Goku and the Check-In Station

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Goku and the Check-In Station

Post by Goku on 8/29/2012, 12:51 pm

Goku and the Check-In Station

“At least take a look at his record. I am telling you, he is worthy of training with the Kais,” Kami said.

He stood before the giant mahogany desk of King Yemma. The king, being a massive ogre with red skin and a long beard, glared down at the Guardian before him. He drummed with his giant pen on the desk, and it was clear his patience was wearing thin. The Check-In Station was bristling with activity, as usual. Wisp globs of spirits stood in line, all waiting for their judgment. Smaller ogres, dashed about, tending to their duties. Goku himself, nothing more than a non-entity, floated next to Kami, barely aware of what was happening.

“The Surpeme Kais want us to stop giving so many free passes,” King Yemma said. “But, fine. If it will get you out of my hair, I will look.”

Snapping his fingers, a massive tome materialized on the desk before Yemma, along with a cloud of yellow dust. It alone were taller than a man and wider than three. Opening it up, the cover slammed down onto the desk with a heavy thud. Deftly maneuvering his beefy fingers, Yemma thumbed through the pages. After a minute or so he stopped, both of his eyes scanning over the entry.

“Hmm,” he began, tapping the page with his index finger. “Impressive indeed. So, he defeated your evil half, saved millions of souls, and died standing up against a terrifying construct? If anything, Kami, I must say I am grateful he spared me so much work all at once.”

“You see,” Kami said. “So, restore his body and let him venture into Other World. Let him prove himself.”

“If this one finds away back to the mortal realm, I'm going to be angry with you Kami. You know I hate processing souls twice,” Yemma said and then pulled open a drawer on his desk.

He produced a sheet of paper. After scribbling his signature on it, he stamped it and put it onto an empty rack behind him. Snapping his fingers again, white light began to shimmer and swell around Goku's spiritual blob. It took his humanoid shape and then began to harden. Bone returned first, then his vital organs, topping the materialization back with sinew and flesh.

Goku took a deep breath, the first breath of his new life, and nearly fell over. The entirety of his restored body trembled. He was stark naked and quickly covered up his private parts when he noticed he was standing before the mighty King and Kami.

“This is embarrassing,” he said, looking to Kami, glad to see a familiar face. “Where am I?”

Kami raised his staff and tapped it on the stone floor. The same orange gi that Goku always wore appeared on his frame. Feeling a little less exposed, Goku stood up straight, glancing around the Check-In Station in pure awe.

“Other World,” King Yemma said. “This is King Yemma. He processes souls. You've been restored to life for your heroic deeds. Now, stand aside so I can keep this line moving.”

Kami motioned to the side of the desk and they walked over. Goku was amazed at just how BIG the desk was. It was double the size of him. King Yemma was a true giant.

Goku punched the air a few times, his hand cutting through in a rapid blur. “I feel great, even more powerful than before. I think I can take on Cell now.”

Kami sighed. “You're not ready yet. There's a lot for you to learn here. Besides, it's not that easy to just return to Earth.”

“Why not?” Goku asked.

“There have been rare occurrences where mortal souls were allowed to return to life by the Kais, but only after proving themselves worthy or by need of a champion. In fact, Master Roshi was allowed to return, with his youth restored not too long ago. They will be wary to send another back to Earth so soon,” Kami said.

Goku was glad that Roshi was able to return, but couldn't help but frown. His family was still there, now exposed to the dangers. While Cell had told Goku that his wife and children were safe, Goku feared it may have been a lie.

He steeled himself. There was no reason for despair. If Roshi had proven himself, Goku could too. He was Roshi's student after all. I can't quit before I start, he told himself and clenched his fist.

“Oroa,” Yemma called out. “Dammit Oroa, where are you?”

“Coming sir!” a meek voice said. From the shadow of one of the support pillars, a scrawny ogre appeared. He was shorter than Goku by a hand in a half. He walked with his back hunched, in visible pain. His head, arms, and torso were covered in blood stained bandages.

“It's time for my lunch. Go to the grove and cut me a piece of my fruit,” King Yemma demanded.

“But, sir... The wrens are back again. Last time I went down there they attacked me. Is there not another who could go?”

Yemma harrumphed. “You're an ogre, act like one. Now, fetch me some damned fruit before I get angry.”

Goku could see Oroa was sweating profusely. He's scared out of his wits. I wonder what the wrens are? On Earth, they are a bird. Turning, Oroa started walking towards a wide marbled staircase that seemed to lead down into shadows. Goku jogged over, catching up to him in no time.

Kami, noticing his former pupil was gone, simply put a hand to his face.“Goku, where are you going?”

“I'm going to help Oroa get some of the fruit. It shouldn't take too long, should it?” Goku said as he touched the meek ogre's shoulder. Oroa stopped in mid stride and looked up at Goku with confusion written upon his face.

“Uh, well, no I don't think so. I mean, if you can hold off the wrens, I can pick the fruit in no time. It's just getting there that is the hard part.”

