The Choice

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The Choice

Post by Subazerot on 8/20/2012, 5:48 am

Excited of his would-be training with his new master, the Turtle Hermit, the great Master Roshi, as he woke up the next morning, he flew out from bed, piercing through the roof. Realizing what he had done, he quickly flew back down to his room and ran down to the living room. There he found his landlady, Martha, watching home economics on television while sitting on her favorite chair.
Surprised that she didn't even react to the noise, the changeling slowly walked towards her, embarrassed of his actions, and mustered up his courage to try to explain himself to Martha only to find her already asleep.
Subazerot smiled, now even more embarrassed. He then backed away slowly, seeing a peaceful sight, the changeling was obliged to not bother her and let her have a good sleep.

He grabbed a small paper and pen, and then wrote I'll be back to fix the roof on it before he placed it on the living room table. The young alien then walked out of the house and quickly flew to the direction of the Turtle Hermit's island. He passed oceans, islands and other kinds of landscape as he flew.

As Subazerot neared the island, he saw his master standing outside the house, presumably waiting for him. He landed with a grin on his face, happy that now, he has a worthy master who can teach him the ways of the good. Roshi however, was now walking towards him with a frown on his face, which worried the changeling. It was his first day of training and he might not even have it depending on what the hermit might say.

"Man, I've got some trouble on the mainlands" his master said in a carefree-like manner which someone could compare to a teenager protesting and complaining about his household chores.

"I don't think I can train you today. One of my other students, got into some trouble with my sister, and she's in some way or another, scary. So I need to bail the guy out" Roshi continued.

This made the young alien relieved and disappointed at the same time, relieved because he thought that the hermit had found out about his past in the PTO, the same organization that caused the original Z-Fighters so much trouble, and had denied to train the changeling, and disappointed because he was so looking forward for their training today.

Subazerot was about to ask Roshi on when they can train, but the man cut him off and said: "By the way, a friend of mine got into bigger trouble and needs some help, big help. This could maybe compensate for the missed training".

This made the young alien a little happy, although he was still depressed he couldn't spend the first day training with his master. The hermit gave him a small paper that had West City Lunar Hotel; Note: ask for the man up on the last floor(40th) written on it.
Well then, this should be interesting the changeling thought to himself in an attempt to cheer up. He just can't find the thrill however.

The Turtle Hermit then flew away towards east to do his deed as his student headed to the location on the address. After a few minutes of flying, Subazerot reached the outskirts of West City, where he plans to discreetly walk to the destination in hiding rather than fly to directly to the building and catch the attention of the residents, as he plans to lay low for a while. He landed on a near mountain that was about four miles away from the city. The changeling managed to hike down the mountain to a forest and head towards his destination.

Birds flew from trees to the sky, the branches of trees swayed side to side as the wind passed through, everything was quite peaceful and at ease as the changeling traveled on foot. Then, from kilometers away, the breaking off and crashing down of trees, loud booming sounds coming from boomboxes or stereos were heard, which alerted Subazerot. Curious of who it might be, he flew up and hovered in the air to see what the ruckus was about. The young alien saw a vehicle, about the size of a tank, plowing through the trees and plants at an rather high speed.

Choosing not to "lay low" this time because of his irritation to people like them who just do what they want without a care, the changeling was about to fly down and "ask" the ones inside the vehicle "kindly" when he saw three figures in front a few kilometers away flying to his direction. He at first thought that the three were gunning for him and the alien put up a stance as he hovered, but then the three flew down at the last minute heading down to the vehicle and landed and lined up a few meters in front of it, making the driver quickly step on the brakes and halt, completely stopping with the vehicle just a few inches away from bumping the trio.

Subazerot seemed to recognize the three but could not jog his memory any further to completely remember as he had to be alert because trouble might come from the encounter of the trio and the people from the vehicle. The driver went out of the vehicle and had an unheard argument with the three as the alien was too far away and far up on the air to hear them. It seemed like the one on the middle was the one who did the talking while the two on each side were watching.

