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Zorn had just finished with his initiation in King Vegeta's army. His son, Pairei, had suggested that they both train to get better. Zorn liked the Idea, and agreed. The next day, they both went down to the Training Grounds, and started to spar.

Zorn was going to hold back, since his son was in fact weaker. He got in his battle position, and offered his son to make the first move. Pairei immediately dashed ahead, and formed a ball of Ki in his hand, and thrusted his arm towards his father.

"Going all out right off the bat eh?" Zorn said as he prepared to parry the move. He grabbed his son's arm, and pushed it to the right, as he brought his leg into the stomach of his son.

Pairei staggered backwards. Zorn took this opportunity to rush forwards. He swept his son's leg, and flipped forwards, kicking his son in the jaw. This fight was seeming to be one sided, so Zorn decided to tone it down a bit. He let his son regain himself, and attack first again. This time he forcibly lowered his reaction time, and only barely dodged the strikes.

The only thing he did was block and dodge, and tried to gauge his son's speed and strength. His son picked it up a notch. Zorn thought that it was probably out of anger. He probably figured out Zorn was holding back, and got angry at his lack of strength.

The theory was proven when Pairei yelled "Fight me!" before throwing a punch. Zorn immediately reacted by grabbing right hook with this left hand, and pulling his son into a backhand from his right arm. He then jumped up, and implanted his foot into his son's face. He then used the face as a foothold to jump in the air. His son fell to the ground, and Zorn came down right on his stomach.

Zorn sighed. His son wanted a fight, and he gave him one. He would need to train him better if he wanted to become a true warrior in King Vegeta's army. He scooped his son up, and started to walk away.

"Hah, Zorn's pretty strong, but his son is so weak!" The moment he heard this he stopped in his tracks. Nobody ever insults him or his son, without paying the consequences. He slowly set his son down on the ground, cracked his knuckles, and vanished. The person who insulted him wondered where we went, and was looking around frantically.

Then, all of a sudden, Zorn appeared, right in front of him. His eyes exclaimed rage and anger. In an instant, he punched the saiyan that insulted his son right in the jaw, and he was sent flying backwards, and crashed into a concrete wall. His friend who was with him proceeded to try and assault Zorn, but failed. Zorn moved backwards, dodging the punch, and then grabbed the arm of the attacker.

He broke it, and then elbowed him in the stomach. He finished by knocking him down to the ground with his leg. He motioned his hands as if he was dusting them off, and then he left. He picked up his son, and headed home. He wondered who the two he just defeat were. "Whoever they are, they made a mistake insulting my son..." Zorn said to himself.

But, he was bored. His son didn't give him much of a challenge, and neither did those two other Saiyans. When he entered his home, he dropped his son on the floor, and went to train a little more intensely.

He flew off, and went to King Vegeta's castle where he was now allowed to train thanks to him passing initiation.


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