired.

"I sure hope so, I really want you to do this," Grandpa Gohan began, dodging more of the swipes and blows, "but, I'm not going to hand you this Power Pole without you getting the proper training." The old man laughed again. Gaza felt a bit better about himself now, knowing that the old man actually wanted him to succeed, he really got a boost in morale from it.

The sun was about midway through the sky, and Gaza was starting to get exhausted. It had seemed like the old man was going to win this one, but what would that mean? Would he take the Power Pole back? No, he couldn't allow Grandpa Gohan to take him this far to fail! He had to push harder! He needed to swing faster! Tapping into some unknown reserves of strength that he had never dug into before, not in his entire life. He began feeling fresh again, like he did in the morning when those two 'burglars' had woke him. He hadn't felt like that this late into training ever. It was an exciting feeling and he became quicker than he was at the start, then finally.

"Ha!" Gaza shouted, thrusting forth, right into Grandpa Gohan's stomach. The old man just paused, and Gaza stared in disbelief. The Power Pole was buried about 3 inches into the man's extended stomach. He couldn't believe what he had just done, he just froze up, all his muscles tightening up like he'd just seen a ghost.

"Well, you did it boy." Grandpa Gohan said, in a lowly tone. He was dying, Gaza was sure of it. Gaza slowly retracted the Power Pole from his stomach, awaiting a gush of blood. Too his immediate surprise, the wound did not appear, not a drop of blood fell, not a cry of pain was released.

"I don't understand..." Gaza said, starting at where a hole should now be.

"I'm a ghost, Gaza. I was permitted to come here and pass down the legacy of the Power Pole. It was given to me by Master Roshi, and I gave it to Goku. Now, after Goku has long since abandoned it, I pass the legacy on to you. I hope it serves you as well as it has served us." Grandpa Gohan said, bowing as he became more transparent. "Farewell."

With those final words, Grandpa Gohan's spirit vanished, leaving Gaza with the Power Pole in hand. It was an amazing feeling, knowing he now had the power he had been seeking for that last few weeks. Something that at first was only a dream, now was a reality. He couldn't believe that he was holding such power in his hands, such a legacy in his very palms. His eyes twinkled with pride, pride and excitement. He was truly going to become one of the mos powerful fighters in the galaxy, and it was because of this artifact. He couldn't believe he had become so lucky, so fortunate.

Gaza felt great pride in what he had done, rising from just another above average fighter compared to the surrounding population. Now he held in his hand what is perhaps Earth's greatest artifact. It was almost to good to be true. Pinching himself, he confirmed he was in fact awake, and this was really happening. Who would have thought that some stranger on the street would turn out to be the holder of such an item? The Pole had a great history already, so it kind of made sense to him that Granpa Gohan would seek out a keeper of the staff, someone to hold on to the legacy after he moved on to the other side.

While he was also excited, Gaza grew a bit concerned. What had become of Grandpa Gohan after he was released from this Earthly realm? Was he in Otherworld? Or was he in some more mystic place? The after life was still a mystery to Gaza, for he was young and still had many years ahead of him. Who knows what could happen? Anything was possible. The idea fascinated him more so than anything had in quite some time, though with this great gift he had received, he didn't have much more to question. The incidents leading up to this moment had proved that Fate and Destiny were two fruit of the same tree, a tree that was very real. But was Grandpa Gohan right? Was Gaza really destined to be good? Or could Fate step in and change Destiny? All these questions were very real concerns for him now, he didn't know what to expect. Maybe that was part of the mystery.

Going with the flow was not the way Gaza liked to act, but in the end that's all one can do. Perhaps everyone was just adrift at a never ending sea. We board other people's ships and we share their journeys, but in the end your back where you left off. On your own ship, taking your own course, avoiding your own obstacles. It just happened to be that sometimes, the waves carry you far off course, and sometimes further ahead. The only thing to hope for, is that you are ready to adjust and adapt to the new waters you are treading.

Philosophy was not exactly something Gaza studied. It's not even like he studied anything but fighting and becoming more powerful. After all, that's all he was interested in. What other purpose did he serve? He was a weapon, dropped in this Universe for reasons unknown, but he was shaping his own purpose. Fulfilling his own destiny and letting fate guide him. Not everyone had the power that he did, not everyone could influence their own destiny as much as he, and other warriors of his nature. Superhuman nature that is, not just the 'bad guys', or 'good guys' if he was really meant to become such. Grandpa Gohan's words were very misleading, and he could only wait to see what did and did not happen.

Now, with Power Pole in hand, Gaza was ready for whatever faced him. He couldn't think of how things would be without it, or how things are going to be with it. Would someone else have gotten it if he didn't enter that tournament? Or would someone have just taken his place and killed Viktor for it? It was yet another great mystery of life. If he doesn't seize an opportunity, was it not just as likely that someone else would step in and take it? He could only imagine so, for hi could not watch his own life, then see the outcomes of different options, then pick the one he liked the best. Courses were not as able to be planned as we hope sometimes, but where we all end up likely remains the same. It's just a matter of how we get there, and the things we do to get there. In the end, it's all an A to B race, and the tracks are all unique, that's the fun part of living after all. It's what made living, well, living, for lack of a better explanation.

All things end, whether they are good or bad, that's just a matter of interpretation.

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