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Son of Plunder Empty Son of Plunder

Post by Turles on 8/29/2012, 8:51 am

Ability Name: Son of Plunder

Type: Utility

This technique utilizes Turles' current level of riches and his lack of attachment for his money, alongside his subsequent attachment to his own survival over all else. By deducting from his zeni (which is listed in his battle tracker during battle, also freezing his marketplace account during battle), Turles can raises a single stat of his choosing for the remainder of the battle For every 200 Z in his inventory, Turles can boost the stat of his choosing by 1%. The max that can be boosted by the extent of his zeni depends on his current ranking. The cap for this boost is 25%, and costs 5,000 Z. Turles cannot use this technique unless he has at least 1,000 Z. Additionally, it requires a lull in combat to be activated, though it acts as a stance combat-wise and all FP costs are raised by 5% in this state.

It takes up 1 technique slot, and acts as a regular technique in the metagame. Turles' next/first already established stance requires no slot. No boosts from this state last for longer than the duration of the battle. It can be canceled at any time, though no Zeni is refunded. Additionally, costs are raised to transformed costs while under 5 VP, whether he is transformed or not.

When transformed and in his first transformation, Turles' prices increase. While in the Giji Super Saiyan or Mastered Oozaru ascendant transformation, he obtains a +1% boost for every 500 Z. The maximum boost he can provide himself in a transformed state is +15%. If Turles uses this technique while in his second transformed state, the costs rise to a 1% boost for every 600 Z.

Attack Rating:N/A

Actions: Can Be Used with Rest ; 1

FP Gain: 10 activation ; +5% to FP costs afterward

Learning Cost: 130 TP (Utility; Non FP driven)

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