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Post by Novashen on 8/24/2012, 11:36 pm

Fatigue filled the Prince's bones, the climb had been long even for a being that did not tire easily and required little sleep. There must have been something in the air that had been draining his stamina, because he could scarcely ever remember being so tired, though his grasp for feeling magical energy had diminished since coming to this world he could still a strong aura surrounding the entire tower.

White tendrils of steam came from his body, showing his exertion, and he lay on the ground gasping for breath. Though he was completely exhausted, he still managed to lift himself from the ground bringing his eyes level with a strange white looking creature. Something in his mind told him that this creature was a cat, though he had never see one before. Though one thing nagged at him, the strange fact that the cat was standing on two legs, and held a staff in his hand.

“What, what, what are you,” it took the Prince several moments to finish his sentence, even though he did not need to draw breath to speak, his energy levels were such that he was having some difficulties forming the words he needed too.

“Well look what the cat dragged in, heh heh,” the cat that had identified itself as Korin said, “Now what sort of creature are you, definitely not a human by any means.”

Novashen was still very tired from his long climb, and was resting so that he could regain the energy necessary to speak. He was also a bit surprised that Korin could tell he was not human, most of Earth's inhabitants assumed he was one of them even though his mannerisms and dress were so different. Aside from the fact that he was a talking cat, he must have had above average perception skills.

“Heh heh, you seem to be a bit surprised. Judging by the look on your face you wonder how I can tell,” Korin said to the perplexed looking Prince.

“You are correct, my people call themselves Novarians. Though as far as I know we do not exist here,” Novashen replied, he was a bit wary of the mysterious Korin. Though according to 'Al', this cat might have some knowledge that might benefit him.

“Sir... Korin, do you know anything about other realms?” Novashen said, hoping that Korin might have some information for him.

“Well I might son, though there are many many planets in the universe. Master Kami would be the best one to speak too about that sort of thing,” Korin replied, there was a mischievous glint in the talking cat's eyes.

“Master Kami you say, I would greatly appreciate your help Sir Korin. Where might I find this man?” Novashen was hoping that Korin would give him a straight answer, though judging by the look in Korin's eyes it was not going to be easy.

His hopes were starting to rise though, this Korin seemed like he was very knowledgeable. Though he was talking something about other planets, and Novashen was not entirely sure if he had really been transported across the universe. The magic that had swallowed him seemed to be the right type to displace him, but he simply could not believe that it had transported him that far.

Korin paused for a moment before responding to Novashen's question, taking that moment to clear his throat. “Well you can just call me Korin, no need for calling me sir. You came at a great time, I might just be able to make use of you. You see one of my plant's are dying, and I could use some water to revive it.”

“I knew it, that crafty cat is going to make me work for my answers,” Novashen's eyes narrowed as he was slightly irritated, though it was unusual that he grow so irritated so far it must have had something to do with his exhaustion.

“What is so important about this plant anyway, and do you not have some water around here somewhere?” the Prince was showing his haughty side now.

“You have never heard of my magic beans before?” Korin asked, the talking cat sounded a bit exasperated almost as if he was being forced to talk to a dunce. “I thought that was the reason you came here.”

“Magic beans? No I have never heard of them, what are they?” Novashen was growing interested in what the curious cat had to say, this was the first time he had heard an Earth creature be so open about magic.

“Yes they are called senzu beans, and have the power to heal almost any wound. It's very important that my plants remain alive and well for the defenders of Earth,” Korin replied, feeling a little less frustrated with the strange Prince.

“Alright, just tell me what you need me to do,” Novashen said begrudgingly, he would have preferred some time to rest, but the sooner he could get some answers about how he ended up on Earth the better.

For the next little bit Korin proceeded to fill Novashen on the details of what was going on. It seemed that one of his plants had been infected with some kind of dark energy, an energy that was slowly draining the plants life. Though in a forest not too far off, there also exists a spring of water, one which will cure the planet of it's infection and allow it to bloom and grow beans once again. The only problem was that Novashen would have to explore the dark depths of the forest, and within those depths dwelled a great best that lived off of the spring water, guarding it jealously.

Novashen took some time to ponder what Korin had told him, it was also a good time for him to rest. The physical exertion he had been through over the course of the entire day was enough to give him pause for a few hours. He could hardly wait though, excitement filled his bones.

“All I need to do now is get the sacred water and I will be one step closer to going home,” the Prince held his hand out in front of himself, clenching it tight out of reflex from his excitement.