As the argument continued, he seemed to recognize their figures from the back, the one on the left was probably a girl, nearly twice tall as the alien and had twin ponytails. The one on the right was bulging like a giant, he was by the definition, huge. The man still wasn't on his full height as he was hunched on his back but he still towered over the driver.
After about 3 minutes, the problem was probably resolved, strangely enough, as the one on the middle waved his hand in front of the driver, the next thing that happened was the driver simply got back inside the vehicle, turned it around and headed back to where they came from.

This baffled the changeling, who still hasn't guessed who the three were. Knowing the problem was taken care of, he was about to take off when he heard a girl calling for him, shouting: "Mr. Subazerot! Hey, We're here!".

This voice, he had remember it, then the three were.....

Subazerot had to turn around to believe it, there he saw it, the face of Maxon, Maxine and Xano, the children of his friend, Nuindo. The three were smiling at him. He felt that shouldn't be rude as he forgot the three, and felt guilty of it. He hovered downward and landed in front of the siblings, who were still smiling. As the young alien did so, the eldest, Maxon, greeted him with a handshake.

"Wow! It's just been what 3 months, look at you guys, you've grown" Subazerot cheerfully said, praising the three for their development.

But of course, the girl, Maxine, has grown tall to the point of being the height of the changeling when she was just a girl, but now, she has doubled in size as she was now nearly as tall as Xano. Maxon, the eldest, was now muscular and bulky, he also had a serious face and a more mature aura around him, very different from when the alien first saw him: just about fit, had a childish, carefree, and mild-mannered personality. Xano didn't become that much different, except for the fact that he got much bigger, the man must've grown at least a few feet since he last saw them, becoming even more bulkier and gigantic in the process. Maxine and Xano, who Subazerot remembered, didn't know how to fly back then, surprising him even more.

"How did you guys find me?" The changeling asked while smiling, as he could not hide his happiness because he hasn't a lot of people, especially the ones who actually know him, for some time now and is flattered of the sibling's gesture.

"Well, we kinda sensed your ki, ya know" Maxon said, in a thug-like manner. Apparently, the eldest brother hasn't change that much, because when he started talking, the mature aura went away and there came back the carefree atmosphere, as the teenager's way of speaking hasn't changed at all.

Wait, sense ki? They can do that? The changeling thought to himself, more baffled than he ever was now. In the PTO and in his life, he had not yet seen people who can sense energy. But then he realized, almost all, or even maybe all of the Z-Fighters knew how to sense ki. Only a few had known how to do it, but to think that the siblings could do it....
This made him even more happy and proud, well, even though he is just friends with the three's father and not a relative, that did not change a thing.

"Old man Roshi said you'd be heading for West City, so we came to welcome you" Maxon continued.

"Mister Roshi said you're here to visit dad" the girl added.

What the two just said made the changeling returned to being surprised. Nuindo's family actually knew his master. This made him realize how Nuindo know where to point the changeling to go to, the friend in need must be Nuindo, but to know the Turtle Hermit to this extent, Subazerot was now even more impressed with the family. He chose not to bring it up and go to the point.

"Alright, let's go then. Do you guys have a transport nearby? " the changeling asked, still wanting to lay low. He had hoped that the three had a ride home or he would be embarrassed as to ask the siblings if they could walk with him if they didn't want go ahead first.

"Yeah, we have one parked a few kilometers from the city. Our dad said you might not want to get any attention from others for now so asked permission to drive the family car" the elder brother replied. This made Subazerot relieved, now hi didn't have to ask as he planned, because if he had done so, he feared he would be answered with laughter.

"Let's go! Let's go!" Maxine then continued to yell cheerfully as she jumped up and down like a kindergartener on caffeine. After the girl did this, she quickly turned around and flew away, probably to the location of the car.

"*sigh*, don't mind her, she still as childish as ever" Maxon depressingly told the changeling as if he had already said this over and over again to other people.

