A break from the DBs

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A break from the DBs

Post by Future Trunks on 8/23/2012, 12:01 am

Trunks had found the item in which he was searching for. A namekian dragonball. This dragonball was much larger than the ones he was accustomed to back on planet earth. He hoped that this meant something was special about these magical artifacts, possibly more powerful than the earth versions. If this was proven correctly, than it justified his traveling to namek to be a smart move after all. Trunks knew he would not be able to search for all the dragonballs with this large magical ball in his arms. He had to find a safe hiding place for it, He figured he would just use the capsules that he had brought from earth. Hell, he had plenty of them.

The saiyan lowered this massive ball off of it's pedestal and gently placed it on the ground before him. Then he raised his left hand and pulled a small rectangular box from his Capsule Corporation Jacket. This jacket had many pockets in which to store precious items or battle gear. Trunks needed none, so he just used it to carry his capsule container. The saiyan prince pushed a button on the top of this canister. The capsule box popped open, reviling five small capsules that varied in color. Trunks choose the first capsule, which was a red color. He then turned his attention to his sacred dragonball. Pushing the top of the red capsule, it began to tick. This ticking noise was a sign that it was ready to devour anything that it touched and store it for another time.

This intelligence that his mother had created had changed the world. This item was truly remarkable in the young saiyans mind. It was about the only help that his mother had received credit for in the upbringing of her saiyan son. Trunks dropped the red capsule down, allowing it to land on top of the dragonball. Within a few second, and behind a small dust cloud, the dragonball had vanished. If he had not known better he would have been worried, but he knew of this technology already. The dragonball was now safely tucked away, inside this small red, pill shaped, capsule that now laid on the ground.

Trunks bent down and picked up his miniature storage unit and gently placed it back within its confinements. He had to be extra gently with it due to any small movement or rupture, could cause the capsule to reopen and the dragonball become solid once more.

"Now to find the next ball." Trunks mumbled to himself as he reached down within his pocket to retrieve his dragonball locator. He knew that his voice would be able to activate this small device, and once it had gone through its normal routine of powering up it would show him where the next dragonball was hiding.

Trunks walked through the dead bodies of all the namekians he had destroyed earlier. Their bug like bodies gave off a stench like no other. The young saiyan could not bring this smell into words, he just knew that it was now on his clothing. This meant he would have to take a quick break and clean the cloths he wore during the short battle. If only he had not been so cocky and toyed with those damn namekians, he would not be covered in namek slime! This was a inconvenience he did not wish to meet again. The next time he would attempt to take this new dragonball without killing every namek in the village. He could only assume that this was where it would be hidden at. After all, the namekians worshiped these balls.

Trunks lifted his radar up to his mouth as he began to speak.

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