The Rise of Hate and Rage

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The Rise of Hate and Rage

Post by Super Buu on 8/22/2012, 1:19 am

Rage and hatred are emotions that fuel this world. Without the two the world would be a complete mess. Rage fuels the wicked and pushes the insane to criminal acts. Hate is the soul energy that separates the good from the bad. The pure energy of hate can devour any good soul, and render it to a being of pure evil. A being that just loves the sight of destruction and chaos.

Buu was the amalgamation of these two emotions. A being of pure rage and hate. Hate changed the crimson blood that was once flowing into a sea of purple fire. Rage consumed the heart that was once pure and turned it into a ravenous machine within Buu. The demon was a product of destruction and chaos. He was brought into the world as an emissary, a being to usher in an era where these emotions ruled.

The Majin Menace smiled as rain bombarded his pink exterior. A pent up aggression was building and pushing him. His power had grown tremendously since awakening, and a hidden potential wanted to be released. A lock in his mind yearned for the key. It would be his ticket to his olden day of power. He wasn't far from his purest form.

A fire was lit within the demon. A fire to push himself to his limits. One to become one step closer to consuming the world in a pink shroud of destruction and chaos. The only true way he would break this first barrier would be to give into the emotions that fuel the world. Truly surrender to the power of Hate and Rage.

Buu mind was in a constant state of fighting. One side of brain wished to suppress these dimension tearing emotions, and the other side wanted to embrace them. The side of embrace was winning the battle and it started to reflect on the Majin's happiness. Buu was could feel the slow loss of his former fatter self. His mind was hiding the fat Buu's influence, for this was needed to push Buu to his fullest potential.

The demon dropped from his perch atop a tree. The rain began to pick up pace. Aside from the downpour the night was quite and majestic. One of the first nights that Buu hadn't seen lightning, or heard the sound of thunder. It was extremely peaceful, for now. Buu had to release the restraints on his power, but where? That was the true question that lingered within his mind. He had been destroying places to please the Crane Hermit. Destruction of another place would just feel more like work rather than a release.

Hmmm.” The being started to think of a good place to go to truly unleash his power. He knew for sure that he would stay away from the plague that was North City. Not only did he feel a sense of depression about the place, he heard that it was under siege. The demon didn't want to fight a group of flying beasts to just destroy a city. It was more work than he wanted to deal with.

Buu began to walk down a dirt path just to see where it would lead him. The ran made the path a muddy mess, but it didn't bother the demon in the slightest. The mud barely slowed his path. Even if the mud proved to be slowing him immensely he would simply fly. That option would always be the easy way out of any situation. Buu enjoyed walking whenever he could, and flying when destroying things. That was just his preferred way of working.

Continuing down the path, Buu entered a dark swamp area. Loud sounds of crickets and birds consumed the quite night. The mud path began to seep into the murky waters. Buu stepped down into the water. With the first step he dropped three feet into the bayou, and with the second he pushed back up. His pants were stained a dark brown from the dip in the water. It didn't face the being.
Buu continued on his path fighting through the rough rain and the endless abyss that was the swamp. He was in the middle of nowhere. The only life forms around him were bugs, birds, and frogs. Humans were non existent in this region, or at least he thought.

The demon could feel the presence of another being of power, but what would live out in such a terrible place? Buu wanted to know and know now! He picked up his pace to see if he could locate the being. Pushing through the various vines, logs, and drops in the water. Buu was on a hunt. This being felt like he held power that was just under that of Buu's. The being would be a worthy opponent.

The Majin menace pushed his way out of a bush and placed his eyes upon an open grove. Waves of red energy could be seen dancing throughout the grove. It looked as though it was a peaceful place. Void of a swamp feel, but filled with a mysterious energy. The closer the Buu got the angrier he began to feel.

The grove wasn't a peaceful place. It was a place of pure hate and rage. The red energy that circulated through the trees and grass was the life essence of the two emotions. Buu's vision began to turn a dark red. His eyes started to glow as he took breath after breath within the area. The energy was making its way into the demon.

Buu could feel it taking over. The side of his brain that embraced the power began to strengthen as the other side withered away. “What..what is happening?!” Buu screamed out in agony. The energy was flowing into the pores of his body. His muscly exterior began to contract and bulge outwards. His aura flared to the sky pushing the rain clouds out of the way. The moon played as a spotlight. It shone down upon the growing demon.

His powers were growing and expanding. They were being pushed as the padlock in his mind was slowly being destroyed with each second that passed. There was no key for such a lock the only way to truly unlock his power was to shatter the bonds that held him. The very restraints that were placed on him many years ago had to be broken, and now was the perfect time.

This grove of hatred was the place he had sensed. It wasn't a being of great power, but a place of power. The red grove started to fade from its glorious color scheme to rage filled colors. The leaves upon the trees began to bleed fire, their green color was a burning red. The grass flared and looked to become fire upon the ground. The place was perfectly filled with the flow of hate and rage.

All of these happening at once swarmed Buu. His mind was crumbling along with his body. The body of the being began to liquify. Buu's screams were losing power and he was losing grasp on life. The lock in his mind was reinforced. It just wouldn't shatter, and it was killing him. The demon let out one final shout of pain as his muscle tone and body figure dripped into a puddle of pink.

The waves of rage and hatred still poured into the liquid that was Buu. The grove wanted to shape this being in its image. Buu's pink rational color darkened to red. It rose to the sky and began to knead in the air. The blob was expanded and collapsing, exploding and imploding. Buu was trying to reform himself. The task itself was more than difficult this time around. Buu had mastered this technique, but this time it seemed as though it was impossible.

The red clay began to drop back down to the earth. The body of Majin Buu began to become prominent once more. The demon's black wrist guards, white pants, boots, and his Majin belt buckle all resurfaced with the reformation. There was something completely different about the being. His aura was a bright red with lightning shooting fiercely around him. His red colored eyes looked like a sphere of blood. The demon's pink colored returned as the red faded, but his aura stayed blood in color.

He had shattered the restraint that held back his power. The first stage of his true power had been met. The demon within was truly now out and about. This grove he had found was a the key to his power. A grove of hatred and rage. Who would have imaged that such a thing would exist in such a remote location.

With this new found power, Buu would be more than just an emissary of destruction and chaos. He would be the being of change in this world. A true molder of worlds that this universe had yet to see. Now for the being to find a person to test his new found strength on.

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