“I'll hold them off for you,” Goku said aloud. He leaned in close, whispering to Oroa. “Let's get the grumpy king his lunch.”

Smiling, Oroa nodded. He led Goku down the flight of stairs. It was the biggest set of stairs Goku had ever seen, at least as wide as a football field. He imagined with beings as large as Yemma lurking around, it was necessary. The stairs themselves were normal sized, so he guessed for large beings it would have worked more like a ramp.

Along the walls, torches set in sconces burned with a bright yellow light, casting dancing shadows onto the walls. The wall themselves were carved, depicting strange scenes that Goku could barely make out. One, a much larger carving, depicted an ogre that looked like King Yemma, wielding a massive hammer, and smashing through the ranks of demons.

“Where are you from mortal?” Oroa asked.

“I'm from Earth.”

“Earth,” Oroa asked and paused, deep in thought. “Is that in the North Quadrant?”

Goku frowned. That was knowledge beyond him. “You know, I don't know. I'm sorry.”

Oroa nodded, seeming to ponder it further as they descended. At the bottom of the flight, they stood before a enormous metal gate as tall a ten story building. Gold light poured through the bars, causing the marbled stone to shimmer and shine all around them. A chain kept the gate closed tight. Each one of the links were at least as big as Goku. The “meek” ogre pulled on the chain, slowly unraveling it. The many links clattered to the floor with such a loud barrage of sound that Goku thought his ears were going to start bleeding.

And he's supposed to be weak? Goku thought. He shielded his ears against the noise with both hands.

Oroa then charged forward, slamming into the bars to try and push the gate open. The strain caused him to grunt. Letting out a whimper he collapsed to one knee, clutching his injured back.

“Here, stand aside, let me take a crack at it,” Goku said.

Giving it a test push, Goku could see he would need most of his strength to budge it. Both hands gripped the metal and he leaned forward charging into it with everything he had. The hinges above squealed and it started to slide forward inch by inch. He put his legs behind it, with heavy steps, gradually moving it further until it swung the rest of the way its own.

Oroa thanked him and they entered King Yemma's grove. It was far more grand than any forest he had ever seen on earth. The trees themselves, mighty looking oaks, stood hundreds of feet tall. The verdian leaves had a vibrant light to them. In fact, everything, even the foliage seemed to glow, providing light as bright as a new dawn.

All sorts of strange alien creatures scurried through the brush, making odd chirping and clicking sounds. Goku couldn't help but smile, to him it was simply astounding.

“Stop,” Oroa said and held his hand out. A line of bushes lie ahead of them. He crept forward and peeked around them. Goku followed, trying to step as daintily as possible, to not disturb the ground and make any noise.
Beyond the bushes lie an orchard of smaller trees, aligned into neat rows, about twenty feet high. They had bright ruby leaves and from them dangled golden fruit, that looked like a combination between a peach and an orange.

Lurking among the branches of the smaller trees, Goku could see insidious looking birds. They had brown feathers, red crests upon their head, and sharp looking hooked beaks and talons. They hopped from tree to tree, squawking and fighting over scraps of the fruit. They looked nothing like the wrens from Earth. If anything they looked like mutated version of a crow and an eagle.

“They are aggressive?” Goku asked.

“Very, they devour the fruit and grow stronger and larger each and everyday,” Oroa said.

“I got this,” Goku said. “Wait until the coast is clear and grab some fruit for the King.”

A red aura erupted around Goku, crackling and biting at the air. Leaping into the air, Goku surged forward, flying into the orchard. Speeding through the rows and zigzagging between trees, Goku tried to get the attention to as many of the birds as possible.

The wrens let out horrifying screeches. They took flighty, lending chase to Goku in one mighty flock. The beating of their massive wings thundered through the air. Goku then zipped upwards towards the thick barrier of yellow clouds that hung in the sky

Spinning around, he was dismayed to see just how many there were. Hundreds of the massive birds were almost upon him. Gritting his teeth, he began to draw out his spiritual energy, condensing inside of him until his body pulsated with a red light. Spreading out his arms and legs he unleashed a massive wall of ki that tore through the air in all directions around him.

Dozens upon dozens of birds slammed into it, turning to ashes from the immense heat. Few managed to careen out of the way, but the flock was greatly reduced. Cawing in terror, they survivors flapped away, heading off into the unknown distance.

Oroa was already at the gate, holding an armful of the fruit. Goku glided down, landing beside him gently.

“That was amazing!” he said. “Here, take one as a reward. It''ll make you stronger.”

Goku bit into the fruit. It was sweeter than any fruit he had ever tasted on the Earth. It also seemed to fill his stomach as he devoured it. With only the core left, he tossed it behind him and started up the stairs, feeling sluggish from a strange weight in his abdomen.

“How many does Yemma eat?” Goku said, stopping for a second when he heard a strange rumble in his gut.

“Usually half of one,” Oroa said.

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