It was something he was not going to wait much longer for, after a few hours his muscles were rested enough that if he had to fight he could defend himself easily. Standing on the edge of Korin's tower he looked straight down towards the ground, even his enhanced vision had some difficulties seeing the ground in clear detail.

“No wonder I was so tired from climbing,” Novashen thought, as he looked down.

Without further hesitation Novashen took one step carrying him over the edge of the tower, completely relaxed he allowed gravity to pull him down. For many long moments he allowed himself to fall freely, allowing his body to relax and enjoy the simple sensation of falling. His mind was free of thoughts, helping him prepare for the coming moment. A few more moments passed, the ground rushing up to meet him. Concentrating intently a small surge of energy flowed through his veins infusing into his muscle tissues causing an aura of energy to erupt into existence around him stopping his descent instantly.

“Whew, that was close but I need to stay sharp!” the young Prince laughed as he felt the energy that he had focused into his muscles leave.

He then flew off once again darting through the air like a hyper active sparrow his flight path taking him straight towards the forest that held the magical spring water that would cure Korin's plant; Novahsen could literally feel the magic calling out to his blood as he got closer his very essence yearning to be in the presence of another source of magical power.

“I wonder if the magic in the water could be harnessed to help me,” Novashen thought as he darted around rocks and boulders, waiting until the very last moment to dodge, this was not a time for him to admire the beauty of the area around him but to get to his destination as fast as possible. He needed to meet the man Korin spoke of right away.

Hours passed as he made his way across the Earth, a glowing arrow that lite the area it flew through. His pale white hair laid elegantly upon his shoulders, his regal clothing announcing to all those who could follow his flight his station and wealth, or at least the illusion it gave. The muscles in his face were tight with anticipation, for after he arrived in the forest he would be one step closer to getting a clue about his path home.

Finally he could see the forest with his regular vision, nothing bothering to try and see it with his enhanced optics. He wanted to see it as he would have normally, before he had arrived on Earth and been experimented on.

Light as a feather, the Prince landed upon the ground just before the entrance to the forest, his elegant robes fluttering as he landed settling down peacefully inches away from the dirty ground. His enhanced eyes peered into the depths of the forest, easily penetrating it's dark depths, for a regular person would have had problems seeing so thick was the foliage that it blocked out much of the sun's light.

“I wonder how that talking cat ever managed to make his way through this,” Novashen thought, surprised at the depths of the forest, knowing that the small cat would have had problems walking through it, never mind dealing with it's fearsome protector.

With an anxiety and anticipation that were born from his excitement to go home, he stepped forward taking his first step into the lush green forest. Judging by the lack of prints on the path, as well as how it was barely visible he knew that he was traveling a path seldom used.

“I just hope that this is not the last path I set upon,” Novashen thought, beginning his walk through the forest.

He was partially calmed as he walked, a sense of peace setting upon his shoulders the deeper and deeper he got into the forest. All around him birds sung their songs of pleasure, sharing with the world the beauty of their music. Millions of insects crawled amongst the leaves of the forest, many visible only to his eyes, though each seemed to be intent upon doing something, whether that was gathering food, or becoming food. Small droplets of dew dropped down into his hair, sliding along it's length feeling tiny and cold upon his head.

“One could hardly believe that any fearsome predators that would be a danger to me live here,” Novashen thought happily, a smile was beginning to form on his lips. It was relaxing to get away from his stressful training drills, and the harsh truths the world had been revealing to him. If only he could just get lost in this forest, enjoying the song of it's animals forever.

His feet stepped on the wet leaves the littered the ground, having been gathering there for many years, and soon his boots had a small pile sticking to each bottom. The branches and bush that brushed his robes as we walked by left the clothing moist, and dirty. Only the little light that managed to peak through now and then helped Novashen see, his enhanced eyes allowing him to see clearly even with the smallest of light sources. Still as he progressed further and further, he felt his muscles loosing their tension as the calm of the forest seeped into his being, he did not want to fight, he did not want to resist, he wanted only peace and to be home.

A white mist rolled in around him, covering his vision for the briefest of moments before fading into nothingness. Once the mist had faded from his vision, disappearing as quickly as it had come, Novashen found himself sitting in a green meadow, a very familiar green meadow. It was the land outside of the castle he had grown up in, a lush land that had been his play ground as a child. Now he found himself standing there, the royal robes of state upon his body and the crown of the King Nova upon his brow.

“I fought long and hard, trained every day. I learned every detail I could about the politics of the land. Before long my Father had no choice but to accept me as the Lord of this land, I feel sorry for my brother but only one of us could rule,” Novashen thought, turning around to face the massive stone walls of the Castle that was his home.

