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Unexpected Prospect

Post by Vegeta on 8/30/2012, 10:45 am

Guardian of Earth

Easy Quest

Requirement: None

Reward: 1,000 zeni

You've learned of Kami, the chosen Guardian of Earth, who is also a renowned warrior and teacher. Wishing to see if he would take you as his pupil, you decide to ascend to Kami's Lookout, which lies far above Korin's Tower, in the clouds. Upon arriving you are greeted by a robust black genie who tells you his name is Mr. Popo. Mr. Popo is very polite to you and a very generious host. However, he wishes to test your skills before he permits you to speak to the Guardian Kami. All you have to do is land a punch. Beware, despite his jovial appearance, Popo is a fearsome warrior.


Vegeta took lessons from nobody. In jest, he had previously spoken to Kakarot about his adolescent training. The alleged rapist Mr. Popo, whose teaching Kakarot had failed to elaborate on, had always been the subject of that topic. The lack of information had simply... sparked Vegeta's interest, that's all. At any rate, Vegeta set off to take part in Popo's "training". He wouldn't allow things to get to frisky.

With mild interest, Vegeta assailed the tower owned by Korin, and plunged through the clouds to wind up atop of Kami's lookout. Once he arrived, he descended to the platform with his arms crossed. He landed, and scouted the area. Aside from a building on a floating platform, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"I know this is the right place. Show yourself!" Vegeta roared. The impatient prince had already had about enough of the joint. With his interest dwindling, the idea of staying much longer didn't seem likely. "Have it your way. I'll just blow the joint to hell. That's fine by me."

If they had continued to call his bluff much longer, he may have had to follow through with the threat. The short-tempered saiyan was seething in rage. Just as he was about to dismantle the entire lookout, a voice sounded out from behind him.

"You're the saiyan prince I've heard so much about?" A whispy voice chimed.

"Huh?" Vegeta said, whirling around. Sneering, he addressed Mr. Popo, "You've got some nerve making me wait. If I didn't get such a gag out of your goofy ass face, I might waste you right where you stand. Lucky for you, I'm feeling generous."

"So that confirms it. Ahem. I am Mr.-"

"I know who you are. And I don't care. I've stopped by only to see the training regimen of Kame. Run along scooter." Vegeta stated smugly.

"Oh. Well in that case," Mr.Popo said, then rushed to guard the door to the building across the expanse of the platform, "I'll just stand over here."

"Very funny. I assume Kame is in there? I suggest you move the hell out of the way, before I move you." Vegeta threatened, wholeheartedly intending to fulfill the promise.

"If you can move me, you can train with Kame. Those are my terms."

"You're really not getting the whole, 'I can beat the fuck out of you' thing, are you? Whatever, you'll learn soon enough. By the way, can you fly?"

"No, I can-" But before Popo could reply, Vegeta had gripped him by the skull, and tossed him in the opposite direction. Popo sailed over the side of the platform, and Vegeta watched him until he descended from view.

"Well now's as good a time as any to learn!" Vegeta roared, triumphantly laughing. After the genie tossing ceased, Vegeta turned back around to enter the building.

"What was that?" Popo said quizzically. His voice didn't show any sign of arrogance, nor rubbing it in Vegeta's face, but his actions alone set the prince off.

"You think you're funny, eh? We'll see," the prince said with his fist clenched, "How about we play a fun game. Huh? I hear morons of your severity enjoy using games to make training fun. Let's see... what game can we play? How about... run away from Vegeta's galic gun, that sounds like a fun game. I'll start. I will be Vegeta, and you can be the insulate worm whom I obliterate."

After the long spheal, Vegeta cried his chant, summoning forth his signature attack. The Galic Gun. A purple beam erupted from his hands, and rushed directly at Popo. The ray exploaded in a puff of smoke, which clouded Vegeta's vision. Vegeta began laughing his maniacal laugh, until the smoke cleared enough, that he could see Popo was standing in the exact same spot.

"What! How did you do that?" Vegeta demanded. In all of his life, no one had ever taken a galic gun head on, and emerged unscathed.

"Discipline. Something I can teach you if you're willing to learn."