All this time, Xano, the youngest and largest of the siblings, had stayed silent. It seemed that it was okay for him to not get attention directly. He then broke of from the two, like the first one, but he did it discreetly and silently, only being noticed as he flew away to follow his sister. The two followed immediately, both knowing they were getting left behind. He flew side by side with his friend's son for a few minutes, traveling quickly on the air.

The duo reached a riverside bed down below, where Subazerot saw a large van, probably the size of an elephant, where the young girl Maxine was already on the front seat, visibly hyper as she jumped up and down even as she sat there, which shook the vehicle, even though it was very big and heavy due to its size.

Xano was already inside too, with his head and upper torso sticking out of the roof of the van. Apparently, there was an open roof window wide enough for him to stick out of, which was probably meant for him to feel comfortable, with the only problem that he might stick out like a sore thumb in public.

The two landed then landed at the left of the van in front of the car door. While the elder brother dashed into the vehicle and headed straight to the driver's seat and sat, the changeling took his time and slowly walked inside and sat next to the gargantuan boy.

The ride went on for a while with nothing strange happening, with Maxine just singing along with the musics from the stereo of the van, Xano humming along and Maxon concentrated on the road. Subazerot simply took a nap, being able to bear with and ignore the loud singing and music.

As to wake up, he slowly opened his eyelids. Rather than seeing the road, the inners of a vehicle, he saw that he was lied down on his back on a couch inside a very large room. This alarmed him and he quickly sat and stood up, only to see the siblings sitting on another couch in front of him with a glass table in front of them. At the farthest right side of his sight, he caught a glimpse of another figure in the room. He quickly turned his head to the right and saw a familiar face. It had been the three's father, then this place must be the building on the paper. Nuindo was standing a few meters away from his side with a smile on his face. The tall, green-skinned must've been really happy to see the changeling, because the second he saw Subazerot, Nuindo quickly came close to the young, short alien and hugged him.

Subazerot was also happy on the inside, he just didn't know how to show it, especially since the gesture surprised him. All he could do was hug his friend back.

After a few moments to cherish their reunion, Nuindo then broke off from the hug and looked at the changeling straight to his eyes.

"It hasn't been that long but we're already a mess, aren't we old friend?" The tall alien calmly said.

"We really are, aren't we" the changeling chuckled.

Nuindo then turned to his kids before saying: "Kids, I need to talk with Subazerot privately. Go down for now".

The siblings silently went out of the room, although Maxine's humming and strumming might have broken the serious atmosphere if she hadn't left. As the door closed, the green-skinned individual went to lean on his desk and crossed his arms as if he was deep in thought. This however, brought back an even more serious feeling.

"The PTO have been sending some of their goons to Earth to find you. The other defenders have been able to fend them off but.... the attacks are getting more frequent. They want you Subazerot" Nuindo said with a tone of depression, as if he was recalling sad memories of the war days.

This made the changeling feel guilty. He didn't know what to say, should he ask for forgiveness to his old friend or should he make his choice known. No, he had his answer. He puffed up his chest and looked at his friend dead straight into his eyes.

"I'll take care of this, I promise, this is my fault. I just have to become more powerful to make sure I don't fail. So please Nuindo, please bear with me for a while and I'll confront my father" he said honestly, with his words weighted, willed to go through with what he had planned.

As soon as he said this, his friend burst out in laughter. "I knew this would happen. Hahahaha! Typical you" he said while laughing.

"I'm serious!" Subazerot said in his defense. He didn't find his decision funny or crazy. He was truthfully going to go with it. It almost made him angry in a childish kind of way that his friend would laugh at his choice. He was about to hit the guy when he said:

"Me too. I believe in you. I laughed to break the atmosphere. Besides, most of the people we know would also be expecting that answer, especially from you"

This made Subazerot understood his friend's good intentions. Nuindo believed in his decision and didn't want the changeling to go to a path that would leave him "dead cold" inside. He wanted for Subazerot to remain himself while changing the world.

After this, Subazerot said his goodbye to his friend and to the three siblings before he decided that there would be no more running away from his fate. He flew away so fast that the glass of the buildings on his path were shattered from the pressure of his flight.He headed and went back to his residence: Martha's house.

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