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Easy Quest

Requirement: None

Reward: 1,000 zeni and 10 Hero Points

A gang has been terrorizing West City. They call themselves the Spideros and have spider tattoos on their arms. It is said they are led by a powerful martial artist. Put a stop to the Spideros and defeat their leader.

;She was sleeping soundly in her large bed before the resounding knocks on the door awoke her. She groaned softly and pulled her hands down her fragile face. Remembering quickly that she was in West City she was certain of what this was about. The knocks came again, louder this time. She shifted her body upwards and place her feet over the edge of the bed so that her heels rested upon the floor. She pushed off of the balls of her feet slowly as to help herself stand, wrapping her golden colored robe around her body. She all but hobbled from her room towards the front of the house, at about half way from her room to the front door the knocks came yet again.;

“I'm coming for Pete’s sake!” ;She flung the door open to find a hysterical woman standing there, her hand still raised as if unsure if I had really answered the door or if she was imagining it. Tears had obviously been falling from her eyes for many hours, her shirt and face were drenched with the salty substance.;

“Come, come inside and tell me what troubles you so.” ;She moved aside to let the woman in her home, she had been trying to speak but the tears choked her voice and she could not. She had a seat out for the woman at her kitchen table and moved to the kettle, turning on the stove to heat it quickly as she waited for the woman to begin.;

“It was them again, Miss.” ;She managed to choke the words.

“The Spideros?” ;She questioned, receiving a subtle nod from the woman. The kettle hissed and she removed it from the heat, turning off the stove. She poured the hot water into two cups and set teabags in both. Placing one in front of the woman and one in front of herself.;

;The Spideros were the newest problem to West City. There was a medium sized group of men that went around threatening people and torturing civilians. They all had spider tattoos somewhere on their bodies and she found it to be quite tacky and distasteful personally. They were said to be led by a very powerful martial artist but no one had yet to see him. Though to her this was the last straw, whatever they did they had attacked these poor people far to many times. She would find this leader and she would have her head herself. The civilians of this town had suffered far long enough under the reign of this amateur.;

“What did they do this time? Please, at least enjoy your tea and calm your nerves.” ;Her voice was evened and mellow when she spoke to the woman, putting every ounce of care she had into it. She watched the female drink some of her tea and slowly begin to relax into the chair. This made Tiniq smile as the civilians trusted her.;

“They.. they took a child from one of the villages.” ;The shock was still thick in her voice.;

;Standing on a very thin edge, the smile on her face quickly becoming a scowl as she tried not to let the woman fear her but her blood boiling at the thought of them taking an innocent child from one of the villages. They had no right taking that kid and she vowed then and there to get them back, no matter what it took, including if she had to sacrifice her own life.;

“I will find the child and rid your people of this nuisance, you must go home and rest now and trust that you are in good hands.”

“Thank you, Tiniq. I told them you would help us, I told them all you would go and find our boy.” ;The woman hugged her softly before she left, closing the door behind her and making her way down the road.;

;Tiniq ran her hands down her face once more and left the kitchen, walking slowly to her bedroom as she found her outfit for the day. She decided on something comfortable and easy to move in, just in case she found the villain today. The outfit she picked were a pair of camouflage military pants that she had acquired from a dear friend of hers that was in the military. He had to sneak them to her knowing how much she would love them. She matched it with a black tank top and black leather combat boots. Grabbing a red towel from the drawer right next to that she made her way to the bathroom to shower quickly and head for the man she intended to kill.;

;After washing her body and hair as quickly as she could she stepped her form from the shower and ran the towel over her. Not nearly as dry as she should have been before she slid her clothing on and brushed her hair back into a very simple pony-tail. She moved back into the bedroom, steam rolling out of the bathroom when she opened the door. Getting the medium length sword her father had given her and attaching it to her side in its sheath she slid on the black combat boots and looked around the room. Giving her head a slight nod she moved into the kitchen, placing a few food items into the backpack she would carry before she moved to her front door. She took one last look at her home and closed the door, locking it securely behind her.;

;She walked to her informants home which was not far from her own, knowing if anyone could tell her where to find the man she was after, it would be him. Arriving at the stone path that lead up his home she knew he would be watching from his doorway, already having sensed her presence. As she made her way to the door she saw that she had been right, as he stood in his doorway wearing only a pair of blue jeans and a friendly smile.;

“Ah, Tiniq. My dear old friend, do come inside.” ;He had moved aside to allow her entry.;

“Siren, thank you for your kind welcome my friend. We have business matters to discuss.” ;She smiled warmly and made her way into the home, sitting down at his kitchen table, knowing he would want to get directly down to the business she began her story.;

“There is a man that runs a gang around here called Spideros. Their leader is supposed to be a martial artist and I intend to kill him and end this civilizations suffering. Any clues on how I may find him?”