"Save it. What ability did you use? Was it that cowardly afterimage- You know what, it doesn't matter." Vegeta replied, as always, angrily. Vegeta raced toward Popo, and jumped as he got near. The ten foot gap between them closed in, and Vegeta twisted his body and as he collided with Popo, reared a leg out. By his calculation, the kick should take Popo's head off. That would show him to make a fool of the prince of all saiyans.

Vegeta's leg passed over Popo's shoulder as he ducked out of the way. Vegeta hoped to tumble over the oaf, but was pushed back just before falling over the genie.

The grumpy prince returned to his feet, with a pissed off look in his eye. Then a smirk widened across his face. "Haha. Trying to make a fool of good 'ol Vegeta, eh? I'll have no more of this. Fight me. None of that genie magic you're employing. One on one. We'll see who the better fighter is."

"But Vegeta, I never claimed to be better than you, only that y-" Popo started, but Vegeta interrupted Mr. Popo once more.

"Did I ask what you claimed. Fight me, Popo." Vegeta growled, then set off at a dead sprint toward the man fueling his anger. As they got close, the prince raised his knee and thrusted it toward Popo's gut. The attack made impact, and Vegeta continued by delivering a hammer fist to Popo's back. The dark-skinned genie crumpled to the ground.

"How about that. It seems I made it in. Huh?"

"That you did. Congratulations. Now, I will fight back." Popo said, in his plain tone of voice.

"Whatever you say." Vegeta laughed.

Popo ran toward Vegeta, but was stopped in his tracks. Vegeta summoned a sphere of energy and jumped. In mid-air, he arced his arm and sent the ball flying. After landing, he raised his arms and placed his wrists against one another.

"GALIC." Vegeta boomed, pouring forth energy into the beam he was channeling,"GUN!"

Another purple beam erupted from within his hands, chasing down Popo. The initial ki ball had caught him off guard, but he had recovered, and began running to avoid the attack. The trail of ki seemed to chase after him, as it weaved back and forth, racing just behind Popo. Vegeta laughed loudly as Popo tripped, and the beam hit the downed buffoon.

"Atleast you didn't have far to fall, retard!" Vegeta said from across the platform. Popo neared the edge, while Vegeta stood in front of the doorway to Kame's dwelling. Vegeta stalked across the lookout, headed directly for Popo. The fallen man whinced in pain as the saiyan drew back his leg, then delivered a kick into Popo's side. Popo had been trying to stand, but the kick obviously and painfully disrupted that. The genie fell off the side of the lookout, but grabbed the edge with one hand as he descended.

Vegeta smugly walked over to the dangling genie. Showing somewhat of a conscience, he grabbed him by the hand, and helped him back to his feet.

"Next time, when I say I want to meet Kame, I suggest you take me to Kame. Understood?"

"Yes, Vegeta. My humblest apologies for disobeying your wishes." Popo said with a hint of sarcasm.

"You're lucky I didn't want to see an fat, old retard die. I am far to nice for my own good. At any rate. I trust I've passed your test?"

"You have. I will take you to Kame. But, just so you know. He doesn't allow just anybody to train under him."

"Under? I am vastly more powerful than that soggy, old namekian. I just wish to use his equipment. Kakarot described to me an experience he had in the "pendulum room". I want to train there."

"I have to disagree with your first statement. As for the second, only those deemed worthy by Kame may enter that room."

"Whatever. I'll be training there, so your input means nothing to me."

"Assaulting his bestfriend and guard is not the way to get on his good-side."

"Did I ask for your advice? I don't think so. Now lead me to Kame, you twit. I've wasted enough time with you."

"As you wish. Follow me."

"By the way. Why were you able to sustain no damage after taking a direct hit from my galic gun, and then falter when exposed to my second?"

"I used up all my energy negating the damage of your first. You pack quite a wallop."

"Keep talking like that, and I'll have to deliver a "wallop" to your face."

"Sure thing, Vegeta."

He talked a big game, but Popo had seen Vegeta's generous side, and knew that in some way, Vegeta wasn't incredibly evil. He felt pity for those forced to live the life of a weak and feeble being. The gravity of Earth made for weaker inhabitants. That's what Vegeta told himself to compensate for his good deed.


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