A chill wind blew through the area just then, whipping his robes around in a flurry and sending a cold chill down his spin. It was times like this that he truly enjoyed being alive, when he could enjoy every sensation that life had to offer him.

“Isn't that right my dear?” Novashen said, speaking to a lovely woman who stood beside him.

She was not a typical woman, and the Prince had met her on one of his travels in a distant land. Instantly he had been captivated by her beauty, she was unique with fiery red hair, and eyes like molten gold. Though she seemed fierce, her heart was that of one who cared deeply for those she loved, willing to fight to the last for any who would dare harm them. They had met, and after a few incidents fell hopelessly in love. It was then that the Prince knew he had to become improve himself, rule his land so that he could be worthy of her love.

“Yes my love, you are a wise and powerful ruler,” the lovely woman replied, her words sounding like honey upon his ears.

He turned to face the red haired woman, so that he could gaze into her molten eyes, feeling a burning desire to become lost in the sight of her. A burning desire had been growing in his loins, one that was encouraging him to enter into her embrace, too lean forward and lock his lips with hers...

Only as he moved forward, slowly but confidently going to kiss his wife, her mouth opened wide revealing razor sharp teeth that glistened with saliva.

“RAWR!” was the only thing his wife said the moment before her teeth sank into his neck, causing him to scream in pain in shock.

“AGH!” the pain snapped him from the dream that he had been in, the Prince finding himself lying on a cold damp ground that had probably not seen light for decades. Above him was what looked like a giant tiger, teeth glistening with saliva much like his dream. It was busy chewing on the flesh it had ripped from his neck, and even though his flesh was like steel it had easily taken a chunk from him, leaving a steady stream of white mist to leak from the wound.

This must have been the predator that Korin had warned him about, though the talking cat had never mentioned anything about a mist that sent you instantly into the land of dreams.

“RAGH,” he was in intense pain, anger flooding through his body lending strength to his slack muscles. He was pissed at Korin for not telling him about all of the dangers of the forest before hand, and even more angry at this beast that stood above him chewing upon his neck.

Surging to his feet, white mist still streaming steadily into the sky from the wound upon his neck, his hand strayed to the hilt on his hip, unleashing the sword that rode his hip in a flash of movement. Angry he darted forward without thinking, lashing the sharp edge of his sword several times at the beast before it could react to him getting up, and several times his blade bit deep causing the beast to roar in pain, blood flew through the air with each slash that landed upon it's furry body.

“YOU WILL DIE!” Novashen roared, allowing his anger to get the best of him as he sought to slay the beast that had dared to chew upon his royal body.

Yet the beast with thick orange fur was not about to simply allow Novashen to slay it, it lashed out with one of it's paws that end in five razor sharp claws attempting to lay open the Prince's guts in one stroke. Novashen was a nimble warrior though, and easily leaned to the side allowing the paw to swoosh by before stepping forward and driving the cold steel of his blade into the beasts breast. A moment later, the orange colored beast shuddered it's muscles going tight once before going slack against Novashen almost knocking the Prince over with the sudden increase of weight.

“Agh, some beast that was. It was the mystical powers of the forest that was more dangerous then the beast,” Novashen thought, at least hoping that was the only beast he would have to deal with.

Slowly he looked around, every conscious of the large chunk that had been torn from his neck. It would heal of course, though the process would be slow and in the meantime he would have to be careful not to aggravate it. It was as he looked around that he noticed a large pond of water next to him.

“It seems this beast made this pond the lair which is it's home,” Novashen thought, staring at the poor beast that lay dead, bleeding at his feet.

As he focused his vision on the water, he felt a form of energy emanating from it's depths. As the waves of energy hit him he felt the wound in his neck close over, the flesh that had been torn free quickly regenerating itself. It was a sacred and holy energy that touched him, a healing energy.

“This must be the healing waters that Korin wanted me to retrieve for him,” Novashen thought to himself, kneeling close to the waters edge.

From one of his pouches on the inside of his robes, he withdrew a small vial that Korin had given him to store the water, and in one movement he scooped water from the pond, filling the vial as much as he could before corking it and putting it back in his pouch.

His mission complete, the white haired Prince rose from the waters edge standing tall and proud.

“Now to return to Korin's tower and give him this water, I hope he doesn't mind me flying there this time,” Novashen thought, he did not want to have to climb the tower again especially after he had just had his throat partially torn out.

“That cat has a lot to answer for,”

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