The Devil Resides in the Details

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The Devil Resides in the Details

Post by Turles on 8/25/2012, 2:31 am

Energy was released from his gloved palm in quick, jumping forth in strobe-like flashes of violet and white. They streaked forth through the crowd, pulsating briefly before exploding among the masses of fleeing humans. The crowd was filled with the fearful, who now scrambled before him like ants beneath a magnifying glass. It was pitiful, the resilience found in humanity. Any other race would have produced a warrior by now, someone to pique his interest, even if only slightly.

As heat-packed explosions sent bodies flying through the air, the Prince stepped down off of the vehicle he had landed upon. Present on the hood was a sizable dent, caused by the recoil of his blasts; he was as of yet, unable to properly control himself on this world. The restraint he was almost constantly forced to use was infuriating; he could not risk busting this pathetic planet, for risk of losing sight of his goal and killing the warrior he was sent to procure.

He sent off two more pulses of light and power into the crowd before him, watching with mild amusement as the wounded struggled to escape his might, having been left behind by those without resolve. He would have loved a chance to test himself against one of Earth's defenders, but as of yet, he had encountered none in this bothersome industrial center. There had been a few, the 'Police' as they were called, who tried to resist him at first.

They had, much like the rest, learned their lesson swiftly. Vegeta was, fortunately, quick to punish. Whereas this would generally be considered a poor trait by human standards, he prided himself on his punitive nature. He considered himself something of a janitor; he cleansed the universe of the unworthy scum who so inhabited it. He did so not in the name of his father, not in the name of anyone else; he took this task upon himself because he enjoyed it.

Something about watching humans scream and scurry about delighted him more than anything else on this pathetic rock could. Perhaps it was the fact that it asserted his dominance, or the fact that their pleas for mercy only induced more gratification and pleasure with each passing moment; or was it that it was simply so game-like? Taking shots into their ranks and watching them burst and pop, it was simply so exciting that he couldn't pass up an opportunity.

It mattered not what cover they took, as he fired potshots off into the fleeing crowd; they could have stowed away in a cafe, they could have stowed away in a military base, it mattered not. He would destroy this filthy rock as soon as he got what he wanted, and he would wait no longer. It wasn't as if it had anything else to interest him with. Laughing as he stepped forward and fired off several more pulses of bright, neon purple light, he shouted after his prey.

”That's right, run! See how far you get!”, a crude statement by most standards, but who could really blame him? They had nothing to offer him, and nothing to present him with. He was not here to negotiate with the populace, no matter how often they seemed to offer him their lives. He was here to destroy and bring death; he was truly the son of his father, the Warrior King Vegeta.

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Re: The Devil Resides in the Details

Post by Izon on 8/25/2012, 1:10 pm

Ian watched the havoc below. He was supposed to be on his way to a tailor to get fitted for a more recent suit, so that he was more ready for this age’s fashion. Explosions could be seen below along with bodies. He could see flashes of light and he let out a sigh. Did he really have to play a good guy? Someone or something was killing his soon to be customers. The more the cattle died, the less he had to drain from them. You wouldn’t just slaughter your cows, not when they produce milk for you.

“Cira, place the shuttle on that building over there.” Ian pointed to a building about two blocks behind the man attacking the city. “Feel free once you drop me off to leave. It could get rough and would hate to lose yet another shuttle to a maniac.”

Cira grinned. He knew Ian liked him. He did his best to serve the demon. Though he was also protective of his property, and Cira was one of them. And he made damn sure he was one Ian would want to keep. “Yessir.” He turned the shuttle and set down on the indicated building and let the door open. “Give ‘em hell.”

Ian looked back and grinned. He removed his coat and walked out. The door shut and the shuttle took off leaving Ian alone on the roof. Walking to the edge, he jumped off and lowered himself down. Touching down, he casually walked towards what he could now see was a Saiyan. A few more explosions while humans ran everywhere. Had this been five hundred years ago, he probably would’ve been one of them.

“Gorgeous day isn’t it?” Ian smiled as he walked around a couple of cars, hands behind his back. “Great day for mischief and mayhem huh?” He was to the Saiyan’s left and he stood there looking around at the destruction. “You know, cattle is more beneficial if it’s alive. You can profit from it, or utilize it any way you please. And that’s all they are. And the more of them, the more you have for when you need them.”

It was simple business. The more of a commodity you had, the more supply you had to provide. Though reducing supply means more demand and higher funds, you have less to work with and have to look else where.

“So maybe quell your Saiyan blood for a bit huh? I know you guys are violent and you love to kill. You’re barbarians, it’s what you do. But these are my cattle and you are killing them. Maybe I can find something for you. A way to divert your aggression on something that can give you a challenge. I have many options at your disposal. There are many warriors here, you just have to find them. They like to remain hidden for the most part. Moving about the humans and fighting in remote locations. I could call out a few if you’d like. I’ve had my run in with a few.”

He waited to see what the saiyan would do, interested in if this meeting would turn out to be beneficial to him or if it would break out into a fight. He didn’t know this one’s power except what he’s seen and thus far he knew he could overpower him. But he refused to let himself get overconfident as he knew his own weakness.


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