Astral Roaming [Yemma Fruit]

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Astral Roaming [Yemma Fruit]

Post by OldBardock on 8/26/2012, 4:11 pm

Now all of the pain that he felt during that entire battle... It was all fading away like it was some kind of bad dream. Bardock had to wonder how it all happened. That Gaza didn't know his way around a battle, he literally wasted every ounce of energy over the span of five minutes. A man cannot fight that way, he is supposed to preserve his energy to live on. Bardock had counted on Gaza being a little light-headed, but he had no idea the guy was a suicidal idiot.

His body slowly faded from the ground, his own blood staining the ground. The bandana from the helm of Gaza's blade also faded into thin air, as it was now part of Bardock. It held not only his blood, but the blood of his former comrades, and they were not going to leave him alone again. The bond between the five of them was too strong, even with Bardock in a state of loneliness. He was forced to kill his own men, but he didn't forget the good times that they had as a team. He would have to grasp onto what happiness he had left.

His soul slowly left his body, and his body soon followed him as he rose into the air. It was just like before, except now he had a physical body to take with him. How dare that Gaza try to humiliate him in such a way! He would soon perish by his hand, if it was the last thing he would do. His soul was returning to the Other World once again, just like he did when he was killed by Frieza. Suffering this kind of pain in his heart was not the best medicine to follow up the headache of killing his comrades, but he quickly shrugged that off.

He appeared at the end of a fairly short line of spirits. They had a few white, fluffy clouds of spirit. What a bunch of fucking freaks. Then again, his first time up here, he looked exactly like that. Must be a punishment for being so good-looking. But now he had his physical body, fully intact and ready for another battle. Looks like fate was a nicer mistress to him this time. He looked over to the large building, recognizing it as the office of King Yemma.

It only took a few minutes of idle chatter between the spirits before he managed to reach the very front of the line. He had to admit, it wasn't as long as it took the first time, and he wasn't exactly the most patient person in the universe when he was up here. He was still angry over his loss against Frieza, and he ended up getting behind the whole army of Frieza in the spirit line. He got angry at all of them, and he started blasting them all to put them out of existence.

He was a little angry back then, but he couldn't even feel that kind of emotion now. Anger was a wasted emotion when he could just go back and send him a first-class trip to this place. Now he stood in front of a large red demon, surrounded by some blue guys in suits. Bardock looked into Yemma's eyes, a harsh glare coming out of his eyes. He really wasn't happy about being back here for the second time, and he wanted to make such a fact known.

"Ah, Bardock. Nice to see you again," he said with a particularly deep voice. It was just like last time, but he hadn't been committing a lot of crimes this time around. Maybe a second chance was going to shine down upon him just like this body. "I'm sure you have noticed that you still retain your physical form, a small gift I gave you so you could train here." Bardock had a smirk tug at his lips, happy that Yemma would allow him to hone his skills in this place.

"Now, I'm sure you know you will have to wait a while before you go to Earth, but I'm sure you wish to become stronger before then, correct?" Bardock gave Yemma a small nod, letting him know that this was correct. Why was this bastard stalling so much to tell him something? Did he have some disorder? Oh shit, it hit Other World as well. Just fucking fantastic. "Well, there's a special fruit I have in my forest down in Hell. This fruit will boost your power quite high, but be warned. It contains a special poison that, if you eat the fruit twice, your spirit will die."

Well, shit. Something that could make him even stronger than before? He didn't even know such a thing existed, considering his strength now. No, he couldn't think like that. Gaza was stronger than him, so he needed every single advantage he could get. "Alright, demon. Send me there and I'll grab one," he said bluntly. He had no time to waste on petty formalities, not when he could be getting stronger with his time.

"Alright then. I wish you luck in your ventures!" He pressed a small button under his desk, opening up a secret door under Bardock. Like gravity was pulling him down with a great force, he couldn't even fly out of it before he fell down, but just as the door closed when he was inside, the control of his body returned to him. Must be a precautionary measure so some of the really evil ones don't manage to escape. He slowly descended onto the ground to take in his environment.

It was a fairly spiked place, a lot of sharp landforms took over the area. All of the dirt was a purple-like color, and there was a large fountain of pure crimson liquid. It was a fountain of blood. It didn't really creep Bardock out, as he was used to the sight of blood. Back when he was a soldier, he was always around blood and bodies, he had to kill people for a living. It's not that he wanted to, but he had to make a living and follow the tyrant's orders. He had no way to speak out, and when he did so, he died for his cause.

He began to pace forward, taking a look around the area to see if he could find this forest. He remembered the last time he was in a forest, and it was decent training to say the least. With plenty of trees to keep him company, he was sending out punches and kicks to every direction, destroying the environment one hit at a time. By the time he was done, there was a gaping hole in that forest, and he merely left it that way. Nothing really got him off like destruction did. The thrill of making something blow up couldn't compare to much else.

There was no forest in sight, but he did manage to see a single tree, one that stood high and tall. It bared many pieces of golden fruit, possibly the things that Yemma was talking about. He was ready to become a stronger man, but he had to be careful. The words of Yemma were still ringing in his head, partially because he had an annoying ass voice. He took a look at one of the fruits, seeing it glisten in the sunlight of Hell.

He jumped up once, reaching out to the fruit and grabbing it, tearing the fruit off of the branch with great ease. As he tapped down on the ground, he looked to the fruit. It almost felt like it had a pulse, like it was full of energy. It was pretty eerie, but he was willing to do anything for power. He opened his mouth and took a big bite of the fruit, some of the juices flying into the air. As he chewed it, and eventually swallowed, he didn't truly feel any different. Did that bastard trick him?!

Then suddenly, his muscles bulked up. His chest pumped out, his arms almost doubled in time, and he instantly crushed the fruit without even knowing it. This new power was something else! He felt like he could take on the world with this strength. He charged up his aura, a white shroud of energy surrounding his body with a new fire. He could feel the new energy flowing though his body! Now he thought that he could take anyone on, whether it was Frieza or Gaza. No, he can't get soft now that he had this. He wanted to make sure that he had enough power to completely annihilate whoever stood in his way. He walked away from the tree with the remnants of the fruit left on the ground. The ultimate power of this world would be his soon enough.

No matter the cost.

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