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Terathola Quests

Post by Goku on 8/25/2012, 10:39 pm

Word Counts:

Easy: 1,500
Medium: 3,000
Hard: 5,000

Remember, you may only do 3 quests per week.

Help Wanted

Easy Quest

Requirement: None

Reward: 1,000 zeni and Special Reward.

Lancaster & Associates have all kinds of positions open. From Security, to Pilot, to Manager. Ian Lancaster is looking for the most talented in every field. Each position will require a test you must fulfill.

Security: The first test consists of patrolling the less than pleasant areas. Sector 31 is an uninhabited area. This has allowed those who refuse to pay hide from the collectors. Clean out this area of riff raff and either kill or arrest them.

Pilot: Transport is a dangerous business, and though this is the first test, this is no exception. A delivery is to be made to Kanassa, but there have been a small band of pirates that have been spotted. Get past them, and if possible, destroy them.

Collector: Collecting is far from a cushy job. Regularly they get attacked or get face full of rotten tomatoes. A particular area has proven quite resilient. In the Nobel’s Neighborhood nonetheless. A group of Merchants who call themselves the “Gorshon Brothers” have refused to pay, saying they haven’t made the amount required to pay. They are weak but held up pretty tightly. Make them pay. Don’t kill them though.

Manager: Managers run sectors as they are opened up. They manage teams and collect the money in their sector. It’s less client facing, but much more detail oriented work. Sector 31 is being opened up to new housing. Security is cleaning it up. We need someone who can prove themselves to run it. We need you to open up that and start getting people moved in.

Special Reward:

[Security] +10 Hero Points if you arrest the riffraff; +10 Villain Points if you kill them

[Collector] +10 Villain Points

The Real Test

Medium Quest

Requirement: Must have completed Help Wanted.

Reward: 2,000 zeni

So those previous tests were easy. Now comes the next challenge. Working for Ian Lancaster can prove to be as stressful as it is dangerous. Your job description can change when it basically suits the executives. For this reason, you are to be able to fight regardless of the position you want. Within the training facility at the core of the station is a beast that was caught. We need you to fight against it and kill it. Don’t worry, we have more for other new hire potentials.

A Test of the Tongue

Medium Quest

Requirement: Must have completed The Real Test.

Reward: 2,000 zeni

Now that you’ve proven your strength. We need to know how well you can talk your way out of a situation. There is an influential investor. We need you to convince him to invest in Lancaster & Associates. This one isn’t easy. They have a lot of money and doing this could prove to be a nice step in the right direction

The Interview

Hard Quest

Requirement: Must have completed A Test of the Tongue.

Reward: 2,000 zeni

Your interview has been set up, unfortunately on your way, a group of thieves stop you. They claim they speak on behalf of the original owners of this Space Station. They want your help to keep Ian and his company from fully taking over this station. Will you kill them and make it to your interview? Or you will end your tests and any hope of ever being part of Lancaster & Associates and help them?

Welcome to Lancaster & Associates

Hard Quest

Requirement: Must have completed The Interview.

Reward: 1,500 zeni and Special Reward.

So you made it to your interview. By coming this far you’ve proven yourself worthy and thus you can take your first assignment. Complete this and you will become full time. Upon the completion of the task, you will be considered a full time employee and a contract with Lancaster & Associates will be drawn up. If you break the contract, you will lose all benefits of the office (Badges/patches/licenses).

Security: There is a group of terrorists who doesn’t feel like anyone should be on this station who need to be dealt with. They’ve been spotted in sectors 45 through 50 but may have moved elsewhere as Iric, Ian’s closest bodyguard has scared them. Find them and eradicate them.

Pilot: There is a delivery for three different planets. These are highly valuable items and the pirates you had to deal with before were absorbed into a much larger band who has a thing out for Lancaster ships. Deal with them or find a way to avoid them. Good luck.

Collector: The inhabitants of Sector 31 have refused to pay rent because their power has been fluctuating. The contract clearly states this is not the responsibility of Sector management or Lancaster & Associates. Make them pay one way or the other. If you gotta bring security into it, so be it. It’s why they’re there.

Manager: You’ve been moved to Sector 81 to oversee a project to restore the area for the fast growing population. Power, oxygen and gravity needs to be restored, but the controls are unknown in this area. Explore this area. We need a room count as well as need to make sure nothing is hiding out and if so, they need to be dealt with. We also need security cameras put up, and make sure lifts and water works. Clear out anything that doesn’t belong

Special Reward:

Security Badge - +5xp when training (Can attach to a torso piece)

Pilot Patch -5% on delivery costs when using messenger bot (Can attach to a torso piece.)

Collector Badge - +5% zeni when selling items to the Galactic Pawn Shop. (Can attach to a torso piece.)

Manager License- +100 zeni bonus when working or investing

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