Meeting on an Astral Level

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Meeting on an Astral Level

Post by Gaza on 8/29/2012, 4:31 pm

It wasn't rare for Gaza to come across strange items, but when he was told this Astral Crystal could take him to another realm for him to spar with another person somewhere on a different planet, he was skeptical. However, it was worth a shot, whatever happened. He decided quickly that he'd invite an alliance mate, Sigea, to a little skirmish on the Astral Plane, to test these things out. Stranger things have happened, so he wouldn't be too surprised if these things worked.

The Crystal began glowing, then suddenly, Gaza felt himself being pulled out of the Earthly realm he currently inhabited. The journey was quick, but not instantaneous. He could see things flashing by, but he could not make them out with his naked eye. The journey would have to remain a mystery. Now, he was here, a desolate abyss that was know as the Astral Realm. The crystal remained blinking, but he put it away to prepare for the battle. He was told that on the Astral Plane, one could mold the battlefield before the battle. Gaza liked the sound of that. He began thinking about a large city, almost identical to west city. The difference being, this one was empty. No humans to distract them, or honk their vehicles horns when they got in the way. Nor were than any to destroy and take time away from the opportunity at hand.

This was a decent enough place for him to meet Sigea for a spar. It was only a matter of waiting for Sigea to show up himself. Then they could begin. They could both use the practice, as Sigea was nearing another tranformation, and Gaza wanted to prepare for a great encounter on Earth, one that would surely determine his fate. A man called 'The Master' was wreaking havoc, and that was something Gaza did not like the idea of. The Earth was his to torment and destroy, this man had to go. The fact that someone sided with the master was more displeasing. Supporting a wretch like that, Gaza would ensure they were eliminated.

That was neither here or now. Now was a time for preparation, for progression. If he could gain a substantial amount of strength during this spar, he could likely turn the tables of the battle with 'The Master'. It would also be a nice gesture to help his other Alliance member Broly.

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