“Indeed my sweet, you may find him at the top of the hill within the village, he has a private home nestled on the lake that is guarded by only two men as he assumes no one knows the whereabouts of his home.” ;He had always had a soft spot for her, and flattering as it were she had never felt the same. The mischievous grin on his face always tended to give her a slight chill.;

;Standing from the seat she was in she wrapped her arms around the man in a warm embrace.; “You understand if I do not stay for lunch my friend, I must go rid the land of this man quickly as he has a boy that I need to retrieve as well.”

“Of course. Please, by all means find him and if you need help, you know where to reach me.” ;He returned her embrace and she knew he meant every word of that. He would jump at the chance to defend her and destroy anything in his path.;

;She smiled sweetly to him before taking her leave from his home and beginning the journey towards the lake he spoke of. Praying that the child he took was there, for if he was not she would have to wait to kill him until she knew where he was.;

;Each bit of land she passed was lush and full of life. The grass was so green it would almost look fake to outsiders. She smiled to herself as she made her way, knowing she would have to take a break to eat eventually but she had a long journey ahead of her. One of the people she passed along an alleyway seemed weary of her, staring at her and muttering as she walked. This was not normal of the people here, they were all very welcoming and that made her nervous. However, she showed no fear and continued to walk.;

;She walked for many hours and sun had started to set behind her. She found a spot beneath a tree overlooking the land, from where she sat she could see the home of the resident she was after and it would be a good spot to watch for the young boy that had been taking, pulling binoculars from her bag she placed them to her eyes and watched as she then took bread and cheese from that same bag and began to nibble on it while taking in her Intel.;

;It did not take long after the sun had set completely and she was surrounded by darkness for two black Lexus' to appear in the drive, she watched contently from her hidden space as men began to pile out of the vehicles, a small boy was with them, his face covered by a hood and she smiled, knowing he was the boy that was taken and the worries of before were gone. A very large man answered the door after a few moments of talking and grabbed for the boy. Pulling the terrified child inside without another word and closing the door. The other men climbed back into their cars and left in silence.;

;She watched the home for hours with barely any sign of life, and indeed had only seen two men constantly guarded the place, a light in one room was the only one that kept going on and off, she assumed this was where the leader resided and shook her head at the ignorance. She would attack at first dawn after a few hours rest. Putting her things back in her bag she lent her back against the trunk of the sturdy tree and rested her eyes in a very light sleep.;

;She woke with a start at the slamming of a door, it was not quite dawn yet but would be within the hour. Grabbing her binoculars she peered down at the home through sleepy eyes, her vision clearing swiftly. It seems one of the guards was leaving to run some important errand and that only left one to defend their leader, now was the time for her attack. Quickly putting away her binoculars she began to make her way down the hill at the back of the home, making sure she was not detectable to the naked eye as she got closer.;

;She slipped her way in through an open window, making no noise as she headed for the basement of the home, checking every door on her way for sounds of life. She was sure the boy would be tucked away downstairs. Hearing footsteps around the corner in front of her she smashed herself against the wall. The guard would not see her until he was right on top of her. The footsteps got closer and closer, she made a move to pounce but quickly stopped when she saw a small, scared boy in front of her. She put a hand lightly over his mouth and pulled him to a room, locking the door.;

“Do not be afraid young one, I am here to help you. I want you to leave her, get out of this house and run to the tree at the top of the hill. If I do not come for you within an hours time, run. Do you understand?” ;She spoke very quietly and waited for the boy to nod his response before shooing him from the room and waiting until he had climbed out the window to continue her advance on the home.;

;She continued to head towards the basement, sure there would be something of use for her there. Finding the door that lead down into that basement she opened it cautiously and made her way down the stairs. She saw barrels upon barrels of wine and beers when she reached the bottom.;

“Imbeciles.” ;Her eyes widened with delight as she realized how simply indeed this would be. She quickly began to open the barrels one by one until a dozen or so were open, she tipped them over onto the floor so the much flammable liquid spilled out. Grinning to herself as she grabbed one of the barrels and cut a small hole in it, dragging it up the stairs, alcohol spilling from the hole in a line as she made her way back to the window. She never saw the other guard, nor did she see the martial arts leader but she knew they were there. Climbing out the window she pulled a lighter from her pocket and flicked the zippo lighter. Lighting a cigarette and inhaling deeply, she stood for a moment to smoke the stick of tobacco.;

;The single guard came walking down the hallway when he smelled the smoke from her cigarette, seeing him she let a large grin spread across her face as she flicked the cigarette out and dropped the still burning lighter onto the line of alcohol. It erupted into flames and began to make its way through the home. Seeing the look of panic on the guards face before she took off at a full run for the tree where the boy was. It had not been an hour so he was there when she reached it.;

;Taking no time to stop she grabbed his arms and drug him along behind her until they heard a very loud bang. Even as far away as they were the force of the explosion still knocked them forward. She heard the screams of the men she had been after and knew that they would be dead within moments. She ran with the boy behind her until she was back in the town, taking refuge in a small abandoned home. Removing her cellphone from her bag she called the woman who had come to her.;

“It's over, I've got him.” ;She hung up the phone and sat with the boy, awaiting his families arrival with a soft grin on her features.;

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